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A brief history of Toronto team hasn't any retired Jersey, but Vince · Carter has expressed hope Toronto Jersey was retired wish, however there are still many disputes between fans: Toronto retired the first time shirt should belong to the man who led the team to win the championship. The Losangeles express is the same as the Raptor, which has no retiring shirt. 30 teams of the NBA alliance, a total of nearly 200 retired numbers -- count the recently retired Paul · Pearce, star studded Celtics retired in 22, that Kaili · Erwin and other new era players have to replace the number - jersey number retired seniors, juniors can not be reused, so Kobe occupied the two shirt is a luxury of honor. retired is not only for the team in the history of meritorious service players, boss, coach, trainer, commentator, are likely to enjoy this honor - NBA never retired team requirements standards, such as Miami retired old rival Michael · Jordan's shirt, just pat · Riley's wishful thinking. players in NBA's multiple teams' retiring shirts, as well as Kobe · Bryant. NBA is the largest number of retired Jerry · Sloan's number 1223, sir the meritorious coach career wins by jersey nu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping mber way to commemorate the magic; and the king not for all fans of retired Jersey No. 6, because they feel like "supporters sixth", and No. 6 the total in the league only Jersey is retired by 6 times. , in the days when the Lakers retired No. 8 and No. 24, came to see what shirts were retired from all the NBA teams. Cleveland Knight high · Smith (No. 7), Zhazhunasi · Ilgauskas (No. 11, first in the NBA retired Lithuania player), Larry · (22); Nancy Mark, · Preiss (No. 25), Austen · Carle (No. 34), Nate Thurmond (42, ·), Brad · multi Mahdi (No. 43), Joe · Tate (u7017671) Houston rocket Yao Ming (No. 11, first in the NBA retired Jersey Chinese), Clyde · Drexler (No. 22), Calvin · Murphy (No. 23), Mose · Malone (No. 24), Hakim · Olajuwon (No. 34, first in the NBA retired Nigerian, Jersey) Rudi &middo〉The official website of NFL | University of Alabama running back Henry won the Heisman | Rugby University of Alabama running back Derek Henry (Derrick Henry) won the Heisman award this year, in this season, 23 touchdowns he made a League record 1986 yards southeast and flat League record through 339 red ball. Henry is the first since 2009 to win the Heisman running back, was also from the University of Alabama - Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) became the first to win the award of the Alabama player. At that time Ingram won with a 1% advantage, which was the smallest gap in history. Henry defeated Stanford University running Christian Mika Free (Christian McCaffrey) and Clemson University four points Wei De Sean Watson (Deshaun Watson). On Thursday night, he also won the best university run on behalf of the National Guard doc Walker award and became the first since 2002 by representing the best college player of the year award Maxwell running back. He is since 1999 Ron - Dane (Ron Dayne) has been the first to win the Heisman award and Maxwell running back. this season Henry ranked first in the country in terms of the number of punching balls, the number of punching balls, the number of punching balls and the number of codes that continue to advance after contact. He ranked the Five Major League second in the number of more than 25 yards of the ball. He is an important member of the attack team at the University of Alabama, occupying more than 36% of the number of attack codes and 42% of the number of arrays. Henry will lead the two seed University of Alabama in December 31st in the rugby playoffs, facing the three seed Michigan State University.The official website of NFL | Vic Smith accepted as mentor | football team Mike Vick is now a substitute for Smith, the first quarterback of New York jet team. He served as a substitute for the Philadelphia hawks for a whole year. He helped the young quarterback as much as possible. But it does not mean that Vic is not eager to get back to the top and again become the nightmare of the opponent's defensive coordinator. Although this opportunity is becoming less and less, he is 34 years old this year. , but Vic is not complaining, he is playing a role worth studying for Smith, but he is also trying to get a job or lost job.The official website of NFL | pony resigned after the end of the season will not renew ppagano's | football coach According to sources from ESPN revealed that in the playoff hopes on the occasion, Indianapolis Colts plan at the end of the season and coach chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) contract, and general manager Ryan Grieg Sen (Ryan Grigson) will at least help the team to find new manager,. The consensus of is that Pagano would not return to the next season after he refused to renew his contract, but he played poorly this season and deteriorated the relationship between Pagano and Grieg Sen. According to , Grieg's help in finding Pagano's successor does not guarantee that he will remain in office next season, according to people familiar with the matter. If the new manager has his preferred general manager, Grieg will not return. Team owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) will also play an important role in the search for the new manager. in the last season into the American League Championship game, the pony has entered the Super Bowl expectations before the start of the season, but they have the worst record since 2011 (7 - 8) and they will be from Grieg Sen and Pagano in 2012 for the first time since the team missed the playoffs face position. On on Wednesday, Pagano said he planned to do his best to ensure he was able to stay in office. The pony needs to beat Tennessee Titan in the next game and need the help of the other eight teams to win the southern Champions League in the playoffs. It's hard for to blame Pagano for the bad performance of the little horse this season. After a series of injuries, bad performance and bad tactical command, the pony still could still have a faint playoff hope.

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