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Adidas provides a home court and Palmeiras 2015-16 season three jerseys, and chest advertising shirt sponsor for Crefisa. New Jersey Palmeiras home court was released in June 3rd, and will be available in the summer of third jersey.NFL official website to | after Rivers still maintain the confidence of | Mustang football Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) led the San Diego lightning in the first half of the season 5 wins and 3 losses. For most teams, can achieve the 5 victory in the first half of the season is gratifying. More so for lightning, they will be more relaxed in the next half of the season. Rivers said in an interview on Thursday local time: the season is made up of 16 games, which is like the 16 round. At present, we have won 5 and lost 3. Although this game is very important, we have 8 games to go all out. We need to adjust, and the first task is to play with the Miami dolphin. talked about the loss of the week and the outlook for the rest of the season. Rivers remained confident: we were beaten and there was no excuse. But I have to say that the injury still affects us. So we need to recover and keep fit as soon a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s possible so that we can continue to win. Now our record is 5-3, if one more 5-3? I believe that 10 victories can help us get into the playoffs. We need to move on. Lightning is now on the right path, and Rivers has been asking himself to be more perfect. We have reason to believe that lightning can continue to create surprises."metaphor of chaos by fish in troubled waters" machine to seek some unexpected benefits. In the military, it means to create chaos in the other party, or to take the enemy's chaos, destroy the enemy and win the victory. In the rugby arena, people can't get a head in the head. Things often happen. But the last winner is not necessarily the one who stirs up the water. For example, the sixth week of the third quarter of the new England patriot vs Indianapolis pony. at that time the situation is such that the yellow circle is the quarterback and center, although they usually is responsible for running back and safety, this let them guest under. On the other side, 9 defenders were assembled, and the one in the red circle should be an abandoned kicker. Out of fear of the unknown and facing the formations that have never been seen before, the Patriots defended the players. They were frightened. The two member of the yellow circle with no preparedness is clearly a decoy. We should trick the defensive team into the trap. But the game is not much time, not thinking, is to enter a lion's den! Then, the pony kick-off, was sacked in transition, pony fans died. The grave like attack has become a hot spot for sixth weeks, all the speculation coach called this tactic is up to? The real idea may be the only one that the coach knows. The Colts formation is in the evolution of a few years ago is to let NFL level players cannot read the formation, lonely center, and some fans put this kind of formation pony called "a copycat version center". Philadelphia hawks who is a famous coach of the University of Kaili - chip in the NFL competition, try to use "a center" formation, he told reporters, the team only 6 people to answer in the formation of what is legal receiver. According to the NFL rules, the attacking players should not be less than 7 people on the open ball line when they are in array, and the players on the outmost ends of the open ball line are legal players. Under normal circumstances, the opening of the ball is the center, and the front and right side of the front, the cutting front of each one, the line of attack outside the attack is the receiver. On the other hand, like slot access, running guard and quarterback, even fewer wingback is after the kick-off line. At least 1 steps offline are legitimate players. In addition, it is not necessarily the center that is responsible for the opening of the ball. understood this rule and judged that the lawful players were easy. The Hawks on the right side had 2 people and 1 people on the line, 3 people in the Middle Road, 1 people on the line, and 6 people on the left side and 5 people on the line. Of the 7 people on the line, the most outside 2 people took the ball legally. After the line, 4 people received the ball. The key point lies in the formation of the left 5 people on-line, it is easy to mistakenly think that 5 people are attacking strikers, then the player is likely to disguise the identity of the unmarked, as long as the quarterback quickly give him the ball, easily touchdown. ?????????쨴?J?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? How can a bewildered attack be smashed by a pony? The quarterback of the Hawks stood at 5-7 yards behind the kicker, and the defender rushed to the the United States time Sunday game, due to the impact of the ribs, Cleveland Brown's four point guardian Sean Cazale (DeShone Kizer) had to leave early. The impact this time is very rough, was lying on the ground for a long time Cazale was installed after the pain. after the match, X light showed that Cazale had no fracture in the ribs, so he would take part in next week's match. coach Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) evaluated Cazale after the game: "I think Deshawn has done an excellent game as far as he can." He tried to compete for the quarterback, and he made the attack, the defense and the special service full of energy. Together we learn to learn to make progress together. I see a better future in him today, a more powerful man. " Cazale's 37 pass in the game 21, advancing 232 yards and 1 array, the pass rate and the number of yards are the second highest in his career. but there's a lot of things they need to do for the current Brown.

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