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tiger news August 11th Weile viand - Baer ran (Le'Veon Bell) is still not to the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp. And the general manager of the team, Kevin - Colbert (Kevin Colbert), said it would only hurt himself. Baer is still not signing a privileged label contract, so he won't be fined for his absence from training camp. But because of the deadline, he has been unable to get a long-term contract renewal this season. "I feel he won't get anything from the training," Colbert said on Wednesday. "The situation will not change. Our quotations for the long contract do not change. " "so he didn't come to attend the training for him. Because he was unable to cooperate with his teammates, unable to participate in the physical and strength training needed to prepare for an excellent 2017 season. And he can't work with his teammates to be familiar with the attack tactics - the tactics are different every year. But once and Baer had cheap nfl jerseys free shipping two teammates running back DAngelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) for Colbert did not agree, he said on Twitter: "please explain to me why say so because when he (Baer) when the return with his ability he is the team the most energetic people." Baer recently released a few videos of his training in southern Florida on social media. He carried out 5 days of training under the guidance of an expert. no matter when Baer reported to the training camp and signed a privileged label contract, he would get a salary of $12 million 120 thousand.The official website of NFL | offensive tackle Michael Orr and Panther contract in 3 years | football Michael - OLE (Michael Oher) won a long-term contract from no one after a season. the left Jiefeng and Carolina Panthers signed 3 year contract worth $21 million 600 thousand for a contract, the average annual salary of $7 million 200 thousand, including $9 million 500 thousand in guaranteed income. ORL signed a contract with a black panther for 2 years, worth 7 million dollars last season. He was cut off after a disappointing season in Tennessee. When his career seemed to close to the end, he recovered again. , 30, had a steady performance for the leopard last season. The Black Panther's tactical system is in his favor. The Panthers are not only a variety of punched ball tactics, and four quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) of the body and reduces the ability to punch the ball opponent pass hand impact threat. The Panther rarely asked Orr to retreat 7 step pass in Newton when facing an opponent player at lateral position stand. orr is famous for his book and film "weakness". The Panther wants to make sure that his story will continue in Carolina, at least a few more seasons.the new England patriots this season have been worried by their fans for the whole season. The injury has been infected by the decision-makers recently. on Tuesday U.S. time, photographed at a press conference, Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick) a coach left a serious black eye. seems to Bailey at a press conference, do not want to explain what this chick. Most of the important position of Patriot this season the players have experienced injuries, but this time we don't have to worry about Bailey chick because he is a fighter, he can not miss the next game.Cruz (Victor Cruz) won't be able to ensure the return of the 2015 season at the start of the 2015 season. New York giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) at the NFL annual meeting revealed to reporters Cruz recovered smoothly, his last season in sixth weeks a torn patellar tendon. Last week Cruz began training run in giant training base, said the Coughlin took over the "looks really good, very relaxed." "I think he will return to its former state, hope to be able to better," Coughlin said to the media. "But so far, I want to be careful. I hope he can play in the first game of the regular season. But if he wasn't able to do it, we had met before the players were unable to play. We still come back. " Evelyn said is that due to a hamstring injury and missed the entire season and season four matches and Beckham took over Odair (Odell Beckham). Beckham returned to his health and became the hottest player in the league, eventually winning the best offensive rookie of the year. she was in an interview with meaning is clear: the giant is willing to let Cruz go slowly, risk and not eager to get him back on the field and suffer a recurrence of the problem. "You can't let him play," Coughlin said. "He will recover slowly." Beckham and healthy Cruz will make the giant have one of the best combinations of the alliance. The problem is whether Cruz, 28, could return to his previous condition after suffering one of the most serious knee injuries that might be encountered.

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