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The official website of NFL | Wencibi Bradford understand offensive tactics faster | football recently Philadelphia hawks training camp, we see Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) in the offensive tactical understanding couldn't catch up with the rookie Wentz (Carson Wentz) - Carson's footsteps. now two people are learning new attack tactics under the lead of the new attacking coach, Doug Pedersen (Doug Pederson). Pedersen commented: the two Wentz shows NFL level arm strength and precision, he moved in his pocket for enough time for yourself, it seems to go in front of the Bradford wentz. In fact, Eagle chose when Wentz draft, Bradford began his protest, perhaps voluntary training camp is just a start. if the situation may continue to do so sooner than we think Wentz will beco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping me the starting quarterback.NFL announced the fifty-third, fifty-fourth and fifty-fifth Super Bowl host on Tuesday at the spring Union conference. Atlanta, southern Florida and Losangeles are eligible for hosting, respectively. Atlanta hosted the fifty-third super bowl, this is the third time they held the super bowl for the first time in the present but is still under construction and is expected to become the new Mercedes Benz Atlanta Falcon home court stadium in 2017. "We think the Mercedes Mercedes stadium is an ideal place to host a super bowl," said Arthur Blank, the owner of the hawk, "Arthur Blank. "Thanks for the support of all the fans and the citizens." The Super Bowl in 2020 will return to South Florida for the first time in ten years. The Miami dolphin owner, Stephen Ross (Stephen Ross), invested more than $400 million for the refurbishment of the stadium, so they were eligible for hosting. Losangeles won't be surprised by the right to host the fifty-fifth Super Bowl in 2021. Roger Goodell, President of NFL, has said that the new stadium of Losangeles rams will be "not only for rams but also for Losangeles fans, but for NFL as a whole," Roger said. is clear to the NFL team owners. Building a stadium (or refurbishing the old stadium), the super bowl will come to the city where your team is located.The official website of NFL | Snoopy dog son joined the Lynch | football team. Snoopy (Snoop Dogg) - dog son (Cordell Broadus) - grams of Intel, since recently retired from University of California Losangeles campus football program, and try a NFL running back together for a new career. 's new project is to design beautiful men's underwear. The team is called PSD, and the founder of the team appraise him as a very creative young man. Another player of this team is from the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch), Lynch has been through the PSD team released their beast mode series products. Lynch explains why she supports PSD. I get several PSD underwear, they are very comfortable, so I decided to let my brand cooperate with them, so that my fans can cope with different situations and feel comfortable.The official website of NFL | Jamie - Brown: I encourage and support | Mansel Rugby lost the support of fans because of the poor performance of last season's field and field. But recently a hall of fame player expressed his support for Jonny Manziel (Johnny Manziel). Jamie Brown (Jim Brown) is never stingy to express his praise for her current team players. He said in an interview that Manzel needs to improve her personal ability in the off-season. He said, "I encourage him because he has his own way, which is a good sign. This is the best chance for him to succeed. Now that he has completed the treatment of alcohol, his future will be even more successful. Brown finally said: my encouragement and support for Manzel is very pure, because his progress can be seen every day. Brown had also said even if the former Heisman winner has been the party he will still love him. Now choose Mansel away from the urban area, and still complete the treatment, then all let us wait and see.

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