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To commemorate the first fifty years ago (1967) the cannon badge appeared on the club shirt for the first time, and the white cannon was skillfully introduced after the collar of the new ball. as before, the New Jersey with Puma in the front and back of the ACTV Thermo-R technology, to help the players to keep the optimal temperature in movement. The unique phase change material is used in the motion stick of the inside of the shirt, which absorbs excess heat and releases it back into the body. Sticking to the body can also play a micro massage effect on the skin, help athletes play the best level, and provide athletes with faster and more effective energy supply.San Francisco 49 team recently morale almost stumbled, and today they are half the leading case by the Seattle Seahawks reversed, eventually to two weeks again after cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 7:17. The main team is Disasters pile up on one another., running back Frank Gore (Frank Gore) had a concussion in a collision in the second quarter, forced to leave. is Gore helped a team of 49 people in the first half lead 7:3, 13 minutes and 22 seconds left in the second quarter, the strong San Francisco team of 49 people in the Seahawks 10 yard line 4 stalls 1 yards, Gore not only out of the first attack line, and the team won the game done in one vigorous effort as the only touchdown. but soon after, in order to cover the whole guard Bruce - Miller (Bruce Miller), Gore and Bobby - Wigner line Haiying (Bobby Wagner) occurred abruptly collision, but Miller did not live up to Gore's betrayal, one out of 22 yards. Gore took the ball 11 times in the first half, pushing 29 yards.from bad to the level of the hall of fame play, this is the week - Winston (Jameis Winston) demis changes in the eyes of the public. in the first week of the Tampa Bay pirates show Bangyan Marcus - (Marcus Mariota) Mario Kobita led the Tennessee Titans easily beat. But at the end of the game on Sunday, Winston showed his calmness and efficiency. In the match against the New Orleans saints, his 21 pass completed 14 passes, 207 yards, 1 passes and 1 runners. Especially in the third quarter when the counter defensive pressure to complete a 54 yard pass. teammate Lewis Murphy said: "obviously, Winston must be the top champion. He is the first in the rookie. He will have a great career and he will accomplish the great feat. I believe he can enter the hall of fame." (Louis) You will not let the horse draw the horse, and he is the horse that can pull us forward, and he will be more and more good. "The official website of NFL |49 quarterback Capet Nick was placed in the injured reserve list | football The 2015 season of Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) ended unexpectedly on Saturday. 49 in San Francisco announced that they will put in the injured reserve list and Capet Nick from the training group promoted quarterback Dylan Thompson (Dylan Thompson) to enter the list. Capet Nick was listed as a left shoulder injury in the team's eleventh - week list of injuries and may be fighting. He was injured in the fourth week, but first started the four games. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported that Capet Nick was going to undergo a left shoulder operation. Capet Nick was disparaged in ninth weeks as a substitute, and Blaine Gabbert became the first quarterback. The manager, Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula), said he wanted Capet Nick to take a step back. The general idea at the time was that Capet had a chance to retake the first place. The opportunity has gone away and he will only watch Gabot lead the team in the rest of the season. Capet Nick signed a contract that had little impact on the team's salary cap in 2014, allowing 49 to give up his 28 year old. His $13 million 900 thousand salary in 2016 will not be a guarantee until April 1st. Capet Nick did not perform well in the quarterback protection network this season, his pass is short of precision and sense of hand, and his field of vision is very problematic. , if the team can give up the contract, this is probably the last time we saw the 2012 season's breakthrough performance and helped the team enter the Super Bowl quarterback in 49 people.

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