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last season, Denver wild horses won the super bowl by their strong defense. The defending team was highly praised and considered to be one of the best defensive teams in history. , but player TJ Ward (TJ Ward) believes that the media did not give enough respect to the defending team. He said: "it seems that many media are doing this, and we still have no respect. We hope to be better than last year. This is what we want to do. Our defense coordinator has not left. We can easily find the state of last year and continue. Mustang group is the number of defensive season first in the League limit team, the league's fourth opponents scoring players, they finished 14 steals, 4 of them completed the run back up front, they handed over 52 quarterback sacks, and Ward as the safetys completed 2 escapement which killed Ward thinks, the team cheap nfl jerseys free shipping steals and steals touchdowns also improved, he also analyzed the shortage of the team holds the. but why does Ward feel unrespected? "Maybe they feel we don't go to the game as they like, and it's more like entertainment," he said. This answer has recently appeared in interviews with a few wild horse players, and maybe they should try to change their mindset.The Arizona Cardinals running back Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) had a chance to become a contender this season "stage a Comeback Player" award, but injuries or will become the key factors hinder his progress. In this week's match, Johnson has a tibial fracture, and the team is still unable to estimate when he will return. this season, Johnson seems to be back to the top. In terms of technical statistics, if he can perform a whole season with such a performance, he will be expected to advance more than 1200 yards. It is worth mentioning that, in October, Johnson the ball size up to 5.9 yards, the figure in November dropped to 3 yards. Because of his age and stature, Johnson was unable to help the team in a short distance. with Johnson injury, after the Cardinals task will be handed back to Andrea - Ellington (Andre Ellington) and rookie David Johnson (David Johnson). David Johnson is expected to take more responsibility in the days of Chris Johnson's absence because of the poor performance of Ellington's injuries this season.The design of the main stadium is inspired by the Losangeles landmark architecture and art decoration. The black gold match at home is the eternal color. Choose elegant white jersey collocation noble gold, Latin traditional color and dark shirt printed together. The huge YouTube TV LOGO matches the wake - up red start button, and such a sponsor fan doesn't think it's hard to remember. Logo position precisely the position of the heart, it seems that the team's loyal already chose the team and always stand together.Houston Dezhou people Andre - Hal (Andre Hal) was ready to be the key target of the opponent before the game. As it was expected, the young corner guard struggled, and his defensive area became the breakthrough of the Philadelphia hawk's pass. in the first quarter, the eagles in the half 41 yards out to get the first attack, quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and Jeremy - Mclean long (Jeremy Maclin) connection. Kazakhstan was thrown away by Mclean in the defense and watched his opponent finish the 57 - yard pass. For the failure of the defense, ha son said after the game: "I should have thought they choose a long pass, I should do better." second, Kazakhstan's defense area was again broken by his opponent. The substitutes for the quarterback Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Matthews) succeeded in completing the 11 - yard pass in front of the Kazakhstan. Although the result of the game is disappointing, it is also a valuable asset for young Kazakhstan. His teammates, Kareem Jackson (Kareem Jackson), have also been tortured at the early stage of his career, and perhaps he should exchange experience with his predecessors. Hal revealed in an interview: "I talked to Kareem and he told me to go on and go on fighting." I will continue to do my best in every defense, and I will try to do the best I can do. I hope to continue to improve in this week's training, to keep fit and to meet the next game. "

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