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Titan Corey Davies (Corey Davis) is expected to return to the game, and he has been absent since he was injured in second weeks. but another important weapon in the attack group is suffering from the injury. Delaney Walker (Delanie Walker) was absent from Wednesday and Thursday because of ankle injury, and was restricted to return to training on Friday. Walker has finished 32 times, the first in the team. If he cannot play, Qiaonu - Smith (Jonnu Smith) will undertake more tasks to promote, the rookie currently completed 11 ball, 107 yards, 2 touchdowns. right forward Jack Kang Kelin (Jack Conklin) was absent from training on Thursday because of illness and returned to training on Friday. I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t is expected to play. Left guard Quinn - Spain (Quinton Spain) meal (toe) is still absent.| Bowling Championships O'neal cheetah wins, won the crown in the first season of PBA pBA World Series final concentration, the first cheetah final, Bill O'neal as the No. 4 seed, unambiguous, land titles and 20 thousand The wind puffs the clouds away., $ beat in turn Loschetter, 248-223 Roche, 246-177 Wolfe, 243-192 , Roche,game - Robert kousky (Rob Gronkowski) to gloon sidelined. , the new England patriot star, was banned in 1 games for his rough behavior in the last match. He plans to appeal for it. If finally suspended, Gelon Sikorski will miss the next game against the Miami dolphins, then he will be able to return to play against Pittsburgh Steelers this crucial match. This is because Gelon 'suspension in the last race in the defensive player waight Gaius White angle radar (Tre'Davious White) has fallen out of bounds under the condition of the formation of a dead ball situation of the elbow and neck. Sikorski soon was whistled Gelon unnecessary rough foul. White suffered a concussion because of this movement. G Ron Kowski apologized to him after the game. since 2016, Gelon kousky of the team 10 wins and 0 losses (including playoffs), but when he played quarterback Brady Tom (Tom Brady) data is more beautiful. may Gelon Kowski can appeal, but if he didn't play, then Brady will have to rely on other offensive weapons.Trading NFL official website | Titan and the ram is talking in the bathroom? | football Tennessee Titan and Losangeles ram completed the largest draft pick up deal in recent years. Before the completion of the deal, there were no rumors and omens. The news immediately shocked the alliance. What about this deal? According to general manager Les RAM (Les Snead) said, Sneijder trade talks began in the bathroom. said Sneijder ram and the Titans in the end of February this year's rookie study camp when the rest of the apartment is adjacent, he and the Titans general manager Jon Robinson (Jon Robinson) once while pretending to the toilet in the bathroom and began to sign top trade talk about. Schneider said: the two teams live very near, so I like Jon can easily while pretending to go to the toilet, and then discuss the transaction. Snyder said he had stared at the Titan pick, because he felt in holding the pick of Brown has too much uncertainty. Schneider said, "we only care about the number one, because you can never guess what happened to the No. two sign." So since we want the number one to sign, why don't we change it. The interesting thing about that NFL now Sneijder broke the news to make a deal, still need to plot and contacts. I believe this news a year of rookie training camp will have many reporters in the bathroom squat.

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