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The official website of NFL | sail Moore was attacked after the Raiders trading team | football on Friday U.S. time, Oakland Raiders linebacker will own sail Moore (Sio Moore) transactions to Indianapolis pony, in exchange for a sixth round draft pick. And our 25 year old player seems to be dissatisfied with the old club. when the Raiders coach Jack Deere (Jack Del Rio) Rio Moore was asked about the deal when he said that he is very happy, because Moore went for something, he says he can't and we together as a team, he will have a harvest in there, we feel happy for this. We have the identity of 2 free agent linebacker players, they are playing well, two draft players are playing well, we let the ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Armstrong) regression line guard position, the other players do, obviously we need now is a need to pick, etc. make a choice. just finished shortly after the interview. Moore wrote a Twitter: you made a bed of yourself, you'd better lie on your own and cover the quilt, because it will get very col cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d soon. Ha-ha?? Obviously this twitter refers to the Raiders, and Moore's unique way of expressing himself is happy to fight for a team with the strength of the playoffs. but don't forget that Moore was the guy who had lost his first win last season, because of his one - time celebration. And as the third round of the draft, he failed to help the raider's defensive team progress.The official website of NFL | Olsen sold his collection of Bumblebee charity football | Carolina Panthers players seem to love their cars, linebacker Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis) is a 1975 Chevrolet, cam Newton (Cam Newton) has a black version of the 1970 Greg Olsen - the scimitar (Greg Olsen) to find a place for your collection. us time on Thursday, Olsen announced that it would auction his own 1969 version of the bumblebee. He did it not to make money, but to make a donation to the heart research institute. It is reported that Olsen's son has been diagnosed as a congenital cardiovascular disease. the purpose of the fund is to help young children with heart disease., most of the NFL quarterback want to avoid all costs to avoid Houston, Dezhou J.J. J.J. J.J. Watt, but jemis Winston is not there. For some reason, the Tampa Bay pirate new rookie quarterback is actually looking forward to facing Watt this season. When was recording a program for NFL official website, Winston was asked about who he was most looking forward to facing in the 2015 season, and he gave an unexpected answer. "The most likely player I'd like to face was J.J. watts," Winston said. "I think we will go to Houston in third weeks to play with them. It would be an interesting duel. " Winston must be different from our definition of "fun", because the four match doesn't sound very interesting when Watt is knocked down. Trying to face Walter sounds more like a violent movie than a person actually says. in the four seasons of NFL, Watt got 295 tackles, 57 tackles, 37 passes, 12 times to win and the best defensive player of the year. 's horrible thing is that Watt is likely to perform better this season. The defensive end this offseason has been in a training every day and eat the egg in the log cabin number may be higher than some small farms produce more. (a reporter reported that Watt had 10 eggs at breakfast) as for Winston, the rookie still has just three months to prepare for Watt, in the three months he wants to prove that he is on the ground.The official website of NFL | Raiders Coach: "bleeding" Alliance for overreaction | football Oakland Raiders coach Jack - Del Leo (Jack Del Rio) does not support the alliance because deflation door event for the new England Patriots quarterback Brady and Tom (Tom Brady) of the punishment, and the punishment and that NCAA in the investigation of Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) after his alma mater University of Southern California compared to heavy penalties. , from my point of view, there is a similarity between the two events, that is, overreaction. This college coach, who was selected as the best lineup of the lineage in, was elected before the ceremony of the hall of fame of University of Southern California. I think it's a little over, but now it's the problem of others. Del Leo also said that NFL should not warn the quarterback not to move to the ball in the future. He thought that a lot of passing and attacking helped NFL get an unprecedented welcome. Everyone understands that the quarterback wants to prepare the ball in the way he likes, why not? Del Rio said. They pass these balls. One reason why this sport is so popular is that players like Payton (Peyton Manning) and Brady are able to pass the ball according to their own way. since 2000s, twice led the team won the national championship for seven consecutive years and won the Pac-10 alliance and BCS Bowl champion and also this week in University of Southern California Hall of fame of the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) support alliance game ball is deflated: nobody wants to want someone when you play profits are so the players and fans, so they in this incident properly after follow up,

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