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, there are many intercepting matches for DAngelo Hall, but DeAngelo is the first time for many times. , the Washington Red Skin guard, had torn the ligament in the third week of the season and completed the operation. According to ESPN, he had tearing a ligament again this week and was ready to operate again. The recovery cycle should not affect his training camp next summer, if he is still on the list of the red skin. Howell's contract is on 2017, but if the red team cuts off before the start of next season, he will make a $2 million 375 thousand pay space. Rookie Bashaud Breeland has shown his place in the absence of hall, including Monday's match against the Dallas cowboys. Brennan in 8 games is the direction of t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he ball 42 times, ball 28 times each successfully scored 374 yards and 3 touchdowns, while he himself had 1 steals and 4 pass break.The official website of NFL | Reaves not affected by the earthquake | football stadium San Francisco 49 days ago issued a statement Sunday morning, the earthquake will not affect the schedule in this area. The 49 people, scheduled to be held on Sunday, are still holding a match against the Santiago electric light team. The competition will be held at the new Reaves stadium in Santa Clara, California. A spokesman for the 49 team said: We sincerely wish the best wishes to all the neighbors, family and friends that have been affected by this early earthquake. The 49 man team said that the cost of the Reaves stadium was 1 billion 270 million dollars. Its construction was designed to cope with the actual situation of many earthquakes in this area, and the seismic design was strengthened during the construction. The engineer inspected the whole building after the earthquake and did not find any damage to the earthquake.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Spencer Achim - (Akeem Spence) need to wait a week to start his 2015 season. , according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the four round show of the 3 time last season, which has achieved a career high, will be banned from participating in the first season of competition because of the violation of the alliance drug abuse regulations. And he has been put into the list because of his back injury. now, this news should have nothing to do with pirates. They are composed of Jacques Smith (Jacquies Smith), Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy), Clinton Macdonald (Clinton McDonald) and George Johnson (George Johnson), the defensive front line now looks relatively fixed. and Vspan after the reunification efforts to return to the crowded lineup.No one in NFL likes a tie. In fact, there have been some players in the past who don't understand why there is a draw. has amended some rules of overtime in recent years. Some university overtime rules have been introduced, and the results are good. However, there are still some people who think that there should be no tie in the game. At 's annual meeting this year, an application was put forward, and the application was expected to be reduced to 10 points, and the overtime period was 15 minutes. It is reported that the proposal got a lot of support for the League coach, coach Obrien Houston Dezhou Bill (Bill O'Brien) said, "this will change a lot of tactics, you will see more risky choice, I do not want to see the draw, to do so will no longer be a draw." Coach John - Harbert crow Baltimore (John Harbaugh) said: "the ten minutes is long enough, historically the 10 points we decided in the last 5 minutes." The application will be discussed at the alliance meeting next month and will eventually be decided whether to carry it out.

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