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Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch MA) on Sunday will play for the Seattle Seahawks, but Seattle's beast mode to coming to an end. NFL media sources Labobote - Ian (Ian Rapoport) in the NFL network show "on the morning of the game" reported that the Seahawks in the 2014 season and plans to part company each going his own way of running back Lynch. Rapoport said: "this is told all my information, plan no changes after the season Seahawks and Lynch part company each going his own way." The team has been looking for a successor to Lynch in the 2012 and 2013 seasons were picked by Robert draft (Robert Turbin) - Turbin and Christine Michael (Christine Michael). But in addition to the occasional flash of light, these two people have not been able to take the responsibility as the main runner. Labobote of turbin and Michael commented: "these two people are not able to be the follow-up to hope the team, and I look forward to the Seahawks will focus on a high CIS draft next year, you ca cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n pay attention to what today just broke the single game rushing record of Melvin - Gordon (Melvin Gordon), and he general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) are from wisconsin." every time Seattle tried to replace it with another runaway, they finally came back to rely on Lynch to lead the attack. But in view of the future, Seattle will have to leave Lynch in order to make the salary for Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) renewed.The official website of NFL | pony boss Lakshmi new contract: now do not care about the | football before the opening of the Indianapolis pony and the new England patriot's Champions league tournament, ESPN Adam Adam Schefter reported that pony plans to provide a big contract for the quarterback Andrew LAK (Andrew Luck). According to , the new contract will make it the highest paid player in the league, with an average annual salary of up to $25 million. But team owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) did not want to talk about the contract after 7-45 of the team's negative patriots. I won't discuss Andrew's contract, Ilse told ESPN. This is really not what I care about the most. He has just finished his third season. His new rookie contract lasted 5 years, so I repeat it is no longer in my consideration. , the regular season pass 616 times 380 times (success rate 61.7%), 4761 yards and 40 touchdowns 16 passes by steals. But he played poorly in the patriot's Champions League match. He only scored 12 times in the 33 pass, and the success rate was 36.4%. He got 126 yards and missed the pass, and there were 2 passes. lark didn't sign the new contract until the alliance entered the new year in March 10th, so there is a lot of time for Ilse to raise this matter to his top priority. In this case, when Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) worked for a pony, the pony had not negotiated a new contract until his contract expired. So it may take more time to hear the rumour of a pony and the cornerstone of the team. Lak will be in the fourth year of the 5 - year rookie contract in the 2015 season. And this year the team will choose whether to carry out his 2016 season's team options contract.Carolina Black Panther's Kelvin Kelvin (Kelvin Benjamin) was only passed once in third weeks' competition, but it failed to catch the ball, which is unthinkable for the top team player. The team quarterback Newton cam (Cam Newton) the United States Wednesday said: "this will not happen again, also cannot happen again, he is a very good player, our receivers are very good, so the coach asked all they do, we just need to look back to the original rhythm." completed 13 passes, 199 yards and 3 touchdown in the third week against Minnesota Vikings, but there was nothing he could do before the Vikings' tough defense. now the National League champion Black Panthers obviously need to make some adjustments last year, so the fourth round match against Atlanta Falcon will be a very crucial match.The official website of NFL | lions defensive guard Quinn Su baobuping | Rugby when the Detroit lions and the Safetys Grove - Quin (Glover Quin) after signing the contract, his friends asked him the same question: how are you going to Damm and grace (Ndamukong Suh) - hole Su? is a fairly fair question, and Sue is awarded the league's dirtiest player by the league. Quin's answer is: I said, I'll get to know him. when you know sue, you will appreciate him very much. Quin points out that if you just know Sue from a bedroom TV or a newspaper, it's not fair. He said: for Sue, what we see is just a TV set, and if you don't know him, you'll think he's bad. this year was awarded the title of Soviet model citizens, as well as the union defenders most outstanding contribution award, and he won the National League lions hope to rely on the better in Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals game position. Quin said: "we need him to play like that. If you need to take responsibility, then I'll come."

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