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The official website of NFL, Raiders cornerback D.J. Hayden was put in the injured reserve list, Waterloo Rugby Oakland Raiders coach Jack - Rio (Jack Del Rio) on Friday said the team will put a hamstring injury in the last game of the cornerback D.J. Hayden (D.J. Hayden) in the injured reserve list, his season ended. it was a huge blow, Rio said. It's unfortunate. He behaves very well. the 2013 draft of the draft was selected at the end of the season and the new rookie contract expired after the end of the season. in Hayden's absence, TJ- card (TJ Carrie), Antonio Hamilton (Antonio Hamilton) and Dexter Macdonald (Dexter McDonald perhaps) should share the groove angle guard position playing time and substitute Sean Smith outside (Sean Smith) and David Amoson (David Amerson). But Amoson was absent from the game because of a knee injury, and his appearance may be difficult to determine. Hayden became the raider's slot guard this season. In Smith because of a shoulder injury and missed amenson absent play when he also served as the outer corner of wei. In the 11 games, Hayden h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ad 37 grabs, 1 forced the ball, the 6 pass, and no pass. He had 3 copies in his career and 26 break passes. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its always a tough season for the defensive team's new players. But in the crow's head, Weiss Webb (Lardarius Webb), teammates CJ- Mosley (C.J.Mosley) obviously did not have such a problem. Mosley made 7 defensive stops against the Panther, and did only 29 shots of the ball. Webb said, "when you see him playing on the court, it will be unbelievable. In fact, his performance reminded me of ray Lewis (Ray Lewis). " The data also show that Webb is not to boast in the team, according to the occupation football (Pro Football Focus) observation data show that as of the fifth week, his score at all inside linebacker behind Bobby - Wagner (Bobby Wagner) and Luke Kukeli (Luke Kuechly), but his presence when the number of more than two people. Mosley graduated from the University of Alabama, in this year's draft first round of seventeenth by the crow has been selected, the highest League pass 5 times destroyed all lines of Wei, and so far this season in the league only do 40 tackles, 1 steals, 1 times out of 1 times the ball making, snatch off the ball the players.How does the NBA shirt sponsor have two? God's people in the operation! _ basketball _ oriental sports news live to see it pays attention to us NBA Oriental Sports 〉 basketball 〉 and and two; God's people in the operation! 24 hours hot text to see more 〉 〉 small selection of popular video to see more 〉 〉 all 〉 NBA a wonderful atlas today hot sports shirt sponsor how two? ???????????????? 2017-10-30 02:56:30 DaBears This season, NBA gave us a lot of new things, the shirt is one of them, a sponsor of NIKE company, so most of the other jerseys are like this, the hook is very bright, also can highlight Nike's temperament and young spirit! At the same time, the shirt is also more scientific and technological. most of the Jersey highlights the NIKE logo, the overall style is to make people feel comfortable, 29 league team jerseys are big Nike logo, but one is not the same team, the team also did not dare to openly disobedience? Of course not. Let's take a look at the Hornets' Jersey: NBA return to the East Sports home page 〉 〉 123, next page related reading recommendation NBA, Super League, Premier League, CBA comprehensive sports recommended for you. DUNKHOME 1 days ago news network 3 days ago DUNKHOME 1 days ago is 1 days ago. German translation 12 days ago ENJOYZ football equipment network 1 days ago Sohu Sports 1 days ago SOLE shoe track 1 days ago zebra State Sports 3 days ago little bear athletic sports 1 days ago Jay talked about 3 days ago azure Sports 1 days ago sports big card 4 days ago little Kim 1 days ago Sohu 4 days ago is Kei 1 days ago, 0 talk about the ball 5 days ago azure Sports 1 days ago cat 4 days.The official website of NFL | Carolina Panthers and center Ryan Khalil | Rugby contract in 2 years has decided to reward the core players in the combination after a good season in the Carolina panther. Black Panther announced on Monday that Ryan Kalil, the center of the five - degree career bowl, has renewed his contract with the team for 2 years. According to NFL Rand Getlin, the NFL official, the contract is worth $16 million 750 thousand, of which $13 million is guaranteed. , 31, is a black panther's two round show in 2007. has a complex group to attack the main attack run, an outstanding quarterback and return to fight a season's offensive coordinator under the condition of ensuring command pass cover and run open players left the team for the Panthers is crucial in the success in the future. The center is an increasingly difficult position to cultivate. When the line coach in his rookie Jiefeng who work hard left, they also have to find to keep a large amount of information and pay more attention to the impact of the opponent's center inside the ball. The Panther almost every attack uses the option to attack and their mobile quarterback is not afraid of their own attack. 's bottom line is that a good team that has been competing for the playoffs will not make the center a free player.

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