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Brown, the former quarterback of Cleveland , Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) was told by the Dallas County Criminal Court judge on Thursday that he could not contact her former girlfriend Colin Crowley (Colleen Crowley) in any way. Judge spent less than 15 minutes on Thursday explaining Manzel's payment of $1500 on bail. In addition, the judge said Manzel was not allowed to call, send text messages, send mail, write letters, or visit Crowley in any way. this is Manzel and Crowley charged due to the police by domestic violence after the first appearance. also signed a statement to confirm that he had no firearms and that he had no firearms in his house. The accusation did not enter the stage of the proceedings, but the defense lawyer said Manzel planned to defend himself without a crime. NFL will also investigate the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping incident, and Manzel may be punished for violating personal behavior regulations and drug abuse regulations. Manzel has said he will try to get back to NFL next season, but no team intends to sign him.The official website of NFL | pirates signed defensive tackle Henry Melton rugby | NFL, the famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Thursday reported that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and defensive tackle Henry Melton (Henry Melton) signed a one-year contract, followed by Melton's agent on twitter confirmed this news. Melton had previously played for the Chicago bear team for three seasons, of which 29 played 15.5 times. Melton once ripped up the anterior cruciate ligament of her knee in the 2013 season. He only played three games, and the season was reimbursed. Last season it changed to the main rotation of the defensive front line, and the 16 games started 3 games. After the regular season, the knee bone contusion was placed on the injury reserve list. After joining the pirates, he will probably be the main rotation of the Gerrard - Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) and Clinton - Macdonald (Clinton McDonald). coach Smith levy Pirates (Lovie Smith) is constantly recruited his year in Chicago bears the old men, after the pirates have signed former bears cornerback Chris Conti (Chris Conte).local time Monday Houston Dezhou announced that Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) will become the new season regular season starting quarterback, also let this continued throughout the offseason the first battle temporarily come to an end. Such a result would naturally make Ryan Mallett unhappy, and he did not conceal his discontent. Malet interviewed in the media on Tuesday morning. When he talked about it, he said, "obviously, I am disappointed in the result. I don't agree with the coach's decision, but I will always be ready to play. We had four quarterback first experience last year, so I would do my best to help the team. " malette also made it clear that they are not understand why Obrien coach Bill (Bill O Brien) will allow Heuer to become the first, he said: "I'm always in hard training and competition, I will not take this result as much frustration, I think my performance is good enough to win the first." Obrien explained that Malet didn't show much eye in two preseason games, nor did he show enough strength to defeat Heuer in training. He said, "Malet is not satisfied with the decision, but he has to continue training hard, not getting the first place and preparing for the competition as if he had already been in the first place."The official website of NFL | patriots linebacker to help women escape from the burning car | football Walpole recently commended the heroic performance of the new England patriot's line guardian Darius Fleming, when he announced a traffic accident. was reported to have helped Fleming to help a lady in a rear end car escape the airbag popping out of the burning car and avoid a greater danger. has circulated various versions of news on the Internet afterwards. In addition, University of California players once lied about their saving behavior in traffic accidents, which once made Fleming suspicious. is good for the parties to restore the truth, Fleming himself left the scene after the rescue of the man, he deserves the praise of the people.

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