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In 2014 Chinese youth bowling open | bowling scores in 2014, the Chinese youth bowling open ended successfully at the Lang Mai bowling hall in Shanghai in from July 19th to 20th. The open competition was held by individuals, and there were adult group, youth group and children group. The following are the results of each group and the wonderful moments of the competition: 1, adult team performance two and junior team performance three and children's team performance competition moment and award ceremony:3 weeks ago, the Cincinnati tigers opened a strong 3 consecutive victory in the north of the United States in the United States. But the next few weeks a sudden change in the situation, they lost 2 games in the last week of strong dialogue, is the Indianapolis Colts in 27-0 shutout. The leading advantage in the division is now gone. A.J. Green cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (A.J. Green) in absence of injury to a large extent affected the tiger's attack, he is also doing his best to recover as soon as possible. Green said in an interview: "we did well before Hugh week, but we are like 'grain residue'. We have to ignore the interference of the outside world. I have a lot of confidence in our team. We didn't do it before, and it's time to lift the head up again. We must get back to the state and return to the true self. There are 10 games in the season, and we need to win at least 7 of them. we have never heard of people comparing their teams as "the residue of grain", but we can still understand that this is a criticism of the team. Since this week, the tigers are going to have 3 home games in a row. This week's opponent is the same district of Baltimore crow, the winner will temporarily lead the North District of the United States. In the past, when the tigers were in trouble, Green could always come forward. But this time, the tiger that lost Green was really stuck in the mire, and the team looked forward to Green's return as soon as possible to help the team start again.The official website of NFL | wide receiver Welker as the crow, dolphin guests | football coach Weiss Welker (Wes Welker) may have lost his career, but his career as a coach has just begun. , who used to play the new England patriots, the Denver wild horse and the Miami dolphin, spent two days this week as coach of Barr Di Mo crows. Welker appeared on Tuesday and Thursday to work with the crow's players in the team training. this is an opportunity for him to experience teaching, and John Harbaugh, the crow manager who threw the olive branch to Welker, said John Harbaugh. He obviously brings a lot to the team and can help our players. He has a lot of insight into his success and the style of playing. The most notable of is that Welker spent time training the Naval Academy quarterback, and the six round show Keenan Reynolds. The latter is trying to transfer to an outside hand. Welker has not announced his retirement, but he is exploring other possibilities before he has spent a day as the guest coach of the Miami dolphin. The dolphin manager, Adam - Gass (Adam Gase) was the offensive coordinator of the wild horse when Welker played the wild horse. , 35, can offer a lot of experience from a coach's point of view. As an unsuccessful newcomer to enter the alliance, he maximized his physical condition and field opportunities, and became the most reliable and excellent slot in the league. What road he chooses next is worth paying attention to.The official website of NFL | bronco vezha lining: ready to participate in the training camp | football was shot in the leg after six weeks, the Denver Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) walked some lame, but he plans to attend the training camp held at the end of this month. Talibu Monday to the Denver media said he feels great and run all the training and recovery. He also said he should be able to attend training camps. Talib may start training camp on a list of injuries that can't be on the field, but now it looks like he won't be hampered by the new season. Dallas police earlier this month released the investigation report of unknown suspect shot tower cloth. The report also pointed out that a gram of marijuana was found by the police, but no one was prosecuted. And the alliance is also investigating the matter, and tabib is likely to face a coalition punishment.

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