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| handball Olympic scientific research and service summary commendation meeting held in Beijing Co | big hand Liu Peng, director of the State General Administration of sports, Awards Awards for award-winning units (Yu Hongli) The total network the State Sports General Administration of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games scientific research and service summary commendation meeting held at Beijing Sport University in May 20th. The meeting of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games in the scientific and technological service experience of comprehensive summary, commended a number of outstanding contribution for the preparations for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games scientific and technological service units, and individual research projects, and strive to stimulate the sports research workers enthusiasm for innovation and creativity, to mobilize and organize many sports scientific research workers to promote comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of sports, promoting our country's sports country to sports and strive forward grabbed. Liu Peng, director of the State General Administration of physical education and deputy director Duan Shijie, attended the meeting and made an important speech. A total of 200 participants in the sports science and Technology Department, including the sports management center, the directly affiliated science and education unit and the General Administration jointly established sports institutes and other units, attended the conference. Liu Peng pointed out at the meeting that in the twenty-ninth outstanding Olympic Games that attracted worldwide attention, the Chinese sports delegation achieved a major historic breakthrough, created a new brilliance of China's competitive sports, and won great honor for the motherland and the people. These achievements have congealed the hard work and hard work of the national sports workers for many years, as well as the sweat and blood of the sports science and technology workers. The main manifestations are as follows: first, the enhancement of scientific research rites, the vigorous demand of science and technology, and the increasing attention to the sports science and technology work. The two is the increase in the investment channels of science and technology, the expansion of scientific and technological resources, and the achievement of scientific research and the scale of scientific and technological services to a new high. The three is that the ability of scientific and technological innovation has been improved, and scientific research has played its due role in solving the key problems in the training of the first-line training. The four is the improvement of the level of scientific and technological service and the application of scientific and technological achievements, which has played an important support and guarantee for the training of sports. The five is the basic conditions of science and technology and the success of the construction of the talent team, which has speeded up the construction of competitive sports science and technology support system. The meeting that, in today's world, the rapid development of science and technology, innovation and creativity to change rapidly, the competition in science and technology has penetrated into all fields