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Squash | Chinese squash open ended "the Bund star" shocked the audience Luca September 7th, 2014 Chinese open on the Huangpu river the 11 floor of the The Peninsula Hotel platform ended. The open race one seed, the British player James ·, Will Strop (James Willstrop) and the 2012 Chinese Open champion, Malaysia Liu Weiwen, won the men's and women's championships. After the end of the game held a grand ceremony, Ball State Sports General Administration of sports management center, deputy director Wang Yanmei China Squash Association Secretary General Song Yingchun, general manager of The Peninsula Hotel Shanghai, Zhang Rongyao Fang family events hosted force CEO Li Sheng and other guests attended the ceremony and awards for the winning athletes. 7 p. m., the final was held at the 11 floor glass court at the The Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai under the night. The bright lights of the Bund, the Huangpu River surging, coupled with the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the moon, constitute a magnificent picture of the star of the Bund, in the battle. The women's final intense, 24 year old Malaysia girl Liu Weiwen is three to 3:0 before the full sweep cut, face today the number one seed in the first two games to take the same Sarma, victory. However, Sarma is very strong, not only to recover two more in the decider, saving three match points. But get a lot of Malaysia cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fans support Liu Weiwen, or in the case of victory to win two games, hold fourth match points, eventually to 3:2 (11:8, 11:6, 8:11, 8:11, 12:10) won the title. men's contest two players to deliver the goods, attack. Will Strop went down to a city first, but Beck pulled two games. The game has been a stalemate is very fierce, during Beck's bat in the game during the break. The fourth game was four points behind Will Strop's opening, but he succeeded at 10:10 with his opponent and won at 12:10. Last, Yuezhanyueyong Will Strop start quickly pulled away, eventually quickly with 3:2 (11:7, 7:11, 9:11, 12:10, 11:5) score winning success. as one of the main sponsors, Shanghai The Peninsula Hotel not only provides venues, but also builds an air glass court that looks at the Bund's scenery, and the more distant players set up accommodation. The general manager and managing director of the Shanghai Peninsula comprehensive project has said that it is the most decisive decision of my life to undertake the Chinese Squash Open. The first-class competition and let the players receive praise, the legendary squash coach Malcolm · Will Strop (Malcolm Willstrop) said: the court set the incredible The Peninsula Hotel incomparable, the hospitality, let the players lamented to me, this is life in the best Le Comp Hostel. This makes the tournament a world class. squash is a focus on visual body.NFL official website, buffalo Queen: the gold - Peigula rugby, wo , standing in hundreds of flash lights many years later, Pegula Kim will recall the day when she flew to the other side of the ocean, and the life changed. always is like this before the game! The golden Peigula laughed out loud, driving her SUV slowly through a flash from a warm welcome pathway. As the boss of buffalo Bill, Kim Pegula, with her husband Terry (Terry Pegula), became the actual owner of the team two years ago. In the just renamed the new * * Ji Yuan Stadium (New Era Field) in the stadium, the team will compete with the new England patriots. The stadium opened in 1973, the Bill team witnessed the brilliant 90s, into four consecutive Super Bowl have frustrated the embarrassment, but also one of the important Peigula in gold investment in Buffalo - she was on the pitch is located near Park Orchard lived 6 years. In 90s, I had never seen a game at home when I lived here - the traffic was completely paralyzed before and after the game, and the fans poured into the stadium. It was like a zoo on Sunday, and at that time we didn't even have enough police to maintain order. So we can only sit at home and watch the game live. Then, we haven't thought of a tiny bit: the future we will become the team's boss! Look, I don't know what I've been going through in these years! gold - Peigula resume life called surrealism like ups and downs. When she was a baby, her mother abandoned her to a police box on the streets of Seoul. After she was admitted to the orphanage, and at the age of 5 is a Canadian couple adoption, had come to the other side of the ocean. At that time, it was not a common thing to adopt a foreign orphan. Then she came to buffalo in the United States and took root here, until now - the queen of buffalo. The two husband and wife are now the owner of Buffalo's two professional sports teams: NFL Buffalo Bill and NHL Buffalo military knife team. The old and dead center of Buffalo has now become a vibrant Entertainment Center - people even call it Pegulaville. Bill and Russ Brandon, the president of sabre, evaluate Pegula's influence on Buffalo. Once the wasteland was reclaimed, the once barren land was transformed into a source of happiness. Many people did not look at the future of the Bill team, and all these questions were in the bottom of Lake Erie after Pegula took office. How did Pegula get today's achievements from scratch? The short length of space is not enough to elaborate on her ups and downs. And she even 〉if it's better to catch the ball, maybe few people can say that Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) is better. recently used his twitter to show the reason why he could become a professional bowl player, that is, to eat rainbow candy. Recently, the rainbow candy gave Brown a pair of rainbow candy glove (of course the candy is not true). before we thought that Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) was the only player in the league who loved rainbow candy, and now it seems to be Brown. although it is impossible for Brown to wear this glove, it's cool to wear it. related news: Antonio - Brown takes high school students to watch "concussion"Our football equipment network Nike company in Argentina Boka youth club team jointly launched the 2017 season a new second Jersey, New Jersey collocation Nike Dri-FIT technology is the combination of two bold colors made out of the ordinary image, to show the vitality and creativity of the club. in Jersey in the design of Nike will continue to environmental protection in the first place, while using recycled polyester manufacturing shirts, shirts with incomparable performance advantages also ensure and impact on the environment less. Each Jersey, including jacket, shorts and ball socks, is made of recycled plastic, which is derived from recyclable plastic bottles, and produces good yarn by degrading these raw materials to form the main body of the Jersey. Each set of shirts used 16 recycled plastic bottles on average. Since 2010, Nike has used nearly 3 billion waste plastic bottles recycled from landfills - enough to fill 5200 football fields.

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