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The official website of Macallan NFL |AJ- this weekend in May is a wrist sprain | football Cincinnati tiger quarterback AJ- Macallan (AJ McCarron) was injured in the 17-20 defeat to Denver Mustang Monday night competition, which may be more serious than initially predicted. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported a severe sprain on Macallan's left hand wrist on Monday. But, because this is not his passing hand, he hopes to be able to continue the game. The tigers are not sure until later this week whether he will start the game in the next game. The three quarterback of the tigers was the two grade player, Keith Wenning, who had never played in the game. and the main quarterback of the team, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton), is reported that it will take weeks to return to the match. The tigers are trying to speed up the recovery, but the bone is not yet fully recovered. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping That means he will be in the playoff final week at least. Unless the Mustang in the last week to the San Diego lightning, tigers may be played wild card playoff week. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????63%?????200??1?|???? But now that Dalton can't play at least until the playoffs final week, if Macallan can't play well in the playoffs, tigers with patience will not easily forgive him.Cleveland Brown lost four weeks to the same 0 - winning Cincinnati tigers. This led to the team running Isiah Crowell (Isaiah Crowell) leaving the dressing room before a regular media interview. gave us an explanation on Thursday. He said, "I don't like to lose, we lose, but I didn't even have the chance to contribute. That's why I am angry. I feel I can contribute to victory. That's why I am dissatisfied." In this game, Lowell has 7 balls to push 20 yards and 7 yards for 1 times. , but this game is gram Lowell this season holds the ball opportunity to be least. Moreover, this season he did not have a game to hold the ball number more than 44 yards, therefore, giving him the ball is obviously the team attack team's matters needing attention. maybe Crowell is dissatisfied with himself, but leaving the dressing room ahead of time is not a wise choice, because such a loss is understandable for Brown in the past few years.Oakland Raiders rookie wide receiver Cooper Amari (Amari Cooper) full of confidence in his first season, he has repeatedly said it will shock alliance, let all people realize their own value and ability. In addition to catching the ball as a relay, Cooper seems to be able to do more. recently, the Raiders coach group is considering Cooper as a punt return to work. The team's special team coordinator said: "Cooper is a very good player and he has the ability to do any work." Whether he will be a back attack, it depends on his position in the team. He has such a gift that he can finish the work. At this stage, we will make a corresponding attempt. " The League has many players willing to try a punt return to work, but for the team, the problem is not so simple. Most teams are more willing to protect the important players in the team and let them avoid the return of the attack. The Raiders had already signed a special Lyndon holiday (Trindon Holliday), the team will examine who is more suitable for the new season for the return.The official website of NFL | red Mccoy for the season, Griffin Sans was the first | football The Washington Redskins quarterback colt Mccoy (Colt McCoy) the end of the season. The team announced on Tuesday that Mccoy was put in the injury reserve list. Mccoy was injured at the neck of the neck after only 13 games in the 14 week of the game. At the present quarterback position, the red leather team is left with Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and Kirk Kirk (Cousins) to cope with the remaining 2 matches. Griffin Sans will start the Philadelphia hawk on Saturday. The team manager has said it has not yet planned to add a player. Mccoy fought over the past three games, feeling more fluid than Griffin and Cousins on tactical execution and offensive organization. He started this season's 4 game score of 1 wins and 3 losses (not including seventh weeks in the field to win the 128 cousins) pass 91 times (91.1% success rate), with 1057 yards and 4 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and 1 rushing scores. on the other hand, Griffin III is expected to restore his state and prove that he can still be the leader of the red skin team under the system of Groton.

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