of social competition, the elements of science and technology in the field of sports is everywhere, the sports competition is the talent competition is the competition of science and technology. Many sports scientific research workers should be fully aware of the work of science and technology in promoting our country's sports country to sports power forward historical mission work and the important significance of sports science and technology work must have a clear understanding and objective judgment on the existing level of scientific research should have the correct localization, the previous research is made to have an objective evaluation. also stressed that sports science and technology work should be prepared for the Chinese sports delegation in London in 2012 on the basis of careful summary of experience.The official website of NFL | Cowboys second times in the home court in full blue jersey | football looks like the Dallas cowboy team has a new Thanksgiving tradition: they wore a blue jersey in the Thanksgiving day competition for second years, which is the only time the cowboy had been wearing the blue shirt at home for the two time. usually, the Cowboys will wear white shirts in the home match. According to the cowboy official website, the reason for changing the Jersey is that the team manager Tex Schramm doesn't want the fans to be tired of the white shirts that they must wear every week. if the cowboy chooses to wear blue at home, the team must wear white so that the two sides can make up a blue and white landscape. And if the Cowboys wear white, they can choose the dark shirt at will, whether it is the red of the Kansas City Chiefs or the green of the Philadelphia hawks.The inspiration for the plaid pattern full of Jersey comes from the flags flapping the fans on the stand and the scarves around the neck. Each sponsor logo and lattice lines all white badge and NB trademark and Standard Chartered Bank, bring fresh clean feeling for the Jersey chest. The exquisite design of the same sign of salute and neck collar to the Hillsborough disaster of the 96 victims have strong New Balance opening of more complete.May 20, 2015Even the New York Yankees, the storied generators of domestic dollars, share a common interest in foreign oil.The 27- cheap nfl jerseys free shipping time World Series champions are among six teams in the top 10 of the ESPN/SportingIntelligence Global Salary Survey whose business relationships have been buoyed by black gold.Editor's PicksThis group includes Paris Saint-Germain of France's Ligue 1, which finished in the survey's top spot. PSG is owned by Qatar Sports Investments, an arm of the oil-rich country's sovereign wealth fund. The average annual salary for those on PSG's roster is $9.1 million, which places the team about $500,000 ahead of La Liga's Real Madrid ($8.64 million) and the EPL's Manchester City ($8.6 million)."Foreign ownership, and oil money in particular, has transformed elite English soccer in the past decade and is now making a significant impression in other leagues -- and sports," says the editor of SportingIntelligence.com, Nick Harris, who has compiled the survey for ESPN since 2010. "Before Qatar Sports Investments bought France's PSG in 2011, they weren't among the top 10 French clubs in all-time title wins. Now they're on a hat trick of title wins and the world's richest sports team."But it's the NBA