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yesterday, reporters in Seattle on the training field shooting took the Seahawks, Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) and Chris Berman (Chris Berman) on the sidelines. Wilson is going to face a super bowl next week, but he seems to be eating more to celebrate the National Union. reporter tweet wrote this: "it seems that the Patriots need to give Wilson a breath." is perhaps because of the shooting angle, because wearing a sweater, arm and body area to see clearly. We doubt whether he is really fat, but at least it can't be confirmed in the picture.The official website of NFL | obtained by trading Steelers kicker Scobie | Rugby According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Pittsburgh Steelers in local time on Monday from the Jacksonville Jaguars traded for kicker Josh Scor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping by (Josh Scobee), the Steelers subsequently confirmed the news. recently in the Steelers kicker position on the troubles, the original main kicker Sean Su wissant (Shaun Suisham) due to a knee anterior cruciate ligament tears will be absent from the new season in all competitions, then rushed to the Steelers signed veteran Garrett Hartley (Garrett Hartley) for emergency, who knows Hartley in just to be checked in two week after pulled a calf muscle, out of time is unknown, which makes the Steelers had to use transactions from there for his jaguar. ???????????2004???????????????????????1??????|?33????????12????????291??????235????????????80.8%?? Of which 50 or more shots were shot 42 in 26, the hit rate was 61.9%, and the 50 - yard shot was 6 shot 3 in the last season. After the Steelers came, he will face the most difficult League shooting Heinz stadium. Scobie was traded after rookie Jason - Meyers (Jason Myers) will automatically become the Jaguar starting kicker, Meyers in pre-season 5 shot 4, including a 55 yard shot.Suzhou taigeer | Bowling bowling Feng Xiaobing won in July 2015 month match Suzhou tigers bowling alley yesterday Suzhou taigeer bowling membership month match (July) 7 19 G1G2G3G4 plus minus fairway rank name a total score of 1 Feng Xiaobing Wang Caixiang 13C22222121420714878 16B257214236243950 Division 12 division 23 division 34 Gu sea 2C211194214255874 Wang Ke 14B247215213181856 group 45 16A20818524819718856 group 56 adorable Zhu Ren Li Qing Yu 8B216235202201854 group 67 15B213204236180218548 10B1802232052368449 11C256192185193826 nagatoshi Jianghai shunro single high 10 '3B17222519220318810 Zhu B 111 Chen Jianan 4B15017222624512805 B 212 4A187212194201794 in group B, Jiang Ming 313 Xue Jinlong 5C193195211190789 Gao Yongxiang 414 7A195204173213785 in group B, group B 515 Zhuang Jinfu 11B20821915317719776 B 616 active 3C16721319719176817 12B2251791761701876818 Ma Jiqing 13A16821118320576719 Zou Zhihong bear Ding Jibao 14A18721215421476720 Zhang Qin 8A15 016821322875921 Wu Xinming 13B20514716224275622 6B1601891831942475023 Zhucai Liu Hui Gong 15C1831661912132073324 Deng Jianliang 9A19920017415472725 1B2031671731512471826 15A19218317816071327 Ni Jian Lian Jun fan Jin Zhang 2A1881791341862471128 Chen Honglin 9C21016214518370030 Guo Huiming 6C1561901761532469931 11A1821451841603270329 Yufang Xia Wen Xu Zhaoguang 5B1651711781453269132 help 5A1631441641942468933 12A16418615818068834 7B20213717117068035 Mianren Xiao Xia Jianmin Liao Bo 6A18419614814567336 Lin Zhu Zheng Gu Zhen Wen 2B14820313618066737 3A15117117916566638 10A17614〉Eagle Darren Rawls's running back (Darren Sproles) on Sunday that the injured left the game in the first half, the contents of the report on Sunday night that he suffered a broken arm. spa Rawls's injury was much worse than the report, and according to a follow-up report from ESPN, Seip Rolls had torn his Achilles tendon. He is expected to undergo an arm operation on Monday and then undergo a knee operation. Rawls's season is a foregone conclusion, then can play again is a problem. He will be 34 years old in June, before he has expressed his intention to retire after the 2017 season. The two major injuries were also a major impediment to his continuing career. if Seip Rolls ends his career, his current total number will be eighth.

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