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NFL official issued a notice to the New York giants on Wednesday local time. Their main player Josh Brown (Josh Brown) will be banned for violating the league's personal behavior management regulations. It's not clear which rule Brown has violated, but it seems to be linked to his domestic violence last year, according to a lover. Brown can still participate in the team training and the following three preseason games, but he can't be placed in the team's activation list until the end of the fourth season of the pre-season match and the match of the first season against cowboys in September 11th. Brown has always been famous for his stability and is a stable scoring weapon for the giant. He hit 30 shots in 32 shots in the last season. then Brown made a statement in response to the ban. "Although I don't agree with the punishment, I will accept it. After all, the cumbersome appeal process is really annoying me. I can't find any othe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r ways to lift the ban. I will continue to make every effort to contribute to this team. I have enough confidence in my teammates, and I will focus on the match as soon as possible. also said to this giant Ben Ben McAdoo: "we are always and will be a solid backing for Brown, but we will accept the punishment of the alliance." this offseason, proximal Coby fleener front (Coby Fleener) from the Indianapolis saints pony to New Orleans, his arrival of veteran Benjamin Watson (Benjamin Watson) flight. In recent days the mini training camp, he has become a team ace four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) is one of the most favorite ball, Bracey in his praise, and at the same time the expression of performance for the new season vrina expectations. Bracey said in an interview: "last year, because we have to play the AFC South team, so I read a lot about vrina video, my eyes always cannot do without him, constantly laments the young man get rid of extraordinary defensive ability, he can always find space, always ran to the right ball position." According to reports, vrina in this week's 7 to 7 and 11 to 11 of the total training was caught 8 passes, one of the 6 times, the number and the team head No. two receiver Blanding (Brandin Cooks) and Wiley Cousteau Snyder (Willie Snead) flat. Although the training data of June does not explain how many problems, but at least it represents Bracey vrinat for trust. Bracey is also optimistic about the vrina will continue to progress, he said: "as we practice more and more time, he will be our offense and I understand the ideas constantly, I want him to know what place in what time running, I will know when and where to pass the ball he, at that time no matter who will not guard him. He has 6 feet, 5 or 6 feet, 6 so high, so a lot of the ball only he can connect, others can't get it. " The official website of NFL | Adam - Jones: Green or Beckham | than small strong Rugby New York giant's Odell Beckham Jr. (Odell Beckham Jr.) broke out in the rookie season, but the Cincinnati tiger tiger Adam Jones and Jones himself thought A.J Green was in front of Beckham. in a recent interview, Jones said: Beckham, there are still many things to do is to go beyond A.J, Green immediately entered the fourth year, his play is continued for 4 years, so Beckham need to find a way to ensure that the duration can reach the height of Green. Green is about fifth years' career and is regarded as an elites. He has contributed 1000 yards each season in the last 4 seasons, and he finished 1041 yards in the absence of 3 games in the 2014 season. Beckham 4 games because of injuries and missed his rookie season, but his amazing efficiency, the ball 91 times to finish 1305 yards forward and 12 touchdowns, including the hit single catch. The key is that he is only 22 years old.The official website of NFL | rams rookie Robinson will play multiple positions in football offensive attack | The Saint Louis rams' new rookie Gray Robinson (Greg Robinson) will be at the same time as the attacking and protecting fronts. Robinson is mainly in the position of cutting front, of course, versatile, of course, will add a lot of points. He confessed that it was a bit difficult to play 2 places at the same time. Before the rams have a left Jiefeng Lang Jack (Jake Long) and guard Roger Safford (Rodger Saffold) due to injury, is now being restored. Although the two are likely to take part in the third pre - season in Cleveland, Robinson is still the main fighting force. Robinson joined the rams for 2 seasons at the Auburn University. He was the second young player in the training camp. Young is his advantage, he will mature in the original position, but it looks like he is ready to take 2 positions at the same time.

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