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Prospective NFL official website | NL wild card: Seahawks @ Vikings (offensive articles) | football Adrian - Pedersen finally returned to the team after the lifting of the ban, the Vikings again will attack the team as a fundamental base of pavement. The field is 138.2 yards of punching code digital column fourth, of course, most of which are AP's merit. There is a sharp contrast with the strength of pavement is attacking the Vikings offensive, the main force in the Tactic - Bree jiwote quarterback pass attempts in fewer cases, averaging 183 yards passing yards ranked last in the league. Compared to the last season, Bridji Wouter played a very mediocre role. He only had 14 passes in the season, ranking the last in all the season quarterback players. After thirty years of age Pedersen return again present their side road of the beast, for the entire season of 1485 yards rushing score again rushed the ball into the bosom of mawang. The attacking frontline headed by Joe Berg, the main force, is a good player for road coverage. It is clear that the league's +89.5 score is second. Since that attack would still have to talk about the Vikings worst passing attack, several wide receiver Stephen di Mike, gorgeous Wallace and Jia Reyes Wright Di gorgeous only rookie can show, this year's 5 round pick out over the fans to show a variety of fancy ball skills, a 5 round of this sign the Vikings make over. The main force near front Ke cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ll - Rudolf is the team's most stable catching point now, although the state is getting worse, but the feeling is still in. Viking people, want to walk farther in the playoffs, pass the ball attack can be long heart. through continuous exploration of the season, the Seattle Seahawks finally in the second half of the regular season to find their best way to attack, that is Russell - Doug - Baldwin, Wilson. From the beginning of the regular season for eleventh weeks, the 50 will Werwilson Baldwin as the pass target, while the latter caught 40 passes for 595 yards, 11 touchdowns and no interceptions. In this period, no quarterback could pass the ball as accurately as Wilson (83.5%). In the latter half of this round, Wilson broke 87.4 into the quarterback who scored fourth in the league this year, and his best partner Baldwin became the eighth best catcher in the league with 90.9 points. But the Seahawks in the first two seasons on the road attack, this season but has suffered a heavy blow, the beast horse Sean - Lynch, the poor state of this season, several consecutive season cumulative injuries to Lin rarely show again beast mode. And we have to wish him good luck when hernia surgery is coming back to the playoffs. In the days of Lynch were injured, the Seahawks and find a new weapon in the road attack, this year's unsuccessful rookie Thomas laurs with his younger strong body, opened a new chapter for the Seahawks road attack, single game 209 yards rushing performance to prove that he has a firm foothold in the league can 〉NFL official website: '| Gelon occupation need to change | football bowl the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) said in an interview that he expects the occupation bowl can make some changes. He stressed that his physical condition did not allow himself to go to Hawaii again after the end of the season. G Ron Kowski said the game might need to be changed. I mean, after the end of the whole season, after the end of the United States union champion, you still need to fly to Hawaii. At that time, I could not even walk down. I was hit about 20 times in the previous game. The professional bowl was originally a game for the best player in the league, but its competition and value have been disputed. In the past few years, the alliance has been trying to adjust the way the game is running, but the effect is not significant. Among them, the playing time of the professional bowl was more embarrassing for the players. As the league's best tight end, Gelon's absence 'regrettable, but from his point of view, health is more important than a game.The official website of NFL | Ryan ensure the saints defense can do better | football New Orleans saints defense in the first week bad performance, Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) led by the Atlanta falcons captured 568 yards, set the saints history. Last season the saints defended the first 5 in the league, but the first week of performance let Rob Ryan have to admit it was a disaster. The missing capture became the biggest problem in the first week, and the data showed that the team had 16 lost grabs all over the field. Ryan says it's a blow to the team, but it doesn't have to be flurried. He firmly believes that the team will work harder and, though not used to failure, must be used to bear failure. At the weekend, the saints will be one of the former hosts of battle Ryan, Brown, Cleveland. As a defensive coordinator, Ryan promised a strong rebound. Ryan says: we must stick to the good parts we do and continue to make progress in these areas. Playing is not a good memory, we have to fix the mistakes and try to do better. I wear. Look at it! The team will go on! Brown's lack of a gifted attack team will help the saints to rebound to some extent. On the other hand, if the saints defense group to continue the struggle, rookie running back Terrence West (Terrance West) and Chloe Will (Isaiah Crowell) - Isaias will have the opportunity to burst.The official website of NFL | Falcon outside took over the team goal: 30 PPG in | football scored 37 points in the team's first attack against New Orleans saints in the first week of the offensive team. The Atlanta Falcon took the Roddy White (Roddy White) to show that the team's 2014 season's task is to win 30 points. that's our goal, White told ESPN.com. From the start of the rest season to the training camp, we always tell ourselves that we get 30 points per game. That's what we want to do. What I want to tell you is that it's hard to get 30 points at NFL. I think we have good players to do that. With White in the side, Julio - Jones (Julio Jones), Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) and surprisingly active German - Hester (Devin Hester) under the condition of quarterback Matt Ryan of the ball goal to get so many points to if his line to protect him. according to the statistics of ESPN data, 12 teams have scored or exceeded 30 since 2004. All the teams are in the playoffs except one team. Only Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the 2013 season had scored more than 30 (37.9) in the Denver wild horse. The falcons scored only 22.1 points in the last season, but the midfield in Jones's 5 games rose to 28.2. The falcons faced the Cincinnati tigers this week as one of the most interesting duel. In the new defensive coordinator Paul - Gunther (Paul Guenther) helm, tiger group play excellent good defensive start, the first week of the game only to Baltimore crow to get 16 points. But they pushed the crow attack group up to 420 yards. The Falcon's defensive team is still a problem, so the attacking team won more points this week and the whole season to win. If you want to enter the playoffs falcon, 30 goal should not be to do but tell some fantastic tales.

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