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The official website of NFL, the 2016 NFL season playoffs game, the Seahawks looking @ Falcon football nest 2016 NFL season playoffs game looking Seahawk 〉 @ Falcon 〉 〈 〈 live link; playoffs division series, will be a repeat of 2012 division series, is still the Seattle Seahawks away Atlanta falcons. The passage of time, the two teams attack big kill: Lynch and Gonzales have been retired. This is Falcon coach Dan Quin and cornerback Desmond infante (season) - playoffs for the first time in the face of the old lord. Meet the regular season in the offensive and defensive foul in the last attack in the missing case, Hai Ying 2 win over the falcons home court. Atlanta falcon is the top attacking team in the league this season. Quarterback Matt Ryan is also expected to win the best offensive player or even the most valuable player. ????????????13|????????????????????????-??????|???????????????????-?????????????????3?????? On the other side, Freeman defant and tweng Coleman road group of two people to more work, sixth weeks, two people face Michael Bennet's defensive front but also half-way off 52 yards. Defensively, captured and killed the king (15.5) - Beasley cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Vick will have great advantages in the face of weak opponents offensive attack. 2012 finals is only a playoff victory lane, again, the Iceman also has no small psychological advantage. in NFL history, but few teams like the Seahawks like in 5 years have maintained a terrible defense deterrent. In the face of a lion in the wild card battle, Thomas - Rawls in the offensive front overnight resuscitation achieved 161 yards, breaking the beast records, but also opened the situation for the offensive team. Therefore, the road will still attack is priority among priorities in order to win the Seahawks offensive team. The good news is that CJ- procisis will have a chance to return to the excellent running rookie. The emergence of Paul Richardson will probably be short-lived. It needs more than Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham to share the pressure of Russell Wilson. The attack team needs to pay attention to the control of the ball as much as possible to allow the defensive team to get a rest and steady output. 2012 - Jones Julio rookie Werwilson region to complete the interception was in the last second of the game winning pass was offensive coordinator Daryl Biffle won't want to reproduce the nightmare. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports NFL official website commentator: Shen Siyue The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Saint Louis rams have so far chosen the highest line guard should be him -- Greg Robinson (Gregory Robinson), 1.96 meters tall, this year in the second position by the rams choose to become the offensive segment of the season. Born in Louisiana in 1992, Robinson was awarded the best line of the United States for the two time in high school. In the last year of high school, he took part in the United States high school American Football Cup, which was named the second most potential protection front in the United States. In 2011, Robinson entered the Auburn University (Auburn). He did not play as a freshman in the first year, and from the 12-13 season he was Zuo Jiefeng and the 11 first. In 2013, he was selected as the best team in the SEC, helping the school team to create a 4596 - yard run and run a 48 - time record. In 2014, he was selected by the ram team at second, and began to play this season. Robinson said in a training camp: "the complex tactics of the rams are completely different from those I used to be at college, but I'm trying to adapt and learn." Because the team left guard and left Jiefeng has injuries in the body, Robinson does not need to change the position of timing to meet the needs of a game, I believe he will become the team tackles strength in the next game. [] to review 1. defensive monster - Jed viand - clowney 2. Florida star -- Blake bottosAJ Macallan (A.J.McCarron) is obviously the team who lacks quarterback in this season, hoping to get one of them. But a very important question is whether Cincinnati tigers are willing to give up him. According to , the tiger's bottom line on trading Macallan is at least a second round draft, and the trading object can be a partitioned opponent, according to the news sources. the source is from the Cleveland region, and Cleveland Brown is known to be one of the potential teams in the hope of getting Macallan. are chasing after Brown said that the new England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Gary Polo substitute (Jimmy Garoppolo) if they don't get him, then Brown would choose thelot - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) or Macallan. In addition, Brown is also considering North Carolina quarterback Mitch soil grams (Mitch Trubisky) he division is four quarterback or de Sean - Watson clementson (Deshaun Watson).{"averagePoints":18.4,"playerId":8416,"percentChange":-0.7,"averageDraftPosition":80.8,"percentOwned":83.9,"fullName":"Alex Smith","lastPoints":0,"pointsSEASON":295.2,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"The face of conservative quarterback play, Smith has been among the bottom five in average depth of throw during each of the past eight seasons. That includes a 6.7 mark in 2016 that was higher than only Sam Bradford's. Smith's conservative play leads to high completion percentages, low interception totals and lots of post-catch help, but it also severely limits his fantasy production. Smith has never finished a season better than 13th at the position in fantasy points and was 22nd in 2016. Those in two-quarterback leagues shouldn't ignore Smith's shaky durability; he's missed at least one game during four of the past five years. Smith is a fringe QB2 with little upside, and whose leash is shorter than ever after the team traded up to select Patrick Mahomes in April's draft.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Thu May 25"},"positionRank":4,"totalPoints":295.18}

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