that has the highest average per-player salary. At $4.6 million, the NBA ranks just ahead of India's IPL cricket ($4.3 million) and MLB ($4.2 million).The top three NBA teams are the Brooklyn Nets ($6.2 million per player), New York Knicks ($5.9 million) and Los Angeles Clippers ($5.3 million). The Los Angeles Dodgers ($8.0 million) lead baseball and the Royal Challengers Bangalore ($4.5 million) head the IPL list. Wondering how NFL teams fare? The football team with the highest average salary, the Miami Dolphins ($2.3 million), doesn't crack the list until No. 124.The survey reveals which teams spend the most on their players, including an analysis of 333 teams in 17 major pro leagues, covering seven sports, 13 countries and 9,731 athletes who are making a combined $17.94 billion.Some of those big spenders have help. Abu Dhabi's International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), for example, sponsors Real Madrid. Billionaire Sheikh Mansour owns Manchester City, which held the top spot in the survey the previous two years. Mansour is a member of Abu Dhabi's royal family, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and a man whose wealth is derived from oil. Mansour also co-owns, with the Steinbrenner family (the Yankees' principal owners), the newly minted MLS franchise New York City Football Club -- so baseball royalty meets actual royalty.The amount of wealth in the sports landscape can be staggering. The Yankees are spending an average of $7.3 million per player -- yet dropped from second to ninth on the overall list this year.Along with PSG, Real Madrid and Manchester City, which held the top three spots in the 2015 survey, popular foreign soccer clubs Barcelona ($8.1 million) and Chelsea ($7.5 million) came in fourth and eighth, respectively. Roman Abramovich, a Russian whose billions were accrued in part from oil, owns Chelsea, which has won four EPL titles in the 12 seasons he has controlled the club.In many cases, like that of Real Madrid, oil connections are indirect. Barcelona has a sponsorship deal with Middle East telecommunications giant Etisalat and a lucrative shirt deal with Qatar Airways. Etihad Airways and investment firm Aabar, both of which are based in the United Arab Emirates, also sponsor Manchester City.PSG, for its part, appears in the survey for the first time because of the increased relevance of Ligue 1. It would have ranked 10th last year and 67th in 2013, providing some context for its rise to the top of the 2015 survey.2015 Global Salary SurveyThe survey by ESPN The Magazine and SportingIntelligence reveals which teams spend the most on their players, including an analysis of 333 teams in 17 major pro leagues, covering seven sports, 13 countries and 9,731 athletes who are making a combined $17.94 billion.Rank('14 rank)Team, LeagueAvg. annual ($)Payroll(rank)1 (new)Paris Saint-Germain, Ligue 19.1M (n/a)227.1M (2)2 (4)Real Madrid, La Liga8.6M (13.9%)216M (4)3 (1)Manchester City, EPL8.6M (6%)215M (5)4 (5)Barcelona, La Liga8.1M (8.6%)202.1M (6)5 (3)Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB8M (3.1%)272.8M (1)6 (8)Manchester United, EPL8M (22.2%)200.6M (7)7 (7)Bayern Munich, Bundesliga7.7M (14.5%)191.5M (8)8 (10)Chelsea, EPL7.5M (23.3%)186.6M (10)9 (2)New York Yankees, MLB7.3M (-9%)219.3M (3)10 (11)Arsenal, EPL7M (17.2%)173.8M (12)11 (6)Brooklyn Nets, NBA6.2M (-8.3%)93.7M (70)12 (13)Detroit