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even-even soccer equipment network Newcastle club official launched a new team in the 2015-16 season Away Jersey, Jersey and home court and second Jersey and elegant and plain lines, new away kit has on 90s century style patterns, to the club in the Premier League to achieve the best results, people advocating the idea of the offensive "artist" the era of honor. this weekend for the first time, the team will wear the new away kit with Monchengladbach in Germany in a friendly team.according to ESPN, free player identity defense front Howard Jones (Howard Jones) will visit the jet on Friday. did not offer him a free player contract because of the Tampa Bay pirates, so Jones entered cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the free market to test the water. In the new year, Jones contributed 5 times to the pirates, but the season was reimbursed for ACL tearing. for the rebuilt jet, if Jones can keep fit, he will be a great team to build a team. The ESPN reporter reported that Jones's recovery was "earlier than expected". Jones, a 27 year old, took 5 games in 8 games last season. He is most likely to serve as a 3-4 - position outside guard in the jet.The official website of NFL | Seahawk punter for baobuping | football kicker Sunday night race, the Seattle Seahawks almost dominated the game, they eventually to 35 to 6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, the game finished the Seahawks 600 yards forward, and successfully grab back to the League of nations home court advantage. but the Seahawks have a position performance not how their kicker Stephen Hauschka (Steven Hauschka), this season he became the history of the NFL second accurate kicker, but this game he missed 3 shot put. in the fourth quarter before the Seahawks opened the score of the three, missed playing led before the three defense pressure fans after the game on the net directly croaked damn Stephen hauschka! this tweet was Seahawk punter Joe Ryan (Jon Ryan) to see, he strongly defends his teammates, replied: if we want to discuss the kicker who is not the best, so please come to me. you think about the picture of Ryan, which is ready to wait for you to chat with the equipment.The official website of NFL | Jones hope that the new training field can hold their | football draft camp since 1987, NFL has made an annual survey of the venue of the show training camp. Now Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones), the boss of the Dallas cowboy, hopes his new training field will be the venue for future show camp. the training ground covers an area of 300000 square feet and is expected to open in 2018, with many hotels and medical centers nearby. At present, NFL and Indianapolis cooperation draft training camp to 2020, and Jones hope that the alliance can reconsider this choice. Although few people expressed complaints about Indianapolis's hosting service, Jones still insisted on negotiating with the league. Jones recently said in an interview: we have great ambitions, we get to know the sport commitment in northern Texas, for us, we hope to get more attention in American football, we will contribute to the alliance and our new relationship at any time. Stephen Jones (Stephen Jones) explained this: "whenever we pursue a thing, we will maintain an optimistic attitude. We hope to host a draft convention. We also have the strength to compete, because we have excellent training ground. if the league is really ready to leave Indianapolis, Dallas will be a good venue for the show.

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