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Chelsea 2010-11 season shirt Chelsea Club officially announced the new season team jersey style today, New Jersey pioneering use of the collocation of black and orange, the whole shirt in black, orange and bright details, shirt design from the dense gradient stripe in the team jersey seven eight nine ten century shading, the period of Chelsea's the away kit is complicated, although controversial but also witnessed the team a classic moment. Chelsea will be the first to wear the New Jersey in August 4th, and they will play Hamburg in the pre - season friendly. let's take a look at Chelsea's 10-11 season home shirtAuthor: NFL official network analyst Elliot Harrison No.1 Patriot (11-3) = 1 at the end of the ups and downs of the Sunday night match, patriots leaned against two future Hall of fame players... And the NFL rule book won the game. I'm not here to discuss what is the ball, but Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowsk cheap nfl jerseys free shipping i) Gelon pass cooperation is absolutely epic, the pair since 2010 ravaged beyond count defense, he did not do the second poor tear. The quarterback - tight end Rivers cooperation like Philip (Phillip Rivers) and Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates) or Toni (Tony Romo) and by Jason Witten (Jason Witten). But let the Steelers in the final opportunity almost found the size promote the score...... Still have to say, grow a little heart. No.2 Viking (11-3) = 1Although dround than Carson (Carson Wentz) - Wentz, Keith Kenath, but (Case Keenum) this year's performance but favorably. Although he was the least known in the first quarterback lineup in the north, he had been seen as a substitute before, and last year he was more unmentioning in the ram. But in the face of the Cincinnati tiger this week, he was 23 in 20, 236 yards and 2, not copied. This code has been 10 pass fuck ah. Plus good defense...... This is a team that can compete for the Super Bowl! No.3 Steelers (11-3) felt after a game, the Steelers fans again strong spirits. Jesse - James (Jesse James) finger pick the ball steals has let people unbearable dispute the viscera tumbling ball without complete and regular season after the rest of the time to see Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) figure to combat is not small. I hope the playoffs Steelers will not encounter health problems, also hope that Brown is the last regular season this year lost star. No.4 Eagle (12-2) uh... Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) don't have to worry about it... What to worry about is other places. Although the whole world is concerned about not Wentz offensive team, but this week a fear is: Defense opponents on the pitch xiantingxinbu. If Fowles didn't win the four touchdown, the secret service team had to fight for all kinds of kicking, so Philadelphia might lose to one of the worst attacking teams this season. A strong offensive rams scored 35 points and acceptable, let a frontline soon put into history starting quarterback Gino - 〉the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) lost nearly 2 months of super bowl jerseys were found, is an international media reporter away. FBI and NFL for the team not only found Brady's super bowl jerseys, also found 2 years ago he was against the Seattle Seahawks jersey. U. S. time Monday news reports that the fiftieth session of the Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller) helmet or ball shoes is also taken by the same person. Brady's super bowl jerseys were valued 500000 U.S. dollars, he released two years ago, twitter said he also lost in Jersey after the loss, and Miller competition appliances are also lost, the three years of the Super Bowl an alarming fidelity.The 2015 season's top champion, the quarterback jenss Winston (Jameis Winston) visited Tampa Bay pirates on Tuesday local time. The former star of the Florida State University met with the pirate boss, and the pirates wanted to know Winston more fully. The results of the meeting will have a key impact on the selection of pirates in the draft convention. Winston said, "I spent 3 years in Florida and I like it very much. I will meet the challenges of the future. It is not important to be the champion, and the important thing is that I can join the alliance. I proved myself during college, I was a quarterback that could help the team win. Anyway, I'd be happy to be here. " The pirates will take number 1 in the new season's show conference, and their choice will determine who will be the top player in the 2015 season. The media and experts generally believe that the pirates are likely to choose a four - point guard to lead the team up. In addition to Winston, the former University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) is also the top candidate. The latter will meet with the pirates next month.

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