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The official website of NFL | Woodson steals Manning, said | football dreams come true ?????????????????????-??????Charles Woodson??????????????????????? The veteran, who has been fighting for 18 years in the league, is 39 years old on Wednesday. He has never cut off Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) pass for the past 20 years. He will also make this birthday wish. made a dream come true in the 10-16 defeat to Denver wild horse by the Raiders. He made a 2 copy of Manning and became the oldest player in the history of completing the first time. When you finish 1 times, you want to finish second times. When you finish second times, you will naturally want to do more. The former Heisman winner, finally completed the end of career long desire. Manning said, "at least I've kept him w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping aiting for 18 years." Maybe it is because last season I finished 2 touchdowns in the head. Anyway, let's go. I knew Charles when I was in college. He was so good for a long time.Jacksonville Jaguars - Sijipo Kelly announced the appointment on Tuesday (Kelly Skipper) for the team's new running backs coach, former Jaguar running backs coach Terry - Richardson (Terry Richardson) prior to the team coach group and class a big shake. Sijipo past 8 seasons with the Oakland Raiders office, 2007-08 years in the team as the tight end coach for 2009-2014 years, served as Raiders running back coach. A ground offensive in the past six seasons on the 126th in the league in all ranked twelfth in the league. Sijipo began in 1989 at Fresno State University in California coaching career, he was responsible for running back and special teams return the training in the team at the time, at the same time as the recruiting coordinator. He spent five years at the University of California, Losangeles. During the period of 2003-06, he was a running coach at the Washington State University.Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Ma Lynch) exhibit the classic animal model once again against the packers in the opener, the 20 red ball 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lynch's teammates, Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett), saw the wonderful performance of the runner on the sidelines. Bennet felt the packers defensive players do not want to go grab the Seahawks star running back. "obviously at both ends we are more willing to physical team," Bennet told reporters at the Seahawks after winning. "I see some players who should be the highest level of the league do not want to catch Sean - Lynch." He said later. "Of course, some people will say something about this, but I see some players who failed to finish the tackle that he could only get him 2 yards. They should be the best players. We have to prove that we are the best defensive teams. " has no doubt that Lynch is in full fire. In his second rushing touchdowns, when on the road to the touchdown zone will not be lowered his head and he looked disappointed when someone broke down. ESPN reported that Lynch had 94 yards in 110 yards to break through the capture, the highest number since the start of the last season. The animal model wants physical contact. In Bennet's view, the packers don't want it.The official website of NFL | jets signed cornerback Brown schollin original team | Rugby New York jets and finally in the free agent market Amoy to a star guard. According to NFL famous media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported on Tuesday, the team signed Buster - schollin (Buster Skrine). has a height of 5 feet 9 inches schollin in the past four years. Brown played for the Cleveland team, and another star Joe Hayden (Joe Haden) together. Overall, schollin performance is stable, so he is a sought after this year's free agent market. The new jets coach Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) system for cornerback is more oppressive and schollin ability can meet this, he not only can play on both sides of the defense, and even take some inner defensive pressure, it will be of great help in terms of the impact of quarterback.

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