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even-even soccer equipment network earlier today, Nike launched their new season away from home jersey for Tottenham hotspur. Closely followed, Nike also released a new season's home and off shirt for Chelsea, the Premier League champion blues. and Tottenham 2017-18 season away from home jersey, Jersey and Chelsea of the new season is using Nike Vapor Aeroswift kits for the template design. The home court Jersey continues the blue army tradition and presents a very clean and simple blue design for us. Besides the large area of blue, there are only a few white decorative elements. There is a sports shirt V chic collar back, surrounded by a white edge, the chest flat mesh structure of silica gel to reduce the friction of seamless badge chest caused by. Chelsea Jersey follow the same design and home court Jersey, not cheap nfl jerseys free shipping only the main color change into white, decorative color to blue, just swap and home court Jersey colors.The official website of NFL | Vikings Coach: Peterson back injury does not affect the state of | Rugby the Minnesota Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) of the back injury will not affect his participation in the playoffs Sunday. Peterson missed the game last week against the Green Bay Packers. But he returned to the match again, but he did not participate in the training on Wednesday. But Zimmer said his super guard was ready. obviously this is good news for the Vikings. Because of the weather, the next game is likely to be a running ball war, so Peterson's role will be very important.The official website of NFL | exposure Manning lawyer team visited the appearance of witness | football documentary doping documentary on Al Jazeera suggested that Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) may be related to drug use after the "Washington Post", recently reported that Manning's lawyer in the documentary aired before sending investigators visited the documentary witness Charlie Weasley (Charlie Sly). In the documentary, Manning's wife was exposed to human growth hormone drugs. Manning strongly denied this statement. In the documentary, sly face candid camera out of several possible doping athletes name. According to the police, there are two investigators in December 22nd to visit parents for Weasley weasley. This aroused the vigilance of the Sly family, who reported to the police and said that the comer called himself a law enforcement officer. The police responded to the report, but the investigators provided ID and were invited into the house. Sly was not at home at the time. No one was arrested and no incident reports were released. for this report, Weasley responded that he did not think the investigators is to intimidate him with their. He did not say when he got in touch with the investigators. began to contact the athletes who were named in the documentary shortly before the broadcast of the documentary on Al Jazeera. Manning's lawyer team began a private investigation. They hired investigators looking for Weasley place and hope to get the relevant information from the Weasley here. They also sent a lawyer to check the medical records of Manning and his wife in the clinic. Weasley Thursday again insisted that he never gave any of the players mentioned in the documentary for illicit drugs.Minnesota Vikings want the quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to return as soon as possible. Coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) revealed on Monday local time that Bridji Wouter had passed the first stage test and had the chance to play first in the next match. "He should have no problem," said Zimmer. "I think so. He will start in the face of the Oakland Raiders. Bridji Wouter was injured in the victory over Saint Louis rams in the game, he hit the other defender Marcus Joyner in the angle of slip kneeling (Lamarcus Joyner) impact, thus suffered a concussion. is currently the Vikings with 6 wins and 2 losses of the outstanding achievements of the nations and North Union leaders, but they are not easy after the race. The team will be in the end with the Raiders game, the face of continuous Green Bay Packers, Atlanta falcons, Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona cardinals. This stage will become particularly important if it is possible to enter the playoffs.

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