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The official website of NFL | Rudolf underwent a hernia operation, look forward to early | football team Minnesota Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) on Wednesday morning saying whether pectoral muscle tear need surgery right guard Brandon Fusco (Brandon Fusco) or the original team for this season (intended to return into the short-term injury reserve list) four Wei Mai Bridget Cassell (Matt Cassel), basically not participating in this season have the opportunity. and the near end Rudolf completed the sports hernia operation on Tuesday morning. The Vikings returned to him as soon as possible, so he didn't plan to put in a short-term injury reserve list. Alliance sources said earlier this week that Rudolf would be absent for six weeks after the operation, but if he was put in a short-term injury reserve list, he would only be able to return to training after six weeks, but only after eight weeks. This is a big possibility, but unless we get bad news, we expect Rudolf to recover as soon as possible, Zimmer said. if the Vikings not Rudolf into the injured reserve list in the short term, means that in the occupation bowl most valuable playe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r before they return only 52 players participating in the short-term; and if the injured reserve list, it means that Rudolf at the earliest in November 23rd against the Green Bay Packers games to play. But now, when the offensive lineup is empty, it's worth the Vikings, so that Rudolf can play as soon as possible. said Zimmer Reed - Ellison (Rhett Ellison) will replace Rudolf as the starting tight end, another team from the training squad signed before the foot of Zeiss - Ford (Chase Ford).Redskins tight end Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed) the hamstring injury still no signs of improvement. This Thursday will be his fourth consecutive absence, and he has been out of five games this season. center Zeiss Rowley (Chase Roullier) to accept the hand surgery and the absence of Toni, Boggess's (Tony Bergstrom) will replace him first. The security guard Mongolia and Thailand - Nickerson (Montae Nicholson) and defensive attack members (Terrell McClain) - Terrell Mcclain will miss the game. red has put four players into the injury reserve earlier this week, and 11 players are not sure about the possibility of fighting. Samaje Perine, one of the 11 people, is not sure about the possibility of fighting because of his finger injury. Rob Kelley and Chris Thompson (Chris Thompson) have entered the list of injuries. Kelly's health is even more important.finally retired from Kobe's shirt today, as the boss said in his speech: it's not the end, it's the journey. , if the most hardworking player in the first ten years of twenty-first Century must be Kobe, the greatest player, it must be Kobe, who is most popular with fans. It must be Kobe. from No. 8 to No. 24: Black Mamba, Kobe is an age, is our youth. So Ekobi loves basketball! and the Lakers' simultaneous retirement of Kobe's No. 8 and No. 24 Jersey are also the biggest affirmative of Kobe. who has not tangle the Lakers Kobe to retire 8 or 24? Isn't that a better result? Kobe is not only a player, but also a kind of spirit! why can Kobe enjoy the treatment of two pieces of retirement shirts? Why not? How much like me and I like the children not only know Kobe does not know Jordan? It doesn't mean that Jordan is not great, but Kobe is the best in twenty-first Century! Jordan is great, but it doesn't belong to my age. This man is the best man in my age. look at the achievements of number 8 and No. 24. Are you willing to leave one of them? , the Lakers choose the two jerseys of the retired boss. They represent Kobe's respect for the Lakers. In other words, Kobe's two jerseys are really a little bigger. throughout the history of NBA, Kobe's retirement two pieces of jerseys really nothing! Retired two jerseys of players There are plenty of people who is two, of which three jersey retired! Jordan: heat, bull Jordan jerseys retired in Miami is full of Riley's promotion, as for the reason, on the one hand is against Jordan that a few years Jordan served, on the other hand, · · · · I want to rub heat · · · · retire Jordan No. 23 to also glorious! as for the bulls, if the Bulls don't retire Jordan's shirt, the world won't promise, if there is no Jordan, the bull is a non - crowed team! , in fact, if the wizards are willing to retire from the Jordan team, Jordan will also become the three player to retire, but the Wizards · · · · . Mutombo: nuggets, Eagle , it's strange that 76 people didn't retire from Uncle Mu's Jersey. But the Rockets are likely to retire from Uncle Mu's shirt. In contrast, Mu Da Shu is the most offensive and unnamed player in this list, but Uncle Mu's defense and logo is more.even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company to join the Spanish club Real Madrid team jointly launched the 2016-17 season home court New Jersey, Gareth Baer, · Marcello, · and Kareem harmes; Rodrigues · Benzema and other stars to a new successful season - twelfth European club history. Cup and thirty-third League crown attack. the continuation of the traditional classic white since 1902, compared with the past few seasons a slightly dark white shirt on the new season, Real Madrid home court. The New Jersey reappears the classic white lapel, and the blue Adidas victory three stripes appear on the side of the body, bringing a new visual experience. Blue is also one of the most important colors of the club. New Jersey with recycled polyester crafted, due to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the impact on the environment, play a major role so as to improve sustainability projects in Adidas and protect the environment.

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