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The hawk attack group ushered in a new face this week -- Jay Ajayi, a former dolphin runner, but whether he will play the match on Sunday is still a problem. coach Doug Pedersen (Doug Pederson) said at a conference on Friday that the team has not yet decided whether Agayi will play in the Mustang game. Agayi has two weeks to run in with the eagle lineup. Philadelphia Eagle also has Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount), Corey Clement (Corey Clement), Wendell Smokey Wood (Wendell Smallwood) and Kenyon Bana (Kenjon Barner) several running backs. near end Zach (Zach Ertz) - ertz is determined to play. Although the injury report showed him a hamstring injury on Thursday, but Pedersen believes that this will not affect him in the game. Ertz currently completed 43 ball, 528 yards and 6 touchdowns, the first team.Beijing time on Tuesday September 13th morning, NFL will have two Monday night games. At 7:10, the Washington Redskins at FedEx field, to meet the road of Pittsburgh steelers. This will be the first time t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hat both sides have come in 2012. From the history of the two teams, the red skin team, 42 - 32, 3 - draw, took advantage. red leather team left the main quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) in the off-season season, and signed the Jordan Reed Jordan Reed near the front end, and ushered in the return of veteran veteran Vernon Vernon Vernon. On the defensive side, they signed the former black leopard team Josh Norman (Josh Norman). The Steelers, main receiver Mata Weiss Bryant (Martavis Bryant) and the main Weile viand run - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) was suspended, wide receiver Marcus (Markus Wheaton) and Witton proximal front pull - Green (Ladarius Green) darys play because of injury are not. The red team is expected to break the 5 consecutive matches the Steelers record in the home court. starts, the red team first attack. Cousins Reed the way to promote the connection of the Steelers half 40 yard line, but failed to complete the conversion due to three, had to punt. Began to attack in the 13 yard line. The Steelers trapped in the Redskins defense, quickly out of gear. Again the ball cousins quickly find DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) for 31 yards to the Steelers half. Then the Steelers cornerback Ross Cockrell (Ross Cockrell) has been a great opportunity to steal, but he was in no adverse circumstances will dispose of the ball. The Redskins kicker dusty Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) 31 yard free kick hit the Redskins took the lead in setting up a 3:0 lead. the Steelers second offensive worse. Unsuccessful receivers Eli Rodgers (Eli Rogers) missed quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) pass, the ball is the defender destroyed, Xiao De Bree angle Wei BA (Bashaud Breeland) in the air at the ball steals, 17 return yards. The red skin, which gets the ball in the range of the free kick, turns the score into 6:0 through a 40 - yard free kick. Steelers offensive group third times on the court. Wallace to be Ryan Kerrigan (Ryan Kerrigan) captured and killed and dropped the ball, Kerrigan tried to pick up off the ball, but failed to keep hold of the ball, the Steelers lucky to keep the ball. After the end of the first quarter, the two sides easy side battles, cornerback Norman Brown forced Antonio to drop the ball, but the referee through video playback confirmed that the ball is not successful passes (incomplete pass), steel.Suzhou Huo Feng century August "evergreen Cup" old bowling competition results | Bowling Suzhou Huo Feng century August "evergreen Cup" the old bowling competition ended, a total of 44 people participate in, with an average age of 62, won by 72 year old Ms. Mao Meifeng, 3, a total of 632 points!The official website of NFL | Kelly: the injury will not affect the competitiveness of | football Nick Capet Colin Capet (Nick Colin Kaepernick) after the shoulder, knee and finger surgery has not appeared in the training field, but 49 of San Francisco's head coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) insists that Capet will Nick competition for a starting position. Kelly told reporters on Tuesday of the US time: "Capet Nick's performance in the classroom is excellent. He can grasp the key points of our tactics very clearly. I have a deep impression on him and Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert). So no one is backward, because in fact, there is no competition between them. At least till now, we will not choose a man to play the first quarterback against Losangeles ram. is actually called competition or competition. The bottom line is Capet Nick needs to do something in training camp to win the first round. It seems that the balance of the team is inclined to Garbutt. But when 49 people signed Kelly for the first time, Kelly said he wanted to use the quarterback like Capet Nick. Kelly explained: "I have participated in all kinds of quarterback competitions. Every position is like this. All of them need to win on the court. Of course, we will make a choice on 17 or 18 May. , but 49 people didn't reveal the real idea of the team. The team tried to trade Capet Nick early in the early season. If possible, they would rather choose Garbutt.

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