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The Cincinnati tigers got good news on Monday to let them down. team A.J. Green (A.J. Green) was injured during a 12-16 defeat to Buffalo Bill and was sent out of the field. There are reports that Green started a hamstring tear, but it is reported that he suffered a hamstring strain, and without surgical treatment. He may be absent for several weeks. coach Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) said on Monday that Green's mobile situation after injury was better than expected. He hopes Green can return at the end of the season. but is there any meaningful competition for the tigers when Green is ready to return? is currently 3 wins and 6 losses 1 tigers in the American League ranked thirteenth, but in the American League North Baltimore crow and Pittsburgh Steelers behind only 1.5 field. The tiger will be in the next game to challenge the crow, then against Philadelphia eagles, Cleveland Steelers and Brown. if we take the Green away from the match in the second attack, since Green entered the league in 2011, in his absence, the tigers record is 1 wins, 3 losses, 1 draws. Giovanni Bernard (Giovani Bernard) (knee anterio cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r cruciate ligament tear, season) and the absence of Green, has weakened tiger attack group on quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton), ran Wei Jie, Hill (Jeremy Hill) - Remy and rookie wide receiver Taylor Boyd (Tyler Boyd at the same time they have to) score, seize the hope gradually decreased in the playoffs. ?The (Arian Foster) - Forster Obrien Houston getting better, Dezhou coach Bill (Bill O Brien) expressed in local time in an interview on Wednesday, the team will play the Atlanta falcons whether to arrange before the start of the game in the decision. Forster's situation was renewed on Friday local time, and the NFL official reported that Forster was very likely to meet the first season of the season this week. last week Paowei Alfred Bruce (Alfred Blue) the ball 31 times for 139 yards with a touchdown and. Even if Forster can come out, bru will still have the time to come. The Dezhou coaching team had previously said Forster needed all training before he came out. Dezhou did not start well, and the team wanted the professional bowl Forster to return to the team as soon as possible. His comeback will provide an essential change to the team's attack team.Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) in the 2014 draft, in the first round pick off guard Marcus - Smith (Marcus Smith). But so far, Smith has only got 59 games. In last week's match, the eagle was defeated at Green Bay Packers with a huge difference of more than 30 points. After losing the suspense, it would be a great opportunity to exercise the limited rookies, but Smith still didn't get the chance to play. was asked about the question, and Kelly gave the answer: "he needs to be consistent in training, to stand firm and not to give up." Kelly has been whipping the rookies throughout the season, and the speech proved that Kelly was dissatisfied with Smith's performance in training. Smith failed to get a chance in the first 2 weeks of the season and has never been able to get more than 18 games in any of the games. Last week, only 3 of the Seahawks squad did not play, Smith is one of them. Even during the injury of the same player, refused to give Smith a chance to play. "He has to prove himself to the coach and let the coach believe he can make a contribution on the spot," Kelly said.| male handball games undefeated Championship preliminaries Jiangsu hand | finals to determine | hand Association map is the site of the Twelfth National Games men's handball event Luca in April 28th, the Twelfth National Games men's handball preliminaries conducted at the end of the day, the Jiangsu team in the championship victory over the Guangdong team won the championship, won the runner up in Guangdong. In the battle of championship, Jiangsu team and Guangdong team had reached the summit to win the match. Jiangsu team laughed at the end and defeated Guangdong by 32-24. Thus, the team won the first prize and the Guangdong team was runner up. The season was fought between Shandong and Shanghai, as Shandong defeated Shanghai by 27-21, and Shanghai had fourth. four more games to the PLA 26-24 victory over the Beijing team won the fifth place, Beijing team won sixth place; 45-30 Tianjin team defeated the Hongkong team, Hongkong team won the seventh, ranked eighth; Anhui team won the ninth to 39-24 victory over Tibet, the Tibet team ranked tenth; 36-33 Sichuan team beat Shanxi, won the eleventh prize the Shanxi team won the twelfth place. failed to enter the qualifying team of Macao to get thirteenth. Twelfth National male hand round ranking so far all announced, is as follows: Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, people's Liberation Army, Hongkong, Anhui, Tibet, Sichuan, Shanxi, Macao, one of the top eight won the national finals qualification. The results of the twelfth men's finals of the National Games were also announced. Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin were divided into A group, Guangdong, Shandong, the Liberation Army and Hongkong were divided into B group. (information provided / Chinese Handball Association Yao Feng editor / Liu Xiangqian) attached: April 28th competition results Shanxi - Sichuan 33-36 Anhui - Tibet 39-24 Hongkong - Tianjin 30-45 Liberation Army - Beijing 26-24 Shandong - Shanghai 27-21 Jiangsu - Guangdong 32-24 Twelfth National Games men's hand contest title: Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, the Liberation Army, Beijing, Tianjin, Hongkong, Anhui, Tibet, Sichuan, Shanxi, Macao Twelfth National Games 〉

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