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designer Jeremy Scott and Adidas Originals again in cooperation in a series of ideas with a powerful and unconstrained style. But this time Jeremy did not join the exaggerated decoration for ZX but the integration of Flux Tech, full of magic vamp in colorful patterns, and low-key translucent three bar, black leather heel and sole ADIPRENE stent combined with presentation. currently, this Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals ZX Flux Tech has begun to sell at designated stores such as Oneness, priced at $170 U.S. dollars. (plum shoes editor) haven't met in a long time, I was editor of the Tony Vans Fan Jun, would want a wave of returning to the out of the box. But the recent good joint too much, Line Friends sold to Nintendo Nintendo adorable long brush memories of the series again, pockets were beloved Vans ruthless but most willing to hollowed out? That today we will change with a double Vans Customs out of the box this custom shoes! some time ago to receive the goods, just think: I still have not received a pair of shoes! Buy when the customer service said is roughly 90 days to come, then I have completely forgot cheap air jordans ten it, it was only two months, is also rapidly. SF shipped from Shanghai, and soon received. box is VANS 50 YEARS 50th anniversary black and white checkerboard + Gold Commemorative box LOGO. Vans Customs for the first time after all in the China open custom door, is to commemorate the 50th anniversary birthday of the brand, very memorable, what I did not buy 50th anniversary commemorative series (playing shoes poor three generations (T at T), only in March 20th)? Took this double custom Old Skool shoes, pricing 635 hair head, seems to be more expensive than usual 100. according to the Convention, what are the tape seal, Vans custom, is in place. out of the box! A list of goods. old Vans Old Skool lovers know, are generally small box. This is very embarrassing: outside the box is very large compared to the inner box (from the outside can feel inside the box.), outside the box has been smashed out of the box, flat angle, still very worried about the inner box intact (think inside the box will be out of the ordinary). The results of very Down, custom shoe and ordinary also almost identical, but is only brown Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale kraft paper printed a red Vans Logo. (you might have to go to see the big picture) box around openings, each opening separately by a label, a marked production information: Henan Tivoli (HF) production, the thought is IFC; the other is a customized information, including personal name, delivery address and so on. in the open box, shoes can be called: I fell out. A red bag? oh! This is the original. In front of a white, printed Vans Customs famous Logo. is on, the old man did not know what. 〈 BoNike launched NFL product 2013-12-08 22:43:35 in China Nike began to sell NFL MLB products in China, aiming to provide richer and more perfect experience for Chinese American football fans. The first OTC shops including Nike Shanghai Huaihailu Road store, taobo Nike retail counters and saibiao sports Nike counters. NFL is one of the world's largest professional sports events, is also the most popular sports event in the United States, its annual finals Super Bowl attracted 1 billion people's attention, known as the world's most influential sports and entertainment event. Since April 1, 2012, Nike has bec jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ome the official supplier of NFL jerseys, including field suits, underwear, clothing and training apparel. As Nike join hands with NFL to further the global upsurge of American football, Nike delivers unique culture of NFL through its products and diversified interactions, so that more and more people enjoy the fun of this sport. Pittsburgh Steelers, New York giants, Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders is the name for big NFL fans can be described as they are, NFL is the most popular team. The Pittsburgh Steelers had won six times in the league, rarely uncontested. The veteran giants, the New York giants, are the reigning champions of the season. Green Bay Packers are the only team owned by the public in the NFL, and the record of the four - time summit has made them the legend of the big league. Known to the pursuit of excellence of the Silver Black Legion, Oakland Raiders also won three Super Bowls clubs. The Chinese in sales of products including the four teams fans stamp sportswear, T-shirt, shorts and team colors, in April 3rd this year, the new season NFL Jersey conference, Nike president and CEO Mark &m Retro jordans for sale iddot; Parke once said, "I know that football is always the pursuit of the best, Nike the purpose is to improve the performance of innovative equipment for the players at the same time, so that people can display style on the pitch and stands on the street." Nike Rugby design director Todd · van · Horn said, "our mission is to provide the players with everything they need, that's all. We integrate cutting-edge technology and materials, Nike more than 40 years of expertise, technology and insights. We work closely with all teams to listen to their needs and provide the best choice for athletes." in order to contribute to the