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The official website of NFL | tiger Panther jointly presented the first game of the season draw | football war Beijing time, which ended at 1 a.m. on October 13th, was completed by the Cincinnati tigers at home to 37 - 37 and the Carolina panther. At the end of the game, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) completed the 87 yards pass, but the kicking player Mike Nugent lost 36 yards to play the first tie for the fans this season. first quarter, up ten minutes in front of the ball has been in the hands of Caim Newton - Black Panther, (Cam Newton) to promote the stable, all the way to the 5 minutes and 53 seconds it took over Kevin Benjamin No. 13 (Kevin Benjamin) completed 3 yard touchdowns. The additional points were completed successfully, and the Panther took the lead of 7 to 0. After Dalton took over the team with 5 minutes to advance the ball to the 13 yard line end panther. In the second quarter of , Dalton Tate Brandon passed the 5 yard pass, and the additional points were successfully completed. The tigers will equalize 7 to 7. After that, the Panther can't attack only. A tiger first ran the ball from the second grade running back Barnard Kyrgyzstan Austria (Giovani Bernard) fant completed 89 yard touchdown run the ball, the score to 14 than 7. In 5 minutes, the Panther finished 50 yards to advance the 39 - yard shot at the tigers' 21 yards, and the score was still ahead of the tigers' 14 - 10. Dalton once again completed 60 yards in only 5 minutes, with newgoy finishing 44 yards cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and the first half with a 17 - 10 tiger in the first half. In the third quarter of , in tenth minutes, Dalton tried to complete long distance pass and was cut off by the Black Panther 20 horn guardian Antonio Cason (Antoine Cason) and ran back for 80 yards. Then the leopard run guard - Whitaker (Fozzy Whittaker) easily finished 4 yards of the ball, the Black Panther pulled the score back to the starting line. The four attack of the tigers was 42 yards away. Newton passed the ball steadily to the 12 - yard tigers line, and this season's rare right individual shot finished 12 yards. The Panther took the lead of 24 to 17. The last 3 minutes, Dalton again passes by Panther No. 41 safetys Roman happe (Roman Harper) complete steals back 8 yards. fourth game, Dalton returned to bravery, Twelfth minutes to complete the 34 yards pass array, to draw the score. After Newton took 6 minutes to complete 13 yards passing touchdowns again, score counter ultra, but leading not too long, the secret service run back 97 yards back to finish running, tigers rookie running back Jeremy Hill (Jeremy Hill) to complete the ball 3 yards rushing touchdowns, score 31 to 31 level bianwei. The final 3 points and 36 seconds of the game, Newton pass 13〉49 people in in San Francisco recently expressed interest in the quarterback Matt - Sau (Matt Schaub) and the quarterback Blaine - Brian Hoyer. 49's official journalists have reaped these two potential answers this week on 49 people's short term quarterback. It is reported that the team's new coach Cole Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) to the quarterback by veteran and rookie. 2 the week before the news that would strip Shanahan Shaoxing 49, and become the first team quarterback. Sau will be 36 in July, but he has completed only 113 passes in the last 3 seasons since he became a substitute in Houston Dezhou. and Heuer are 31 years old. Their careers began with substitutes. However, he had many opportunities to start in Cleveland, Brown, Houston, Dezhou and Chicago bears. He has completed 44 passes and 26 times.Chinese, Beijing (June 18, 2017) - today, the greatest football player, one of the five Super Bowl champion and four times won the NBA Finals most valuable player (MVP), two regular season MVP (MVP), the new England Patriots quarterback Tom · Brady first visit; Chinese, in the capital Beijing to start their trip to asia. The Mutianyu Great Wall in the first time on, feel the "Eight Wonders of the world" one of the magnificent magnificent, Brady appeared Beijing landmark of Shichahai, led the guests to the training, the common interpretation of the spirit of the brand; then Brady has appeared in Xidan City, to meet with local fans. · Tom; Brady is rugby fans pay homage to the epoch-making players this year's Super Bowl finals, he led the team to complete the counter attack to win the game; and as the epitome of his life, from the draft 199 winner who was now shun. This trip is for the first time by Under Armour (Andemar Brady) spokesman attended China district brand promotion activities. In recent years, American football has attracted more and more attention in the crowd Chinese, Under Armour (Andemar) brand hopes to attract more people by Brady's influence to participate in this sport to help the development of American football in the China. ?????????????????????????????? After arriving in Beijing, he could not wait to go to Mutianyu on Beacon Tower, a style of Chinese civilization. After visiting the Great Wall, Brady went to one of the most famous landmarks - the Shichahai in Beijing city. In the old Beijing courtyard full of taste, not only to experience the China Brady tea, also a calligraphy teacher Professor, wrote a victory of "Sheng", meaning his career and life glory. The training is success, advancing constantly breakthrough self brady. By this chance, Brady and 20 sports enthusiasts to participate in a professional training course. The Chinese martial arts masters invited to the scene also enlisted a wonderful traditional martial arts performance, which made Brady an eye opener. Brady also followed the teacher's Chinese training with great interest. after a short rest, Brady and immediately rushed to the Under Armour (Andemar) brand Xidan joy brand shop, interact with the lucky fans and media communication. On the scene, he shared the story of cooperation with the UA brand, explaining the understanding of the spirit of IWILL. "This is the first time I have come to China," Brady said. "Every moment of my trip is full of surprises. I am also very happy to meet and communicate with so many Chinese fans and share the love of rugby. " The scene that surprises Brady is the emergence of NFL's Chinese Promotion Ambassador, Lisa, at the age of 9. She is not only a little older fan Brady, is a 6When is about to become a free agent, Lamar Miller Lamar has a goal: signing a team that will give him a high salary and make him play the core of's running position. "I want to be the main runner," Miller told the media. "I want to get a deserved identity." was a curious player in the disappointing season of the Miami dolphin. He has been very good at getting the opportunity to shoot the ball, which can push the best 4.6 yards each time, but he averages 15 times of punching every game. During the past two coach, Miller had not been in the dolphin game. said, "20 times," Miller replied when he was asked how many times he thought it was reasonable to throw the ball in each game. Miller has not ruled out the return of dolphins, at least in public opinion. He said he was "willing to stay" dolphins and said he believed that Adam Adam Gase was the right manager. if a dolphin can't renew his contract with Miller, he will become one of the most interesting players in the free player market. He's very young - he's only 25 at the start of next season - and has shown the exact ability to attack. If the dolphins don't pay his main runner - level salary, other teams may do it.

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