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The official website of NFL | Steelers safety: we have personally tested the level of | football Berg MAGOTAN at ninth and tenth weeks in Pittsburgh last week, but the Steelers ferocious firepower gutter capsize, lost to the New York jets. At present, the federal district competition, four teams winning percentage was above 50%, if you want to win the Steelers United North first and second half of the season is not lost. this week, they will be in the game against the Tennessee Titans week night, the Steelers needed a victory to reverse the decline. Titan has been basically and in the playoffs, the team losing streak in the struggle, rookie quarterback Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN the occupation career first two starting performance is not satisfactory, in the face of Steelers he couldn't go down. But the historical record for MAGOTAN Berg is not optimistic, since 2004, in the face of the Steelers rookie quarterback record is 2 wins and 15 losses. main tour guard Mike Michel Steelers (Mike Mitchell) said this week will give Steelers MAGOTAN look at the Berg color, we have to look at what level of Berg magotan. Michel said in an interview. Last week Berg in the first game of MAGOTAN stunning performance, 15 minutes before the completion of 5 times more than 15 yards passing, but the second half in Baltimore came under pressure at the brutality of the crow never showed. Berg in his pocket to protect MAGOTAN can play very good perform cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ance is good, so this week in the Steelers pass to impact next time.the first week of the season, when Payton Manning led the Denver Broncos 31 to 24 victory over the Indiana colts, he became the 32 team to beat all second quarterback NFL history. and this week, Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) will be expected to enter the club. The Monday night game against the Baltimore saints will home court crow crow team, team is Bracey's 14 season the only team didn't win the team (he was in the 2004 season as San Diego lightning quarterback beat the saints). Brisbane week in an interview with the official team crow said: "I am very clear, I played in 03, 06 and 10 seasons with the team crow. Thank you for reminding. " The news on the Internet has also spread. The crow's official twitter was released: "the Baltimore crow is the only team that Bracey hasn't won." Bracey in the 3 game against the team crow, passing 136 times 81 times with 920 yards and 6 touchdowns, but 7 interceptions. Bracey also confessed that the difficulty was not small: "we don't care who I play, and I want to get it every time." It's hard to win every team, however. " Indeed, they in the recent 2 week even in their own home court in the ratio of 24 to 27, 10 than 27 lost to San Francisco 49 team and the Cincinnati bengals. If the game failed again, they will be the first time since 2001 at the Superdome stadium losing streak. crow team - Saggers Terrell (Terrell Suggs) in an interview this is a contemptuous disregard: "did I not tell them? They are the weakest. " and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has been defeated in the new England patriots from all 31 teams, unless the Patriots traded him, otherwise he should not join the record list. Michael Vick (Michael Vick) to finish the record need to win over the Green Bay Packers, new England patriots and the Seattle seahawks.The official website of NFL | Sherman hopes to become an Olympic sport | NFL Football he has a Super Bowl champion ring and he is considered one of the best defensive players in NFL. But Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) wants more. the Seattle Seahawks cornerback hope that he and his companions were able to show their ability to the world. I really want American football to be an Olympic event. It's very cool to be able to play in the Olympic Games. We will be a difficult team to defeat, Sherman said on Saturday in twitter. I know this will never happen, he said later. It's just a cool idea. as a result of the United States' dominance in this sport, American football as an Olympic event may never happen. In addition, only a few countries really have American Football League. Imagine the world every four years to see an American basketball dream team in 1992.Mid base |2016 World Softball day activities and the Beijing sports conference Softball Tournament the eighth softball competition and World Softball Day celebration of the Beijing sports conference were held in Lucheng sports technology school, Beijing in June 19, 2016. the tournament hosted by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Beijing Sports Federation, China Softball Association guidance, Beijing Softball Association (Beijing City Sports School) contractors, adhering to the Beijing municipal sports meeting advocated I'm happy to participate my wonderful healthy spirit, and follow the World Softball advocate happy softball, theme of wisdom of life, let the children in the sunshine sports, focusing on participation, health and happiness principle, attracted a total of the city's primary and secondary schools, social groups, more than 6 athletes participated in one thousand Wubaiyu detachment. this competition is divided into two major items: competitive softball (fast throw) and soft softball. In each large item, 21 groups are set up according to different situations. The tournament was held in June 18 to 26, which lasted 4 days, a total of four division, respectively, more than 150 games, and eventually decide the championship ranking groups. to participate in the activities of the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song softball department leaders, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, Sports Association, Sports Bureau, youth, the athletic competition Center leadership, retired and active duty Chinese national team coaches and players and more than a dozen media. is celebrating the critical moment of softball returning to the Olympic Games. This World Softball Day celebration is also a return to the Olympic family for baseball and softball. Since 2008, softball has entered the era of post Olympic Games. Softball players have been striving to expand, broaden their minds and forge ahead, and have added softball and slow throw softball for different ages. In recent years, under the correct leadership of China Softball Association and the untiring efforts of Beijing Softball Association, more children in Beijing area have already known softball, like softball and enjoy softball. Slow pitch softball has also been recognized by the public, and everyone enjoys the pleasure of galloping on the softball arena. Beijing city sports meeting provides us participation and display platform, more and more social groups, clubs, schools and universities team recognition, number of participants from more than 300 dozen teams increased to nearly 1500 people this year, more than 60 teams, more fans with the opportunity to experience the softball sport charm and happiness. At the same time, the Beijing Softball Association is also harvested in the promotion and popularization. softball is to train the students "softball based competitive softball reserve talents in a project development in recent years has entered the classroom, through let more children understand softball, baseball, softball, and let the children contact with a return to the sunshine sports, in teamwork.

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