enthusiasm of Chinese fans, an open up a fresh outlook and interactive activities to start date. From the beginning of November 16, 2012, fans take photos or videos your way to NFL's passion and love recorded, and then focus on the NIKEUSFOOTBALL of micro-blog in # target super bowl "Kingdom of Jordan Brand sneakers at the end to bring us the most beautiful gift not "Ultimate Gift of Flight" series must go. The fan we also bring you two pairs of shoes in recent tours, so that we jordan 3 katrina 2018 feel sneakers artistic charm. Whole set series respectively, by Jordan series, the most classic air jordan 11 most popular contemporary science and technology and the use of technology to create the most lightweight Jordan shoes Air Jordan XX9 composition, the overall theme of the north of the blue card presented. "Ultimate Gift of Flight" which pairs the classic sense of great age composition of the package, will begin tomorrow at designated shops for sale, interested friends do not miss yo. the new color of the air jordan 7 GS "Fuchsia glow" will be on Saturday officially struck, shoes with white collocation black tongue and purple red details, overall quite feminine characteristics. Shoes specific sale information is as follows: number: 442960-127release date: 2015-10-17hair price: $140source: rockcitykicks Fuzhou city in the north and South wings strategic layout in Luoyuan Bay is the north wing of the focus of development, in the Luoyuan Bay south of Lianjiang, should the situation and move to build four platforms, go on "industrial Xingxian County, port road. from Lianjiang county to the door operation a jordans on sale online rea, a coastal county road for a while, while winding, to jolt nearly 2 hours, can let a person feel the door is very remote and distant, but the 16 day, the reporter from the recently new port road, driving more than 20 minutes to the destination. the first thing is a huge blue chimney stands in the green hills, Zhanqiao, together with the long rows of new buildings and wharves, which is composed of China Huadian Group investment and construction, the planning capacity of 10 million 400 thousand kilowatts, long-term plans to invest 54 billion yuan to the door of power factory is currently one of the world's largest thermal power planning and implementation of construction projects. It is the largest industrial project in Lianjiang County in recent years, the introduction of the core project also led to the Lianjiang industrial port, Xingxian County ". that straight into the clouds of the chimney, quiet, do not see traces of smoke, but comrades in the factory told reporters, at this time, thermal power plant No. 1 and No. 2 units are running. Because of environmental protection in construction, the spectacular cheap foamposites "smoke and dust" scene of the traditional thermal power plants is out of sight here. in the thermal power plant wharf, the operation area of the comrades said, 21, a 70 thousand ton freighter just leave the ship for a week trip, it set out to coal in thermal power plant is converted into electrical energy, a strong impetus for the hercynian. Reportedly, the thermal power plant is currently running 1 hours per hour, you can create an output value of about 200000 yuan - this is "a chimney" value. Thought of here will also rose 6 this chimney, the reporter can not help longing! Huadian Kemen thermal power plant construction, on the door of the port platform. On this platform, followed by Huadian's footsteps, Fujian Huadian Logistics Co Ltd, Fujian universal dock project to the door to Hong Kong Logistics Co. Ltd, to Fujian Henglian wharf Development Co. Ltd. and Fujian HENGFA Wharf Company wharf project, Xing Bo wharf construction project came to the door to Hong Kong harbor base, Hongkong Guohua Energy Investment Co. Ltd. with a large number of large projects to...... development can change rapidly, doo jordans on sale mens r exciting, it fully reflects the interactive relationship between port construction and port industry, there is no construction of this platform port, port industry is the castles in the air. in the interview)Nike is about to launch in autumn and winter Air Force 1 new, two kinds of man-made material stitching shoes, shoes collar instead of shoe design, details add metal shoes eyes and buckles, with rough style rubber sole. The new Air Force 1 Duckboot will be officially on October, love friends please pay attention. BbsImg141109247196305_570_422.jpg (33.21 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot 2014-9-19 10:11 upload BbsImg141109247436243_570_420.jpg (28.58 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot 2014-9-19 10:11 Nike Air Force upload, 1, Duckboot, AF1 00The Jordan brand in June will bring us a new design of Air Jordan 7 Pure Platinum, the selection of high-grade white leather and grey suede crafted, with silver embellished details, the overall design is very elegant. item: 304775-120 release date: June 3rdPrice: air-jordan-7-pure-platinum-release-date.jpg (207 buy cheap jordans online .24 KB, download times: 28) download attachment Air Jordan 7 Pure PlatinumUpload 09:06 2017-4-6 air-jordan-7-pure-platinum-release-date-3.jpg (195.89 KB, download times: 24) download attachment Air Jordan 7 Pure PlatinumUpload 09:06 2017-4-6 air-jordan-7-pure-platinum-release-date-4.jpg (197.1 