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The official website of NFL | Aaron - Rodgers: Sue is the most terrible | rugby league player Miami dolphin's defensive line player Damm, Ndamukong Suh, had made headache for other teams in the League of North North Korea. He didn't feel relieved until he left Detroit's Lions to Miami last season. , of course, has been known as one of the dirtiest players in the last 5 seasons, but it can't cover up his dominance. has recently acted as an opponent's green quarterback quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers). He said he was a headache for Rodgers. When reporters asked him who was the most terrible player in the league, Rodgers answered the name of sue without hesitation. Rodgers explains this: you need to worry about whether he will step on your calf. His feet are very cold. I don't want to face him or feel his feet. , of course, is also an important reason for Rodgers's fear of the Soviet Union. Last season, Su cheap nfl jerseys free shipping made 60 porpoises and 6 escapement.The official website of NFL | Ariane - Forster will visit Tuesday in | Dolphins Football According to the official website of NFL media celebrity Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported earlier this month by the Houston Dezhou people laid off running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) on Tuesday to visit Miami dolphins. Forster was still recovering from the rupture of Achilles tendon in last October's competition against dolphins. After being cut off by the Dezhou people, Forster has not been dynamic. Dolphin is the first team he visited so far. According to Rapoport, though Forster's physical condition is enough to pass the physical examination, dolphin is still planning to wait until he is fully recovered. The meeting between the two sides on Tuesday is largely an introductory meeting. , the four professional bowl runner has been able to start jogging in January. Recently, he has been doing rehabilitation training at his brother's training base. His brother revealed to the outside world that Forster had recovered quite well. But Forster will also focus on the injury recovery, as for the new host's problem will wait until the body is qualified to consider. After the loss of the main runner Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller), the dolphins only had two grade students, Jay Agayi (Jay Ajayi), a running guard. Dolphins also do not shy away from their needs for running and defend. They pursue CJ- Anderson (C.J.Anderson) and Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) in the free agent market. Unfortunately, they fail to get what they want. But even if Forster finally joined the dolphins, it is estimated that the team is likely to continue to complement the position of the runners at the show conference.makes the quarterback Jonny Johnny (Johnny Manziel) unemployed and unattended at the same time. Now he has to face four banned matches in the 2016 season, due to the violation of the drug abuse rules. The news of is another big obstacle for Manzel to return to the alliance. If he signed with a team, as previously associated with his former girlfriend involved in domestic violence and allegations, he will have to accept the union survey. but everyone seems to understand that Manzel is obviously not going to join the NFL team again. His father recently admitted to ESPN that his son was a "addict", hoping that he would "not die before he realized it." Manzel's increasingly weird and disgust behavior may leave any team with a hard to repair wound. More importantly, the people around him begged Manzel to be able to help change his life. Troy Vincent (Troy Vincent), the executive vice president of the alliance, said on Wednesday the alliance had been trying to help Manzel. so this is Manzel's present state, one of the five first round shows that had been cut in the league only two years since 2000. He was cut off by Brown in March this year, after he started eight games for the team, winning 2 to 6.The official website of NFL | Mustang rushed pass hand Will will not play in the next game | football Denver Mustang will be out of play at both ends of the attack and defence in the next match against the Chicago bear. Mustang coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) told reporters that the German linebacker Marcus wale (DeMarcus Ware) will not play the game, and the quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) has been determined to be out. originally you would think that two people would appear on the sidelines, but the team was not sure whether the two people would go with the team. Will was absent for sixth weeks due to a slight injury, and then he became worse in the ninth - week match against Indianapolis's pony. Will, 33, has captured 6.5 times in 7 games of the season.

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