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Q: "let's move our thoughts to the FA Cup Finals again. In such an important competition, we can score a key goal for a team that we dreamed of at childhood. Can you describe how it feels for us?"The official website of NFL | Falcon outside took over the team goal: 30 PPG in | football scored 37 points in the team's first attack against New Orleans saints in the first week of the offensive team. The Atlanta Falcon took the Roddy White (Roddy White) to show that the team's 2014 season's task is to win 30 points. that's our goal, White told ESPN.com. From the start of the rest season to the training camp, we always tell ourselves that we get 30 points per game. That's what we want to do. What I want to tell you is that it's hard to get 30 points at NFL. I think we have good players to do that. With White in the side, Julio - Jones (Julio Jones), Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) and surprisingly active German - Hester (Devin Hester) under the condition of quarterback Matt Ryan of the ball goal to get so many points to if his line to protect him. according to the statistics of ESPN data, 12 teams have scored or exce cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eded 30 since 2004. All the teams are in the playoffs except one team. Only Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the 2013 season had scored more than 30 (37.9) in the Denver wild horse. The falcons scored only 22.1 points in the last season, but the midfield in Jones's 5 games rose to 28.2. The falcons faced the Cincinnati tigers this week as one of the most interesting duel. In the new defensive coordinator Paul - Gunther (Paul Guenther) helm, tiger group play excellent good defensive start, the first week of the game only to Baltimore crow to get 16 points. But they pushed the crow attack group up to 420 yards. The Falcon's defensive team is still a problem, so the attacking team won more points this week and the whole season to win. If you want to enter the playoffs falcon, 30 goal should not be to do but tell some fantastic tales.Detroit lions running back Amir Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) last year in the second round of the team was selected, the excellent state immediately on the season, 3 games 12 games to punch the ball can get total 82 code number, the average number of more than 6 yards rushing yards, showing the amazing explosive. And his first touchdown in the regular season has successfully completed more than 20 yards. Such a performance has also led people to believe that the lion has finally found a reliable running guard. Unfortunately, the rookie wall and good times don't last long, hit the lion dilapidated offensive front line for the second half of the season Abdullah very dispirited, he also love problems and also show off the ball. But even so, the male lion manager Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) still thinks Abdullah will be able to break out in the next season. Caldwell in the NFL annual meeting said: "to say that the team can achieve the greatest progress in the next season, Abdullah is undoubtedly the first choice." I think he can get better this year. He was in a steady state last year, but I think he's going to be a lot more stable this year. " although Deweier has high expectations for Abdullah, it does not mean that Abdullah's prospects are really good. He had as many as 5 shots in a limited number of games last season, and it was hard to get a steady start when the shortcoming was not corrected in time. In addition, he was also poor in passing protection, which was the place he needed to improve.Longmarch bowling 2014 series open 10 month game time: October 18th night at 19:30! | BowlingThe 2014 series Longmarch bowling tournament will be held on October 18th (Saturday) evening at 19:30 exactly! In the month of the month (including the applicant who has been paid), you can enjoy the 10 points of the quarter, and take part in the three time to qualify for the final. You are welcome to sign up for the competition. 2014 open Longmarch bowling series competition aim: to promote bowling and provide a platform for Chinese and foreign bowling enthusiasts to compete and communicate. competition time: month / season: third Saturday at 19:30 per month (March, June, September, December for season) annual final: 18:30 on December 20, 2014 (no season in December, the month of the month is the annual finals time) Venue: , 288 Minhang gymnasium, Minhang District New Town Road, Shanghai qualification and registration fee: month: 80 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. season: 100 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. The rules of the game: 〈br 1. contestants sign up and leave the contact way. An added player needs to show a valid identity card. The 2. competition uses the exchange channel and opens the foul. Draw a draw to determine the race track. If the ball is displaced, reset the bottle. The ball is not valid after the ball has gone out of the ball. The bottle is not valid when the machine is touched by the machine. The other rules refer to the rules of the FIQ competition. The 3. month and season use the total score of 3 games. The result of the month is not brought into the season. In a match won "quarter entry points" 10 points (two to 20) in the quarter match score. The 4 final total score system is adopted in the 4. final. The results of the month and season are not in the final of the year. The annual score is included in the final score of the annual final. Rules of calculation: the total score of the 4 games in the final + annual competition points of the year. 5. annual score (included in the final score of the annual final) The number of entries integral The number of entries

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