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The official website of NFL in Atlanta from NFL China Falcon knowledge: how far is the specific, football nest Before the fifty-first super bowl of , Atlanta falcons didn't have many fan bases in China. The New Orleans saints, Carolina Panthers and even Tampa Bay pirates were much more specific than the falcons. The 2014 season, the League of nations like South mire; the 2015 season Falcon and the Panthers suddenly turned out, the Panthers stand on the super bowl; the 2016 season the falcons finally let people see what is Matt Ryan, iceman alliance first external no one of Julio - Jones. Although the falcons failed to win the Super Bowl at last, their performance was enough to leave a deep branding in the hearts of the fans. See the ball a little earlier fans can say as Toni Gonzales as Falcon legend, but few people know that the Falcon is nearly more than 10 years from one of China recent NFL team, about 1200 kilometers. has to drive 40 minutes from the downtown area of Atlanta to the Falcon headquarters. Compared with the new arena that will be completed in the 2017 season, the headquarters training field is not very impressive, and there are no other buildings around. Because it is the off-season, the whole area is extremely poor, from the door can see most of the training field far corner, filled with a variety of football training equipment. The first floor of the headquarters office i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s to introduce the history of the falcons. Besides many companies than the ordinary companies, there are many differences between the teams. There is no difference between the teams around them. Until a corner cabinet, the owner's showcase suddenly found an interesting history. team owner Arthur Blanke's display cabinet August 6, 2005 NFL preseason, Atlanta falcons to 27-21 victory over the Indianapolis pony, venue in Tokyo arena. The first quarterback of the pony team was Payton Manning, the first quarterback of the falcons or Michael Vick, who were both retired. After the race, two people greeted their handshakes, which was about 148 months from now, about 1200 kilometers from the mainland of China. Michael Vick is not a point in the history of falcons. It is also an inspirational star in the history of NFL. The Falcon indoor training hall has 6 flags of regional champions and National League champions on the wall. The latest three faces belong to Ryan, and the former side belongs to Vick. Vic was stunning in the rookie training camp, and 40 yards and 4.33 seconds had been the fastest quarterback in history, and the 2001 draft became the champion of the hawk. In the 2002 season, Vic became the first quarterback and led the team into the playoffs. In the 2003 season, he was beset by injuries and injuries. In the 2004 season, the revived Vic came to the top of his career and led the team to 11-5, becoming the top seed of the league. Unfortunately, it failed in the final of the league. Vic, who has just started his career at the top of his career, may not think of it himself, in the 2005 season, from the pre season.NFL official website, Brady: Bundchen is the biggest highlight of the Olympic Games, rugby nest what is the biggest impression of the opening ceremony of the summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? For the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is obviously his wife Giselle (Gisele Bundchen) - ndchen catwalk. Brady said: for me, her show is the best part of the Olympic Games because she represents her country. himself said in the opening ceremony of Bangchen she has been trying to control my tears, she said: believe me, this is very touching moment, I can feel the joy of the people, the people of Brazil are so friendly and kind, so I can't cry out, because I represent them.When plunged into a bloody civil war in his hometown, the Kansas City Chiefs Weitanba line - Harry (Tamba Hali) from Liberia. Now when the West African country is heading for another different crisis - the Ebola outbreak, Harry has provided humanitarian assistance to his hometown. , on Tuesday, Harry announced that he will build a clinic near Liberia for the first time near Monrovia, together with officials from Heart to Heart International, based on Kansas City, which will provide 70 beds for patients who are attacked by viruses. "People are dying," Harry said. "They died at a very fast speed." Liberia is one of the countries that have been hardest hit by the long epidemic that has won more than 3000 lives. As of last Friday, according to the WHO report, 3834 people will be infected in Liberia, and 2069 people will be killed. 44% of them are reported in the past three weeks, which means that the infectious disease is spreading. "the local health care system is not sufficient to cope with the Ebola epidemic, every doctor and medical officials say the biggest demand is more Ebola treatment equipment," heart to heart the international aid organization founder Gary - mosch (Dr. Gary Morsch) said the doctor. "The world must respond quickly to control the outbreak of the virus." "the people of Liberia are all very smart and enthusiastic. It was a beautiful country at a time when I was young, "Harry said. "They are all good people, people who fear God, but this is a third world country, and they need help." Harry, who fled Liberia with his father at the age of 10, became an American citizen a few years ago. But he still has family members living in Monrovia, living in the Pacific coast, LOFA county north of the border in adjacent Sierra leone. "They're lucky," Harry said. "There is no place where my family is in Ebora."The official website of NFL | packers defensive tackle football game | Raj announced in NFL for 7 years for B.J. (B.J. Raji) Raj can be able to. Raj said in a statement released Monday he will temporarily leave the stadium. I will leave the NFL and will not play in the 2016 season, Raj said. This decision was made after hours of discussion with family and tutors, and after a long time in self-examination. I was very confident of this decision. I won't rule out the possibility of coming back to NFL in the future, but I'm sure I won't be in the 2016 season. Despite the recent and the Green Bay Packers contract talks and obtained from the Carolina Panthers in Lachish for packers starting 78 games away from the game. in July this year will be over 30 years old showed a rebound in the Raj last season, starting 15 games, he had two head muscle tear due to miss the 2014 season. In recent years, signing a series of one year contract with the packers Raj because of injuries he never return to strong performance in 2010. In the packaging industry to renew the defensive tackle Troy Le gaiao (Letroy Guion) after his team in the future has become a problem. career made only 11 sacks of the Raj is more anti running huge monster appearance, and since 2012 he has never played for the packers over 65% defense. But he is still a favorite player in the packers and will be kept in mind because of his excellent performance on the field.

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