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as the League announces the schedule of the new season, some of the players also comment on the future opponents. The Detroit lions safety Grover Quin (Glover Guin) is one of the most confident. On Wednesday, local time, Quin said in personal network social media that the team will end the first half of the season with 7 - 1. Quin said, "we're going to win two consecutive wins and then go to Denver. We will win the game in the next match against Seattle. We will go to London with a 6 - 1 record and then 7 - 1 to go to Hugh week. According to Quin, the first half of the season only possible defeat is with the Seahawks game. From this point of view, the lion will be in the first half of the season against the San Diego lightning and the Arizona Cardinals, the difficulty is not a simple schedule. in this offseason, the defense lion was greatly changed. EN Su - Damm (Ndamukong Suh) hole left the team, Kazakhstan Loti Natta (Haloti Ngata) will fill the vacancy left by the former. Quin has made obvious progress on the court last season, but he is still bold in character. We will wait and see if the ambitious lion will be able to meet Quin's expectations in th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e new season.1972 Miami dolphins undefeated to win the Super Bowl champion, and their "unknown defense" founder Bill Angsipage (Bill Arnsparger) died Friday at the age of 88. The team confirmed the news. Hans Page started his career from his alma mater, University of Miami, Ohio. His most successful experience was in Miami dolphin, where his defense system gained popularity and helped the team win the seventh Super Bowl. He then went to the giant of New York and was a giant in 1974-1976. After this experience he returned to the dolphin again. In 1984, he returned to college football, the director of the Louisiana State University and the director of sports at the University of Florida. Hans Page returned in 1992 NFL, San Diego lightning served as defensive coordinator, helping the team into the Super Bowl in 1995 twenty-ninth. After the news of the death of , dolphins, lightning, University of Florida and Hans Page Shula, a hall of Fame coach who worked with Mr. Don, issued a statement expressing their condolences. According to Shura said in a statement, Hans Page made two championship level team, the 1972 season of "defensive ring" and the 1982 season of "killer bee defense" (there are 8 players in the defensive group name beginning with the letter B, under the effect of players strike shortened 1982 season, 9 games there are 5 dolphins game opponent scoring less than 14 points). In addition, he also innovatively replaced the 53 defense against the field, which changed the way the defensive team played.Suzhou taigeer bowling match | Bowling 2015 Suzhou tigers bowling Museum 1. Participants: all bowling enthusiasts two, competition time: 19:00 in May 3, 2015, three, the venue: Suzhou tigers Bowling Club (4 people road, No. 3188, Wanda Square, block C) four, registration fee: 1, members of the museum last month scouring the ball full 30 games, the registration fee of 50 yuan 2, is not a member of the museum or the ball is not full 30 games, the registration fee is 200 yuan five, incentive method: group: first prize: $1500 in group B: first name: 300 yuan second: 1000 yuan second: 200 yuan third: 600 yuan third: 100 yuan fourth: 400 yuan fourth: 100 yuan fifth: 300 yuan fifth: 100 yuan sixth: 200 yuan sixth: 100 yuan single office top score: 100 yuan (except award winners) six, rules of competition: 1, group A: according to the total score divided 4 Bureau before the six award, the exchange form, each end of a shift along the right fairway group; 2, group B: group a sixth grades by extraction coefficient (0.925, 0.93, 0.935, 0.94, 0.945, 0.95, 0.955, 0.96), with a sixth score multiplied by the coefficient score down the row for six B grades; 3, add points: 55 years of age, under 18 years of age, women's players, straight players plus 6 points, 60 years of age over 8 points per Bureau, 10 points per game over 70 years, plus 220 points (no additional bonus); 4, subtraction: the total score of the next month's championship is reduced by 20 points, and the total score of the next game is reduced by 10 (no matter the empty) 5, the same score: the non - added person is before the list, and the second is in front of the less, and 6, the match is based on computer scoring and manual scoring, without breaking the foul line. 7, oil drop standard: Wall Street (40 feet oil) Suzhou tigers Bowling Club's recent NFL, the veterans talked about a few more years of playing the trend. Tom Brady (Tom Brady) said he would like to play 6,7, Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) is hoping to hit the 45 year old, and the lightning thinks his quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) can play basketball for 4 years. quarterback who wants much longer occupation career, but running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) recently said: "the best is 37 or 38 years old, this is a good number close to 40,." Peterson is 32 years old, that is to say he plans to call at least 5 years of the ball, and running back at the age of 30 began to decline the common law or not, will let him become the oldest player position in history, only 2 running back after 35 years old still completed more than 1000 yards data: 1984 John - Li Jinsi (John Riggins) - John and Henry in 1964 - Johnson (John Henry Johnson). In the history of , there are only 12 running guards. After 32 years old, 1000 yards of data are completed. Only 4 of them are in 2000. The most recent one is frank Gore (Frank Gore) who completed 1025 yards in the last season. we have seen Bracey Brady and outstanding performance after the age of 30, now worth looking forward to a healthy Peterson what would have the excellent performance.

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