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Denver wild horse's quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is scheduled to participate in the team training next week to ensure a good leg injury. Manning in December 14th against the San Diego lightning game hurt her leg, said yesterday in an interview: "I tried to adjust the time, let my body recover better, I know this time a lot of people are doing the same thing, everything will come next week's training." Wednesday team training list also missed 4 starters, they are: Orlando Franklin - left guard (Orlandon Franklin), linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), Emmanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel receiver Sanders) and Germany (Demaryius Thomas) - Thomas mathis. Saunders and Thomas were all on the ground, but they didn't wear helmets. And safety David Bruton (David Bruton Jr.) and Juwan Thompson - running back (Juwan Thompson) also did not join in the training, two of them are due to the detection of cerebral concussion and reasons shall not participate in training. After training for , a large number of reporters interviewed John, Fawkes (John Fox) about whether Manning would participate in training next week. Fawkes's answer was: "I can be very responsible and say he will come back to training next week."each year to participate in the marathon enthusiasts every year to participate in thousands on thousands of, basketball commentators across the screen, every year English major students are innumerable beyond measure. However, running and organized "Jiayou run" in all the marathon, with "running team" to do char cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ity; to 2 million players from age in NBA explain the contest to become the two member of talent shows itself, on behalf of the United States is the only NBA all star game CCTV commentary, and engaged in basketball that so far, only this one on scarlett. famous basketball CCTV commentary on Kerry recently appeared in the NFL weekend football scene, this time the narrator does not discuss whether James's dunk force split Huashan, but took off his shirt, suit, wearing a chest shoulder pad of the New Orleans Saints Football Badge, hand holding a black and white Riddell Revolution helmet, NFL in comprehensive training, although you can not see the past chic elegant, but cross Tim strong and brave. group a "CCTV football team"? I took over the outside line, but the center is Shatong CCTV commentator NFL to football weekend is not the first time in the first week of September 14th in the "football poet" Wei he had come to Beijing Normal University experience, and said in an interview to play quarterback, and Scarlett had repeatedly said that for the wide receiver position, if CCTV to a football group the team, who can get a position in the attack and defense, the secret service in the group? "the other position I have to think about it, but the center should allow Zhang Bin to play or Shatong, just a regular a substitute, only they can give a sense of security He Wei" quarterback, almost without thinking, she is in the two big finalized a core position, the position he two, a running back was arranged for Duan Xuan and tennis commentator Zhang Sheng, Kerry explained "Duan Xuan will play football, running too fast, when he and Zhang Bin is the team 'a high one', although in the past so long," high "that is not how to run, but I want to believe that the" fast "or run very fast." Cornerback defense group has been left to two young colleagues -- basketball commentator Liu Xingyu and tennis commentator Zhang Sheng, who is a professional Rowing Athlete Liu Xingyu, upper limb strength, good physical condition, can play defense solid backing; Zhang Sheng will benefit from the long-term exercise, body and endurance are quite good. , in fact, the position of the quarterback should be reconsidered. "He Wei didn't run fast before, because he always commentated football in the early morning, so he couldn't keep up with our normal playing time," Yu said. a ragged "CCTV rugby team", though uneven in strength and different in size, can be trained for the AFLC rugby game. But the new question is, who will explain the match? pure NFL fans 〉The official website of NFL |2015 playoff AP fourth cis position: Dezhou | football Houston Dezhou, NFL's youngest team in the league. When Houston oil people went away from Tennessee, in 2002, the Dezhou people again brought the NFL competition for the city of Houston. The construction team for 14 years, the people of Dezhou 3 times to partition champions in the playoffs, they beat the opponents in the wild card race two times (all Cincinnati tiger) into the second round, and this year, Dezhou will continue to strive for the victory of the 100% wild card game. When hasn't started in the new season, no one will hang the southern champions of the United States together with the Dezhou people of Dezhou. Although the offseason "tough guy" training camp for the people of Dezhou out of the limelight, but the truth is that all the hot die team of Dezhou people do not hold any hope. But in fact, with the change of season time, the two wave of outbreak of the end of the season, out of season 1 wins and 4 losses in Dezhou, grab the southern top playoff. Houston Dezhou people lost last season's starting quarterback Patrick Fitz - Ruian in the offseason, instead of the coach Bill Obrien once the disciple Blaine - Hoyer and Ruian - malette. Although Obrien wanted to let the two people compete for each other, marlett's disagreement and a small temper in the field made him lose. But Heuer did not live up to the trust of coach, the season 11 appearances, scored 2606 yards and 19 touchdowns, QBR91.4, compared with before the worst season with Brown, Heuer's performance has made great progress, at least as a starting quarterback and is the result of lattice. Have lost the trump card in the offseason wide receiver Andre Johnson, the third grade receiver Hopki de Andre took the ball responsibility of the people of Dezhou, this season he played very good, 1521 yards and 11 receptions for touchdowns are ranked in the forefront of the coalition, if the people of Dezhou to have more excellent quarterback, perhaps Hopki can play a little bit better. The offseason signed from the same district opponent Nate Washington also completed a good auxiliary role of Hopki. Compared to the relatively great passing attack, attack the people of Dezhou road is quite poor, with Forster again the reimbursement season, Dezhou running back only to the number of winning, Alfred - Chris, Jonas - Bruce, pork - Jimenez Lian hand for the people of Dezhou contributed 1314 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Dezhou people who attack almost lame are able to walk in the playoffs, to see if the attack team can play more well. compared the offensive group configuration shabby, the defense of Dezhou people is commendable, but after all, here have the whole Union are afraid of humanoid beast -- J.J. watts. Although there is no play last season on both ends of a marquee, despite the trouble of hand fracture at the end of the season, but Watt is still the Watt: 76 tackles. ". - Kelly (Chip Kelly) in Philadelphia was terminated after the Hawks coach first openly expressed their feelings. , he interviewed, said, "thank the eagles management team for letting me coach the team for 3 seasons. I regret to have failed to bring a championship trophy to this great city. My coaching teams are very talented and hard - working, and wish them good luck. Finally, I want to say that my players are all I have for me. I will miss you. I wish you all your dreams. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Kelly's coaching Hawk is 26 - 21, and the position of the hawk boss is obviously not so much willing to take over.

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