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The official website of NFL, the general manager will be the Lakers rookie Balby Brady and Rodgers, football nest tiger news June 25th NFL rarely saw the player's father would like Lawal - Bauer (LaVar Ball) as well as his own son Ryusuke propaganda. Bauer (Lonzo Ball) - Ryusuke in a few days before the NBA draft by the Losangeles Lakers selected to become the show bangyan. Lawal has made great waves in the media before the draft. He claims his son has been better than MVP Stephen Stephen Curry. soon Lakers general manager rob Palin (Rob Pelinka) also published his own praise. On Friday, he made one of the greatest Bowlby two NFL history quarterback. I do not say many words of love, love do not say many words, Palin said on the ESPN card. What I think really concerns us is that we know that his talent is too common. He passes the way and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) as a gift. Obviously he has a gift, which he is lucky to have. Although obviously has an overall Ryusuke ability, he is averaging 14.6 points and 7.6 assists and 6 rebounds, lead the University of California at Los Angeles into the NCAA playoffs 16 - he distance Brady and Rodgers's achievement is far worse. Brady won fifth Super Bowl Champions this year, while Rodgers kept the quarterback record. And Rodgers won the Super Bowl once. Although may be a while before Ryusuke won the championship, but his father does not thi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nk so. Lo Bauer will bring the Lakers into the playoffs in the rookie season. Lawal said. Brady and Rodgers would almost certainly enter the playoffs, but we have for Bauer and the Lakers have not so sure. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer (Cody Latimer) rookie season was very disappointing. As the two round show of last year's show, Latimer took only 2 times in the rookie season to get 23 yards. But this year, the situation may be quite different. The Mustang is the new coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) evaluation, said he saw Latimer progress in off-season training. "I'm really excited about what he can bring to the team, and I know he's much better than it started," Kubiak said. "I'm so excited to be able to go on." Kubiak the entire season in talking about Latimer, he also said that last year before the draft Baltimore crow evaluation of Latimer is very high, while it is Kubiak crow's offensive coordinator. In Germany - Thomas Maris (Demaryius Thomas) last week signed before the contract has been absent from offseason training, Latimer more time with quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) training with first attack squad. Now Mustang must see such a training performance that can be transformed into a performance that he lacks in the new season.The official website of NFL | Bill team with snowmobiles connected by plane | football players , because Bill is arriving in Detroit on Friday night and is beginning to resume training. So they have to take some unique measures to ensure that their players can go to the airport. Mike - Roda (Mike Rodak) of ESPN reported that because most of the players were trapped in a snowstorm, the team had to send a snowmobile to pick them up. They finally got the 53 players, and on the way to Detroit. this week after the blizzard, the huge buffalo prohibit driving, because some of the local snow thickness reached nearly 2.4 meters! , but not everyone can be lucky enough to take the motorcycle and take the Chris Chris Hogan. Chris sends herself to the Ralph Wilson stadium. and why don't you use a dog to pull a sleigh, at least he can take the helm by himself. Perhaps, he has his St. Bernard sent out to help those who can not go to the people of Detroit.Before the release in the period of the strength of the standings, small first to Kanguan to apologize. Because of the computer motherboard burning, the small editor has not been available for two weeks, and last week the strength of the list also stranded. Although there was only a few hours to start from the opening battle of the seventh week, Xiaobi could not wait to start writing the strength list today when he took the repaired computer. I hope you can understand, Xiaobian next week will ensure power list sent to you in the first time. well, sixth weeks but there were many stories, the strength of the standings teams also will rise and fall. The first game of the week was a big drop. The five war hawk, New Orleans, was suppressed by the saints and gave the first defeat, and the falcons fell to sixth on the strength. And stood in front of them this week overtime win over Brown's Denver broncos. If the defense is too awesome, Mustang would have sent the first defeat, after all, Payton - Manning has been in the career years can get 6 wins to start the season is really rare. But the seventh week rest Mustang will face the severe test of the Green Bay Packers in eighth weeks. It is not known whether Manning who has been resting for two weeks can resurrect the blood and lead the team forward. The biggest highlight of the week comes from the Carolina panther. In the face of the playoffs last season eliminated their Seahawks, Panther revenge, to those who think that just because of the schedule to the advantage of the Panther unbeaten people face more than five finger print, Xiao Bian also silently touched the face. The Panther rose 3 in the fourth place. The first three is still occupied by unbeaten patriots, packers and tigers. jet for cardinals surprise fall to seventh. And let the Cardinals lose not le Wayne Baer, nor the Steelers excellent receivers, but the Steelers defense group three or four Steelers Janice M. Vidal Delhi - Jones and has been criticized. With the Steelers victory over the cardinals, rose to eighth. The Cardinals fell to ninth. The Viking chief of the Viking, who took two weeks of rest, gave his opponent five consecutive defeats and grabbed tenth. In 's Monday night competition, the Philadelphia Eagle succeeded in laughing at the end. The two winning streak rose 7, most of the week, occupying eleventh. And the defeated giant dropped out of the first ten, and came to fourteenth. Section fourth is now actually reverse the Seahawks Panthers has made only two wins and four losses record. Even the optimistic commentators also have to reconsider the orientation of the Seahawks this season. The strength of the standings, lost three games and did not let the Seahawks drop too much, but this is like a free fall, soon after the first slow, the fourth defeat of the Seahawks directly to a decrease of 7, to sixteenth place. ranked 12 teams in the final, experienced a coaching change adjustment dolphins bounced back, beat the titans. Dezhou people, under the guidance of Hoyle, finally recovered the state of attack, Lek Jaguar. Seventh weeks, the direct dialogue between the two teams gave us a good chance to see who was a flash in the pan. They all rose 6 in the week, twenty-second and twenty-fifth. The Seahawks road in free fall or accompanied by someone, Baltimore crow, 1 wins and 5 losses! It is incredible, John Harbaugh.

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