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Key fanjianji is real, fraud will make skillfully made realistic, can cause the enemy to be deceived, for gospel truth, make wrong judgments, take the wrong action. Psychological, it is not necessarily to be implemented in the scheme, the court, on the sidelines of the strategy will be more effective. in all the world's popular sports, American football is probably the most affected sport by tactics. If you can know all the tactics of the other side, you will be absolutely active. NFL and even NCAA teams have done very meticulously on the secret work of tactical and tactical signals. Many coaches send out paper tactical books and collect them at any time, one can't be less. If a tactical loss is present, the team will be heavily punished in NFL. If the training camp players lose their tactics, he has to work hard to enter the list of 53 people before he can afford a penalty. On the sidelines playcalling, coaches often use tactics board cover your mouth, lip reading expert to prevent opponents have been invited. There are also team workers doing or real or false gestures on the side of the field. this is the picture of the ESPN interpreter, Jon Gruden, who is responsible for calling tactics on the sidelines when the packer is the assistant coach. The chief coach of the present wrapper, McCarthy, the chief's assis cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tant, secretly recorded his gestures in a balcony upstairs. tactical Handbook has been that the other team's dream, in order to obtain the playbook. Even some people will rush into danger NCAA volunteers use unscrupulous divisive tactics, the University of Tennessee and the University of Florida Gators team called the feud. The two teams happened between 1991 of this tactical scandal, fired Tennessee team staff Jack Sells Tennessee gave Florida the tactics of the new defensive coordinator Zook by fax, and Zook had to work in Tennessee, and Sells are good friends. Zooks then told the media that it was in the 1984 and 1985 season that Tennessee got Florida's tactical version in a variety of ways. the most classic fanjianji occurred in just a few days before retiring marshal Spurrier. Because the acquisition of rival Tennessee will send someone may forget Florida in search of the tactical, Spurrier creatively concocted a false tactics including this, really some tactics, but the corresponding fake password and some completely fabrications of tactics. He threw the fake tactical book in the toilet when he went to the toilet. Soon after the hotel security guard found out, "Mr. Spurrier, your tactical book has lost the toilet!" "Not me, go back to the place!!!" Tennessee coach last volunteers finally have trapped, only they know. But from the result, after 1985, in the 27 teams of two teams, the volunteers won 6 of them. was quickly spread everywhere in the Rugby World. According to ESPN, new Engel.Will (Will Smith) was once a hawk's fan of Philadelphia. He was loyal to the super bowl, but everything changed since his new movie "concussion". recently when he accepted the YAHOO sports reporter interviewed said: "I have never seen the whole game, when I was at the airport will see something else, or see the news highlights of the game right now, it is a lot of pressure, for me is very contradictory, football is still the most popular the movement, all of this has not changed, but it is the other side of it, you will not forget it all." will not be shown on Christmas day but it has attracted the attention of a large number of viewer. This film is now free to watch for players in the NFL alliance. may not change the love of the sport, but it will affect the way people participate in it.After 's first season for the first choice, Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) is obviously one of the top league players in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver now want this level of salary. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that Brown will not attend the team voluntary offseason training, because he wants a new contract. Fawkes sports also reported that Brown was considering the absence of mini training camps and training camps to get a new contract. Brown signed a 6 - year contract worth $43 million in 2012. Since then, he is one of the best contacts in the league. The 26 year old player has completed at least 50 yards of the ball at least 5 times in each game since the 2012 season. Since the signing of the contract, Brown has completed 239 catches for 3197 yards and 21 touchdowns. Brown, who is 5 feet, 10 inches (1 meters and 78 meters) tall, doesn't have the typical figure of the ruling class. But his catching line running and kick-off speed enable him to break through numerous defenses. He is very important for the success of the offensive team and the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) the safest passing target. now Brown wants to get the reward for his own importance. The NFL team won't give the players a contract because of the past achievements, but is based on whether they are useful in the future. Although the Steelers would not easily yield team, but Brown is one of the few non essential operation for the offensive team quarterback -- especially in the Steelers running back ray viand - Baer (Le'veon Bell) the next season in the first three games were suspended and the case. how long will the development of such a situation deserve attention when we are slowly approaching and as well as compulsory training arrangements.The official website of NFL | pirate safety Goodson was traced to leave after the football season in | 2 years ago, the Tampa Bay pirate tried to build the strongest defensive second line in the league. The team once wished to place it on Darrel Revis (Darrelle Revis), Mark Mark (Mark Barron) and Sean Sean (Dashon Goldson). But the passage of time, ray Weiss and Barron has left all recent sign, Goodson will be the next person to leave. in the last few weeks, Gu de Sen's time has been squeezed, in last week's game he was repeatedly replaced in the defense. The substitute was Bradley - Mike dugde (Bradley McDougald) signed by the team last year. Defense coordinator Leslie Fraser (Leslie Frazier) said: we want to observe Bradley, only let him participate in the competition to get what we want. In the interview, Fraser said Mike Doug de was full of ability and hinted that he was better than palson. in March 2013, palson and pirates signed a 5 - year contract worth $41 million 250 thousand. Next season, his basic salary is 7 million 500 thousand, and if he chooses to cut him off, the pirates will save 5 million of the salary space.

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