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- Winston (Jameis Winston) demis state call. , the right shoulder strained Tampa Bay quarterback with a sprained acromioclavicular joint, told reporters Thursday that he was expected to play against buffalo Bill. "my idea is to come out," Winston said. "I'm ready. When I let me out, I'll be ready. " Although may be optimistic about his appearance, Winston said he would still have to make a decision with the coach and the trainer. Dirk, a pirate commander, told reporters that Winston didn't pass training in Thursday's training. But he looked forward to Winston's participation in all the starting lineup training in Friday's training. Dirk, Koetter. , according to local media, that Winston did not look like a quarterback that was about to return to the game on Thursday. Winston was injured in the game against the Arizona Cardinals game. When the pirates are only 2 - 3, they are in urgent need of Winston's giant, t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he 6 Grammy Awards winner, Oscar nominee Lady Gaga will lead the Super Bowl show in Beijing February 6, 2017 in Houston. Lady Gaga is a unique artist. Her fifth recording studio album "Joanne", the latest single "Perfect Illusion" on October 21st, is the top of the list of more than 60 countries. Her proud achievements include: the three consecutive albums were selected as the best album of the year, the 6 Grammy Awards, and the "annual bulletin board" annual female by the "notice card hot tune 100". The global sales of records have reached 30 million, and the single music global sales have reached 15 million, becoming one of the most popular musicians in history. In the fall of 2015, Lady Gaga took the talent to the film and television industry and starred the fifth season of the American horror story. Then she will also lead the film "the birth of a star" by Bradley - Cooper. This will be Lady Gaga second on the Super Bowl stage, last year she was at the Super Bowl singing the national anthem. ?Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) on Thursday expressed great influence to the pre-season tournament he decides who served as the team's starting quarterback. wild horse is still a week away from the first season of the season. Kubiak said on Thursday after the training he wants to see his three quarterback Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez), Trevor (Trevor Siemian) and Ann sago rookie Paxton - Lynch (Paxton Lynch) in his decision before the performance in pre-season. "I want to see their performance," Kubiak said. "I'll let each of them pass the ball. To tell you the truth, it has a lot to do with making a decision. " Kubiak had previously suggested that the pre - season match was important to make a decision, but Thursday was the first time he had made it clear. recently, Kubiak has said three people have the opportunity to start. In the training, Sanchez got the most time to train with the first line-up, but Simian was also trained in a lot of time with the first line-up. Kubiak said Thursday he has yet to decide how to allocate three people in the first preseason game time. Kubiak and the attack coordinator, Rick Dennison, said they have not yet thought about determining the timetable for the first quarterback. Generally speaking, the third pre-season games of the team are the most regular matches for the wild horses. To do that, the Mustang had to decide before the August 27th match against Losangeles rams.Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) will stay a long time in the Bay area. , the line guard of the three - degree career bowl, renewed the contract with 49 in San Francisco for 4 years. The contract has an income of $20 million, with an average salary of $11 million a year. Bauman's previous contract has been 3 years left, and now he will work for 49 to 2022. This is the third contract that Bauman got from his 49 teammates. this contract enables Bauman to become the second highest League salary inside linebacker, after the Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly). Bauman's total number of escapement (154) last season is the most in the league, and he has also made 2.5 escapement. Bauman should get the contract renewal. He is the backbone of the team, the team defense group leader and the data obtained in the league. He had a severe knee injury in the playoffs in the 2014 season, but he returned to the ruling class last season. When other people for the 49 League new coach kipper Kelly to attack the (Chip Kelly) will affect the 49 defensive worries, Bauman show leadership and expressed support for Kelly. 's confidence in the 49 people's future is obviously mutual. The team Bauman saw in Kelly's vision for the future of the team will also be seen in his performance in the next seven seasons.

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