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NFL????|???????????????????2??|????? According to the official website NFL reports, local time on Monday, the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks have former safety Jielun Johnson (Jeron Johnson) is a 2 year, $4 million contract agreement. Johnson had the Seahawks played 4 years, mainly as a substitute safety, there are wonderful performance in the secret service. red new general manager Scott - Mike Colao Han (Scot McClouhan) in the period from 2010 to 2014 has been responsible for the Seahawks personnel work, his understanding of Johnson also led to a certain extent, the contract can be completed. The Earl - Thomas (Earl Thomas) and Camden - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) exists, Johnson has not been able to get a chance to prove myself. After joining the red skin, he is expected to be on the stage with his first identity. red, safetys combined Ryan original Clark (Ryan Clark) and Brandon Meriwether (Brandon Meriweather) are not in the team plan. The team will continue to look for the right player in the second line to supplement the existing lineup depth.Le Sean Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) has cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a new 5 year contract worth 40 million dollars with the new boss buffalo Bill team, which guarantees the salary to reach 26 million 500 thousand dollars. NFL media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that in the new season, Mccoy earned $16 million. has not yet seen the full details of the contract, but the Green Bay Packers on Saturday and Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) 4 years of the 40 million contracts are different, it is difficult to imagine that Mccoy will fulfill the contract for 5 years. 's new coach, new player, big hand in the new season, plus the brilliant defensive team, Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan), if he doesn't have the playoffs this season, it must be very disappointed for Buffalo.The official website of NFL |49 boss: Bauman is in excellent condition | football San Francisco 49 star linebacker Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) has returned to training last week, the 2013 season in the National League Championship Series in knee injury defensive core for the upcoming challenge ready. Team coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) also said that Bauman's recovery is very good. Tom and Sura said: Bauman looks great. We will see him as an experienced force, rather than a veteran who just recovered from injury. In addition, the team manager also praised the 2103 season of the 6 round of the new rookie Nick Moodie (Nick Moody), and said the team's existing line defense lineup is good enough. When asked whether Lance - Bridges (Lance Briggs) would be introduced, Tom and Sura denied it again. in the offseason, 49 people lost Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis) and Chris Belland (Chris Borland). The team plans to arrange Bauman's partner Michael - Hoyt (Michael Wilhoite) to serve as the team's first interior line guard. Bauman himself is confident that it can help 49 defensive teams back on the right track.Water polo | twelfth China Flower swim world cup ending | Chinese 1 gold 3 silver four historical breakthrough Cleveland September 19 Changshu Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) twelfth World Cup synchronized swimming competition tonight ending, Chinese team won 1 gold, 3 silver and second in the medal standings, hit four record. Russia topped the list with 3 gold medals. Canada ranked third with 1 silver and 3 copper. The Japanese team won only 1 bronze and ranked fourth. 's World Cup in four years has four gold medals in free selection, double, single, and collective. The ending date is to decide the winner of the gold medal collective. A total of 12 teams participated in the competition. The competition required that every team should complete two programs of technical self selection and free self selection, with 50% additivity of each program score to determine the final ranking. The optional in the morning of technology competition, China team with "007" play, this program is a famous film interpretation of the bond girl story. Compared with the previous use of music, rhythm and rhyme "007" was a lot faster, the girls strength has also put forward higher requirements, but they have a good grasp of the rhythm, the synchronization is also very good, this program they won 96 points, ranked in the world hegemony in Russia the team, behind in second place. The Russian team to win 97.30 points. China's free selection program is "rolling", which is a relatively slow tune. With the music, the girls did a difficulty of modeling, using more vast waters, and passionate performances, in addition to the first difficulty lifts slightly flawed, the action performed flawlessly, eventually they got 97 points, a total score of 96.500 points, for Chinese team again success is a precious silver medal, which is China flower swim team harvest in the world series collective project in the first one collective project. The Russian team scored 99 points to win the gold medal, and the Canadian team won the season with a total of 95.600. , at this point, the four - day world cup is all over. The powerful Russian team, which includes three gold medals in free, single and collective gold medals, topped the medal list. The Chinese team took the gold medal list of 1 gold, 3 silver and second, and all of the four entries they participated in all achieved a historic breakthrough. Jiang Wenwen / Jiang Tingting also won the first gold medal for the Chinese team in the double event. The Canadian team of 1 silver and 3 copper ranks third, and the Japanese team only won the bronze medal of the 1 double, ranking fourth. (finished)

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