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Headquartered in New York,of the new England patriots run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) to create a record in team history in the United States Sunday the end of the game. in the game he completed a 1 yard touchdown run with the ball, it became his fifteenth touchdown, also created a new season record, after completion of the single season team patriot 14 touchdowns player is hall of Fame star Curtis - Martin (Curtis Martin Martin) in 1995 and 1996 were completed in a single season record of 14 touchdowns. Blount's 1 yard ball helped t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he team lead 10 to 3 at that time, and this season is also his career high. Before Sunday, he scored 1029 yards in the league's fifth place. on a complete single season 15 touchdowns running back or Forster (Arian Foster) - Ariane, that was in 2012. The official website of NFL | Haiying line two generals to return to training | football Seattle Seahawks this week came the good news, the team left Jiefeng Russell Okun (Russell Okung) and center Marx (Max Unger) - ong has returned to team training, two people are expected to play with the Saint Louis rams in the regular season finale this week. Okun to participate in all training projects, insiders revealed that the basic can be sure he will be in the lineup this week. He had been absent from last week's match because of his lung contusion. He continued to be plagued by the ankle injury, which led him to 5 consecutive games. The team is currently faced with the choice, let Unger by adjusting the state of the game, or arrange him to rest in a more healthy state for the playoffs. The team revealed that the team could wait until the start of the game to make a decision. in addition to this, the team is in good condition. Marshawn Lynch, the Marshawn Lynch, has returned to training and will start out this week without any accident. The only bad news is over Jermaine (Jermaine Kearse), Kiel still suffered a hamstring injury, he will miss this week's game.Minnesota Vikings new stadium will open to the public a week later, but there is a big problem at the stadium. The stadium is likely to encounter a large number of migratory birds. environmentalists have informed the stadium builder that the glass shape of the stadium is likely to attract the attention of a large number of birds. Their impact on the wall may cause a lot of deaths. But Leicester - President of the Vikings (Lester Bagley) said Le Bagh stadium workers so far did not find a similar situation. The Vikings have now invested 300 thousand dollars in a 3 year study to ensure that such potential tragedies are eliminated. Viking in August 28th in the new stadium stadium for the first time bank of America completed their pre-season game, against the San Diego lightning.

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