KB, download times: 24) download attachment Air Jordan 7 Pure PlatinumUpload 09:06 2017-4-6 air-jordan-7-pure-platinum-release-date-1.jpg (217.27 KB, download times: 23) download attachment Air Jordan 7 Pure PlatinumUpload 09:06 2017-4-6 air-jordan-7-pure-platinum-release-date-2.jpg (203.49 KB, download times: 20) download attachment Air Jordan 7 Pure PlatinumUpload 09:06 2017-4-6 air-jordan-7-pure-platinum-release-date-5.jpg (166.1 KB, download times: 21) download 〉Adidas Basketball Dame Lillard tailored to the D Lillard 1 has been highly recognized by the market, and added D Lillard 2 is already poised. Out of a Rose City color version of the new network, this kind of shoe body red as the main tone, supplemented by the black rose pattern decoration uppers, followed by red paint still by baffle sup air jordan 11 space jam for sale port, there is no specific information available. rose-city-adidas-d-lillard-2.jpg (306.12 KB, download times: 8) download attachment adidas D Lillard 2 Rose City 2015-12-7 upload at 10:08 rose-city-adidas-d-lillard-2-1.jpg (414.97 KB, download times: 9) download attachment adidas D Lillard 2 Rose City 2015-12-7 upload at 10:08 rose-city-adidas-d-lillard-2-2.jpg (321.09 KB, download times: 10) download attachment adidas D Lillard 2 Rose City 2015-12-7 upload at 10:08 rose-city-adidas-d-lillard-2-3.jpg (268.22 KB, download times: 3) download attachment adidas D Lillard 2 Rose City 2015-12-7 upload at 10:08 rose-city-adidas-d-lillard-2-4.jpg (206.6 KB, download times: 9) download attachment adidas D Lillard 2 Rose City 2015-12-7 upload at 10:08 rose-city-adidas-d-lillard-2-6.jpg (160.68 KB, download times: 6) 〉Supercolor series of great success gained the vision of the world, Pharrell Williams carrying Supershell return is more than ten thousand people's attention. Superstar once again becomes Pharrell displays the object of creative magic, and this time, he will be writing with friends and creative pioneer from the world to re write the classic shoes of the gorgeous chapter. The new "Sculpted" series will witness the NYC artist Todd; James, widely renowned Iraqi born British architect Hadid, Zaha; modern Japanese artist MR.; in the "shell" on their toe into the one and only creative ideas. Compared to the earlier appearance in the series of "Artwork", "Sculpted" series will be the first public art masters paintings by 3D; visual form in Superstar shell toe. Pharrell is through personal design language, originality to create two new Superstar shoes, to their "relativity" concept of cognition is extremely expression. From a pair of classic shoes across the art and cultural field, sublimation has become a platform to express creative ideas. Supershell "Sculpted" series will undoubtedly , Superstar intrinsic "art code" completely activated. Pure color black and white shoes are given to the infinite possibilities of the entire series of free collocation, and even with the wearer's personal shoes style complement each other, since the unique SKYWORTH show.Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove Black / Purple / yellow fluorescence exposure 2013-12-08 23:25:32 just to bring you a new color slightly wonderful "; Nike Zoom Flight The" Glove "PRM, this time, there is a new color of the" gloves "with exposure. Compared with the former, the first color is relatively easy to be accepted, shoes with black uppers as the base, with purple Swoosh and outsole, lining and details of the design is made of fluorescent yellow. It is reported that this color matching tentatively launched in February next year.Beijing time in June 30th, the Miami heat officially announced that Bosh out of the contract, the current three giants have jumped out of the contract. The three giants move so that the heat will be a huge salary space, which is very favorable for the next heat in the summer operation. Then placed in front of the big three may have three options, how to integrate their trading is the primary task in the summer heat, Pat Riley knows, the fate of the big three will affect the team chasing the future direction of the other free players and the team. the first choice: if you leave the big three, also give each of them more than $20 million contract, then the heat will be massive luxury tax, management can only tighten their belts to live, another team's position will be very difficult to to a level, at the same time next season will also face enormous pressure. . The second option: three giants all selection cuts, the team salary cap space is greatly reduced, the management has enough of yourself in the summer pursuit a powerful free agent (possibly is Lori? ). Although the heat will consider to attract Anthony, but the implementation of this choice is difficult, the parties are not optimistic about the parties to the transaction. the last option: the seething three giants pay cuts, but the amount is not. Only in this way can be successfully retain the big three, but also let the team have a salary cap space to attract a large number of role players, even let the team bear the luxury tax, let the relatively complete lineup. James had said publicly that the Miami Heat every position needs to be improved, so visible the third option is the most reliable, four years before the big three choice cuts to Miami shows their desire to win a championship. /〉