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The official website of NFL |AFLC second and three | football forecast summary round AFLC second round ended yesterday, two wars -- Hongkong City vs Hongkong, Shanghai Cobra hawk warriors vs Shanghai nighthawk. The cobra and Nighthawk made their victory. The Shanghai warriors and Shanghai Nighthawk game can be said to be a game of domestic football history the most wonderful, both play a maximum potential score does not stop each other over the outcome of the suspense until the last second of the game. The last 6 minutes, the warriors then punt return touchdowns, score counter ultra 4 points; the last 2 minutes, the warriors scored Nighthawk red zone; finally, 1 and a half, and two touchdowns goatsucker successful conversion, counter ultra 4 points, forcing the Warriors must touchdown to reverse; the last 40 seconds, the Warriors scored goatsucker red area; the last 4 seconds, warriors quarterback try passing offense, the ball to the outside over the hands of Nighthawk two defenders in place at the same time, the continuous hand swatted the ball, finally resisted the final counterattack. second round ranked & score division team wins a negative field home court winning away winning total score total points points for the Eastern District of Shanghai 201/11/1703634 Shanghai 111/10/1482523 Shanghai goatsucker Titan warri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ors 111/10/147407 Hangzhou Osprey 020/10/11478-64 north of Chongqing dock worker 201/10/1502624 Wuxi 202/20/026620 Beijing 020/10/1626-20 Chengdu Trident ritmeester cyclone 020/10/12650-24 South Hongkong Cobra 201/11/1411229 Guangzhou 110/11/1301515 Hongkong 110/11/13039-9 Guangzhou goat of the Apache 020/10/11348-35 Eastern Hangzhou: osprey, Shanghai warriors Shanghai Titans 0:34 22:26 Shanghai Nighthawk North: Chengdu Wuxi ritmeester 6:14 Trident, Chongqing dock worker 14:6 Beijing cyclone : South Guangzhou Apache 6:30 Guangzhou goat, Hongkong Cobra hawk 32:12 Hongkong third round prediction The warriors game at dochers, is definitely a revenge game; a cobra war horse horse road to the west, hope to take advantage of home court advantage; Trident third home court, now Masamori, and Titan will not show mercy, is bound to win this war; the northward cyclone, both sides are possible canzhen duel, and hawk stronger point; nighthawk and Osprey in Guangzhou will be joining respectively on the battle of goat and Apache, Nighthawk strength is strong, but the subjective still attach great importance to the goat race, Osprey experienced Eastern devil experience, must grow. More than half of the conventional , each game 〉The official website of NFL | Ohio State University won the first national championship football | NCAAF ??????????????????????????????????????o????????????????42??20??????????????????????????????????? Ohio state of the book of Ezekiel Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) play off in the game, he may in 2015 to become the most famous college football running back. This will be the should be the Oregon ducks team Heisman winner Marcus Marriott (Marcus Mariota) show, now became Elliot's personal show, his 36 total yards forward, 246 yards, 4 touchdowns. In addition, the Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Jones DELL (Cardale Jones card) can help the team to send out some key passes. Ohio state offensive group was in control of most of the time, Marriott abruptly on the sidelines. Mario this game 37 to 24, 333 yards, but never make Oregon proud of the offense to find the right rhythm. The defense of their contribution 4 ball conversion, including 3 manufacturing and steals the ball off a Jones pass, incidentally, the Oregon defence group only earned him a touchdown. opening, Oregon in the first wave of offensive will easily get up front, even third conversions are not used. The Ohio state took a little time to find their own offensive rhythm, Elliot suddenly angry, run a 33 yard touchdown, tied the score, in addition, another wave of attack contributed a 17 yards forward, directly to Oregon before the 1 yard touchdown zone. His great performance in the playoffs helped the team win an unbelievable 3 win. In addition to , Ohio state's defense is also very solid. The first half of Oregon a total of 7 times the opportunity to attack, in addition to the first touchdown, left in 4 to punt end, another attack to Ohio state before the 1 yard touchdown zone but failed at last, at the end of the first half finished one shot. And all built on the basis of Marriott's excellent play, the first half of his 23 biography 18, 193 yards. before the end of the first half, Oregon got closer to 10-21 by shooting, and chasing the score into 20-21 in the second half, and even had a chance before the 1 yard touchdown zone will change the game score in each other, but still no score, eventually losing to Ohio state."The Bank of Zhengzhou | Bowling bowling Cup" in Henan province in 2013 March Champions League season held in Henan Puyang gold finger bowling alley Zhengzhou Bank Cup 2012 Henan bowling champion league March season is held on March 22-24, the location is , Puyang finger bowling . wants the players to prepare for the war and take the good results for details, see the race - regional event - the Henan bowling Champions League professional group, "Zhengzhou banking Cup",The official website of NFL | Facebook report: Kansas chief of the most optimistic | football fans people use social software for a variety of reasons, and the face book recently conducted an investigation and analysis of NFL fans. is called sports emotional analysis, and Facebook's reaction to the NFL fans in the 2015 quarter of the season concludes that NFL fans are the most optimistic. It is reported that this analysis started from July 22nd this year, and ended in September 7th. The fans' comments and daily releases of NFL Facebook home page were analyzed, involving 50 million fans. results show that the Kansas chiefs fans are the most promising the most optimistic group and the San Diego lightning fans is the most active. The list is as follows: 1Kansas City Chiefs Kansas chieftain 2Miami Dolphins Miami dolphin 3Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Viking 4New Orleans Saints New Orleans saints 5Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titan 6Arizona Cardinals the Arizona Cardinals 7Dallas Cowboys Dallas cowboy 8Denver Broncos Denver wild horse 9Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcon 10Carolina Panthers Black Panther 11Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay pirate 12Detroit Lions Detroit lion 13Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati tigers 14Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis pony 15New York Giants New York giant 16Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 17Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packer 1〉

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