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Adidas group in the Nordic region director Gavin · Thomson (Gavin Thomson) said: "I am proud to see the club of Waterford began to join the Adidas family from next season, in the past few seasons Waterford has written one of the biggest success stories of England football, I am glad to provide support for Adidas's top players and fans."Will Smith, a former New Orleans saints defender, was shot after a minor accident on Saturday night. Smith, a 34 year old, was shot by the other side after talking to the driver of his car, which led him to hit another car. Smith has several guns, and his wife is in the right leg. Smith died on the spot, and his wife was sent to the hospital, and her injury did not endanger life. police said the gunman Cadel Hayes (Cardell Hayes) has been arrested and two suspected of murder, his pistol has been found by the police. Police say they are still investigating t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he motives of Hayes's shooting and whether he and Smith know each other. , from Ohio State University's Smith, was selected by the saints at eighteenth in the 2004 draft. He worked for the saints in all 9 seasons of his career, and he finished his last season in 2012. In 2006, he was selected as a professional bowl and fourth of the 67.5 saints. He got the 13 highest capture of his career in the 2009 season of the saints' final victory. Smith was elected to the saint's Hall of fame last month, which was his first year of qualification. The official announcement has not been issued. on Sunday, Smith, a general manager of the saints' boss, made a statement with Smith's people and coaches, or expressed his condolences to Smith on twitter.The official website of NFL | dolphins general manager after the season as assistant coach of future | football Miami dolphins coach Joe Philbin (Joe Philbin) that he would return in 2015, according to NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) news, general manager of the team - Denis Hickey (Dennis Hickey) the location of the same security. But it's a different thing for the assistant coach. at a news conference on Monday, Philbin refused to respond to offensive coordinator Bill Lazo (Bill Lazor) and defensive coordinator Kevin Colyer (Kevin Coyle) in the future. I once again said that this question asked Stephen - Ross (Stephen Ross) better, he said. I won't talk about anyone's future. Stephen is our boss. although this silence can be interpreted as any meaning, is a stupid look when fired. The quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is at a critical stage in his career, and his growth is very important at this time. There is no doubt that putting him in another attack system will harm his progress. , as for Colyer, has to respond to the three - game dolphin in this season that has made more than 35 points in his opponent's attacking team or a match that propelling the number of more than 400 yards. His defense team may eventually be able to rank the top ten in the League (eighth), but the defense team's performance is not stable throughout the season. According to local media reports, Philbin at a press conference Monday repeatedly defended Colyer, and said he fully trust their assistant coach. Ross Philbin inevitably put in a difficult position. Although many people support the return of two assistant coaches, it is difficult for him to announce his decision without all the information. Now, at least two is now a very important work in the future is uncertain, and the coach can't make an answer. will he be told when he comes back that only changes can be made to satisfy the fans? If so, he let his right-hand man know as early as possible.NFL official website: do not choose | dolphins rookie quarterback and Tanzania in Hill | football competition 2016's NFL draft, Miami dolphins have 8 draft picks, but they don't seem to choose to find a new replacement for the first quarterback, Ryan Tani Hill (Ryan Tannehill). recently said a spokesman for the dolphins coach Adam - Gus (Adam Gase) is in love Tanzania Hill's performance, so we think we can rely on Hill to win in Tanzania, so we choose not to compete with his rookie quarterback. ?????????????????NFL??4?????????????????????????????????????????????8?8?????????????????????29?35????2015???????????4208????24?????????12???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? There were only a few quarterback in the League in the 2016 season without competition without pressure. At least the outside world believed that tanning Hill was not in it.

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