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Official: Pioneer camp contract signing Goodwin will wear the number 2 shirt _ basketball _ oriental sports news live to see it pays attention to us NBA Oriental Sports; 〉 〉 NBA 〉 official: Pioneer camp contract signing Goodwin will wear Jersey No. 2 official: Pioneer camp Goodwin will sign the contract with 2 No. 2017-09-12 06:00:31 NBA official network pioneer training camp contract signed, Goodwin will wear No. 2 Jersey " height=" 367" width=" 551" src=" //" /〉 . 9 month 12 days the Blazers president of basketball operations Neal Olhi announced the team training camp contract signed Archie Goodwin. Goodwin's career once represented the sun, pelicans and rebounds for 4 seasons, a total of 165 games, which contributed 6.3 points, 2 rebounds and 1.2 assists. Goodwin will be wearing the No. 2 shirt. (Michael Bobo) ??? ?????? nba ?????????????? 〉〉 1 2 ???? ?????? ??? NBA ???????? ??????? CBA ??????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ???? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ??? ??????? 243????? ??????? ?????????????????ICP??????B2-20050088????????????????????????:3112006001???????????:3100003000089 information network transmission audio-visual program license: 0907180 Internet publishing license: new Internet card (HU) 003 radio and TV program production license: (HU) 406th, . ISO9001 quality management system certification: 00307Q10176R1S BS17799 information security management system certification: 00307I10001R0SAbout us contact us All Right Reserve copyright | site map circle of friends to share WeChat WeChat open, click on the 0(Cam Newton) - Kim Newton met with reporters Thursday, he only in the terrible accident last less than 2 days, according to the diagnosis of his back came two fractures. Newton on Wednesday announced a number of photos on his Instagram, he is very surprised myself alive, the Carolina Panthers all star quarterback expressed the same sigh at the press conference: "I have been a member of his team is Fantasy, it is not my ladder etc.." "I looked at the truck and thought for a moment, someone should have died, and I couldn't help laughing." was not all jokes for Newton, and he was really lucky, and he said, "who cares when I return? I am very grateful, and I can breathe. " Newton was selected in the first round of the 2011, won the Heisman, broke the ball and run the ball rookie record became the first rookie quarterback completed the first game 400 yards, the first single season for 700 yards and 14 touchdowns rushing the quarterback.Denver wild horse may not be able to use Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the new season, instead of letting him play the quarterback, but let him buy the naming right of the stadium. previously named home court of all the companies Mustang Sports Authority, recently declared bankruptcy, but they have nearly $20 million sponsorship for 5 years to pay, so they began looking for new buyers, but so far only a local marijuana company is willing to bid. if there are no buyers at that time, Sports Authority will not perform the contract, and perhaps the home of the wild horse will be opened without a name. The good news for for wild horses is that no matter which new naming business is replaced, their contracts will be at least $400 million -4.5 20-25 years.The official website of NFL | Pierre Paul and the giants signed a one-year contract | football Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) returned to the New York giant. less than a year after the amputation of the right index finger and other fingers was caused by a pyrotechnic accident, Pierre Paul returned to a place he never wanted to leave. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Tuesday that Pierre Paul would stay with a giant in a one-year contract. According to reports at , Pierre Paul rejected the other team high price. JPP???????????Wy?????Y????????????????? He may not want to accept a contract with a low salary at the beginning for only 8 games in full health and only 1 escapement. He did not want to leave New York, and it had become another home for him. Pierre and Paul were the first round of the giants in 2010. Pierre Paul was 27 years old, although he will never be able to copy in 2011 16.5 sacks, he showed himself is one of the league's top defensive player to punch the ball and defensive end position of the real appearance of the choice of all three. will be fun for Pierre and Paul next year. In the year of the 2014 contract, he got 53 escapement for 12.5 times. He did not sign a giant's privileged label contract before the accident, and in the end he had to get only a shrinking contract because of the accident. now, he's going to face a key season again. In addition to a few exceptions, the giant General Manager Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese) does not usually offer a high price for second contracts for the players selected by the team. this decision can make defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa in the next few weeks of the free agent market in a little easier. The giant needs to make up for the bad defensive frontline of the last season. J Pagano Lo's creativity has made the team brilliant in several games, but he may prefer to have more good players in the next season.

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