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The official website of NFL | Bauman do not worry about the impact of Kelly | defensive football San Francisco 49 linebacker Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) returned from injury this season, completed 116 tackles, has been close to the level before injury. Bauman said: I was doubting whether I could reach the previous level, and now I saw my progress. I appreciate the respect of the other players in the League for me, which is important for the recovery from the injury. The season, 49 people hired former Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) as a coach, his arrival on both ends of the floor will cause a certain impact. But Bauman is not worried about the impact. He has a lot of confidence in the new coach: we have a low performance this year, but we will overcome it and the future will rebound. Kelly's offensive system will increase the defensive team's playing time. Previously, players had complained about Kelly's way of coaching, but Bauman didn't worry: we will try our best to make the opponent's attack team stand faster. This is the standard we set ourselves.ancient language: tiger brothers, father and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping son soldiers Maddie and Carter cousins had to play for the Toronto raptors, and even played a lot of wonderful match together; "happy couple" Rafael and Fabio the brothers also played at Old Trafford; while NFL also has money general Bailey and Bose Bailey effect in the short experience of the Mustang, Jordan Palmer had to brother Carson did spare in the tiger, but when it comes to NFL in those famous "tiger brothers", active among the most famous is the following... ... (brother: Dolphin center, Mike Pang Xi; brother: Steelers center, Marchis - pouncy) (brother: the Seahawks defensive tackle, Michael Bennet; brother: the packers tight end, matru , Bennet) (brother: Eagle Center, Jason - Cares; brother: chieftain near front, Travis - Cares) But , an active on which we are going to say brothers, not only in the 2016 season of the League of nations in the final played, even, even early in the period between their parents, the brothers struggled drama has been staged. Today, our protagonist is the Mathews family. said the house of Mathews, we can think of is that a total love thrown blond packers outside linebacker - Cray (rejoice) - Mathews (Clay Matthews III). I was watching a fake NFL, this is their family of third called Craig - Mathews who appeared in the NFL football. mentioned above, and this year he had the National League final against Mathews, his cousin, called Jack - Mathews (Jake Matthews). About the fans the impression of his start in the "tough guy" falcon · training camp;, the stiff little fat was to come to the rookie Hopefield J.J. watt experience gray. said the two armour of God we begin to get to... 3 of the last century, in 40s, when Mathews H.L. (Howard Lynn Matthews) (Jack and Cray's grandfather) as a coach in the California sun and diligent, he would never think of the future of the first NFL family will emerge from him. Although the old man did not make a contribution in the field of rugby, the good sports atmosphere at home laid a good foundation for the whole family. 1949 H.L., the son of Mathews Mathews (Clay Matthews old Cray, Sr.) from the Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, standing in the first crossroads he choose to participate in the 1949.The official website of NFL | back injury has been relieved of confidence by | football 's next Thanksgiving war will be the most difficult challenge for Toni Romo's back repair. After 4 days of rest, he will face the Philadelphia hawk. on Tuesday that the next 5 days by 2 games is the biggest test for back. He said, "I participated in all the training on Thursday, but when I was preparing for training, it was very difficult. But after that, I would get better. What I think is more about how to face back to back games, how to adjust, we will deal with all this. After Dallas Cowboys another Thursday night game in Chicago, so not much time to rest by the. Last week roo did not take part in Wednesday's training to ensure a full back rest, but the opportunity for such a luxury this week was gone. Romer said, "I think I'm pretty good. The match on Thursday is near. You can face everything and prepare well. That's my job. I'm ready to fight against the Philadelphia hawk. A few days ago cowboy in Romo led complete reversal in the ratio of 31 to 28 victory over the New York giants.The official website of NFL | deals with lion patriots offensive tackle Williams | football new England patriots continued to strengthen the lineup of the offensive front by trading in August. in Chicago bears guard Ryan by Roy (Ryan Groy) the transaction price for two weeks, NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the Patriots with a pick deal for Detroit lions offensive tackle Michael Williams (Michael Williams). This is not a pen vibration pattern of League Trading, but the patriots from the seven round of the 2013 show players to see their favorite characters. Williams, who was 6 feet 6 inches and weighed 316 pounds, played the lion's right cutting front and the extra attacking front-line player in the pre-season match. When he was in University of Alabama, he was a near front. Williams has never been in the regular season, and he won't threaten the patriot's starters. if not put Williams as a substitute of patriots tight end, he will and Marcus cannon (Marcus Cannon), Cameron Fleming (Cameron Fleming) and Chris Martin (Chris Martin) as the main offensive tackle Nate Soder (Nate Solder) and Sebastian Wallmo (Sebastian Vollmer) substitute.

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