Tigers, MLB6.2M (6.6%)173.8M (11)13 (17)San Francisco Giants, MLB6.2M (12.3%)172.7M (13)14 (20)Liverpool, EPL6M (16.3%)150.4M (16)15 (12)New York Knicks, NBA5.9M (0.2%)88.2M (75)16 (29)Washington Nationals, MLB5.7M (18.5%)164.9M (14)17 (15)Boston Red Sox, MLB5.7M (-0.7%)187.4M (9)18 (26)Los Angeles Clippers, NBA5.3M (8.2%)80M (79)19 (37)Sacramento Kings, NBA5.1M (14.4%)71M (105)20 (35)Denver Nuggets, NBA5M (12.3%)75.6M (87)21 (45)Toronto Raptors, NBA5M (20.4%)75.5M (89)22 (33)Memphis Grizzlies, NBA5M (9.3%)75.1M (90)23 (52)Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA4.9M (21.4%)74.2M (93)24 (18)Juventus, Serie A4.9M (-8.2%)127.4M (19)25 (28)Golden State Warriors, NBA4.9M (1.8%)73.4M (94)26 (43)Washington Wizards, NBA4.9M (14.1%)73M (96)27 (14)Philadelphia Phillies, MLB4.9M (-16.2%)135.8M (18)28 (16)Miami Heat, NBA4.8M (-13.2%)72.5M (99)29 (9)Chicago Bulls, NBA4.8M (-20.2%)67.6M (118)30 (54)Tottenham, EPL4.8M (19.4%)120.5M (27)31 (19)Los Angeles Lakers, NBA4.8M (-7.4%)72M (101)32 (21)Boston Celtics, NBA4.8M (-6%)71.7M (104)33 (23)Indiana Pacers, NBA4.8M (-4.7%)76.2M (82)34 (22)Oklahoma City Thunder,NBA4.8M (-5.4%)76M (84)35 (30)Toronto Blue Jays, MLB4.7M (-1.7%)122.5M (23)36 (65)Cincinnati Reds, MLB4.7M (37.7%)117.2M (35)37 (32)New Orleans Pelicans, NBA4.6M (0.8%)69.6M (108)38 (46)Portland Trail Blazers, NBA4.6M (10.4%)69.1M (111)39 (36)Dallas Mavericks, NBA4.6M (2.5%)69M (112)40 (42)San Antonio Spurs, NBA4.6M (6.1%)68.3M (117)41 (40)Royal ChallengersBangalore, IPL4.5M (2.6%)9.7M (253)42 (44)Chennai Super Kings, IPL4.5M (6.1%)9.6M (257)43 (24)Mumbai Indians, IPL4.5M (-9.9%)9.6M (258)44 (34)Minnesota Timberwolves,NBA4.4M (-2.6%)65.9M (125)45 (98)Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL4.4M (73.5%)9.4M (262)46 (50)Houston Rockets, NBA4.4M (5.9%)65.5M (127)47 (39)Kolkata Knight Riders, IPL4.4M (-0.6%)9.4M (264)48 (41)Delhi Daredevils, IPL4.3M (1.1%)9.4M (265)49 (38)Los Angeles Angels, MLB4.3M (-2.3%)150.9M (15)50 (48)Texas Rangers, MLB4.3M (4%)142.1M (17)51 (53)Charlotte Hornets, NBA4.3M (6%)64.5M (129)52 (73)Seattle Mariners, MLB4.3M (38.6%)119.8M (28)53 (51)Schalke, Bundesliga4.3M (4.7%)106.7M (54)54 (66)Minnesota Twins, MLB4.2M (23.4%)108.9M (48)55 (56)St. Louis Cardinals, MLB4.2M (8%)120.9M (26)56 (69)Chicago White Sox, MLB4.1M (24.1%)115.2M (38)57 (60)Utah Jazz, NBA4.1M (9%)57.6M (153)58 (27)Milan, Serie A4.1M (-16.2%)118.5M (32)59 (170)Rajasthan Royals, IPL4.1M (137.4%)8.8M (273)60 (68)Kansas City Royals, MLB4.1M (21.1%)113.6M (41)61 (103)Kings XI Punjab, IPL4M (63%)8.7M (274)62 (47)Borussia Dortmund,Bundesliga4M (-3.3%)100.5M (65)63 (49)Detroit Pistons, NBA4M (-3.7%)59.6M (147)64 (57)Atlanta Hawks, NBA3.9M (3.4%)59M (148)65 (64)Phoenix Suns, NBA3.9M (12.7%)58.1M (150)66 (25)Roma, Serie A3.8M (-22.2%)99.9M (66)67 (59)Milwaukee Bucks, NBA3.7M (-1.9%)55.8M (155)68 (89)Chicago Cubs, MLB3.6M (35.5%)119M (29)69 (31)Internazionale, Serie A3.6M (-23.2%)99.8M (67)70 (67)Baltimore Orioles, MLB3.6M (4.8%)110.1M (46)71 (62)Colorado Rockies, MLB3.5M (-4.6%)102M (60)72 (58)Milwaukee Brewers, MLB3.5M (-8%)105M (57)73 (71)Atlanta Braves, MLB3.5M (10.4%)97.6M (69)74 (87)New York Rangers, NHL3.3M (24.8%)76.8M (81)75 (105)Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL3.3M (35.7%)73.3M (95)76 (76)Chicago Blackhawks, NHL3.3M (9.6%)75.6M (86)77 (72)New York Mets, MLB3.3M (4.8%)101.4M (62)78 (new)Monaco, Ligue 13.2M (n/a)81.2M (78)79 (90)Napoli, Serie A3.1M (18.5%)75.6M (88)80 (75)Aston Villa, EPL3.1M (1.9%)77.6M (80)81 (81)Los Angeles Kings, NHL3.1M (8.3%)74.4M (92)82 (74)Cleveland Indians, MLB3.1M (0.6%)86.1M (76)83 (77)San Diego Padres, MLB3.1M (5.2%)100.7M (64)84 (110)Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL3M (24.7%)72.6M (98)85 (91)Atletico Madrid, La Liga3M (13.7%)74.9M (91)86 (new)Lyon, Ligue 12.9M (n/a)71.8M (102)87 (88)Newcastle, EPL2.9M (7.8%)71.8M (103)88 (78)Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB2.8M (-1.2%)88.3M (74)89 (79)Philadelphia Flyers, NHL2.8M (-1.8%)75.9M (85)90 (93)Everton, EPL2.8M (6.9%)70.1M (107)91 (120)Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL2.8M (22.6%)66.6M (122)92 (97)Detroit Red Wings, NHL2.8M (9.8%)72.1M (100)93 (61)Arizona Diamondbacks,MLB2.8M (-25.6%)91.5M (72)94 (109)Sunderland, EPL2.8M (14%)69.3M (109)95 (153)Swansea, EPL2.8M (43.2%)69.1M (110)96 (63)Orlando Magic, NBA2.8M (-21.9%)41.3M (169)97 (124)Edmonton Oilers, NHL2.7M (23.2%)68.4M (115)98 (111)Wolfsburg, Bundesliga2.7M (14.4%)68.4M (116)99 (104)St Louis Blues, NHL2.7M (9.4%)67.5M (119)100 (82)Minnesota Wild, NHL2.7M (-4.9%)67.5M (120)101 (101)Washington Capitals, NHL2.7M (8.4%)72.8M (97)102 (new)Marseille, Ligue 12.7M (n/a)66.7M (121)103 (118)Winnipeg Jets, NHL2.7M (15.7%)61.1M (141)104 (86)Fulham, EPL2.7M (-0.9%)66.3M (123)105 (84)Nashville Predators, NHL2.7M (-2%)63.6M (131)106 (85)Vancouver Canucks, NHL2.6M (-2.3%)65.9M (124)107 (92)Boston Bruins, NHL2.6M (0.3%)68.5M (113)108 (107)Bayer Leverkusen,Bundesliga2.6M (7.6%)65.7M (126)109 (117)West BromwichAlbion, EPL2.6M (13.7%)65.4M (128)110 (100)Oakland Athletics, MLB2.6M (4.7%)86.1M (77)111 (122)Buffalo Sabres, NHL2.6M (15.8%)62.1M (137)112 (95)San Jose Sharks, NHL2.6M (1%)64.4M (130)113 (157)Florida Panthers, NHL2.5M (37.8%)61.2M (140)114 (176)Miami Marlins, MLB2.5M (63.7%)68.5M (114)115 (99)Carolina Hurricanes, NHL2.5M (0.9%)63.3M (132)116 (136)Sevilla, La Liga2.5M (18.5%)62.6M (135)117 (123)Colorado Avalanche, NHL2.5M (11.9%)62.3M (136)118 (94)Montreal Canadiens, NHL2.5M (-5.6%)61.7M (139)119 (131)West Ham, EPL2.4M (11.7%)61.1M (142)120 (106)Dallas Stars, NHL2.4M (-0.9%)63M (134)121 (155)Southampton, EPL2.4M (27.5%)60.4M (145)122 (126)New Jersey Devils, NHL2.4M (6.9%)54.4M (159)123 (174)Houston Astros, MLB2.4M (47.1%)70.9M (106)124 (163)Miami Dolphins, NFL2.3M (32.7%)124.3M (20)125 (150)Detroit Lions, NFL2.3M (20.1%)118.8M (30)126 (138)Cincinnati Bengals, NFL2.3M (11.3%)123.3M (21)127 (134)Green Bay Packers, NFL2.3M (8%)123.2M (22)128 (new)Cardiff, EPL2.3M (n/a)57.8M (151)129 (112)Stoke, EPL2.3M (-2%)57.8M (152)130 (125)Denver Broncos, NFL2.3M (4.2%)122.3M (24)131 (145)Tampa Bay Bucs, NFL2.3M (13.5%)122.2M (25)132 (83)Tampa Bay Rays, MLB2.3M (-18.5%)76.1M (83)133 (127)Ottawa Senators, NHL2.3M (4.1%)55.3M (156)134 (114)Arizona Coyotes, NHL2.3M (-1.8%)55.1M (157)135 (115)Minnesota Vikings, NFL2.3M (-2.4%)117.5M (34)136 (128)Hamburg, Bundesliga2.2M (2%)56.1M (154)137 (160)Buffalo Bills, NFL2.2M (24.3%)118.7M (31)138 (137)Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL2.2M (6.6%)118.4M (33)139 (165)New York Islanders, NHL2.2M (27.1%)60.2M (146)140 (80)Philadelphia 76ers, NBA2.2M (-22.9%)30.9M (180)141 (135)Philadelphia Eagles, NFL2.2M (3%)116.7M (36)142 (162)Cleveland Browns, NFL2.2M (23.1%)114.2M (39)143 (116)Seattle Seahawks, NFL2.2M (-4.7%)116.3M (37)144 (121)Chicago Bears, NFL2.2M (-2.1%)111.6M (44)145 (113)Stuttgart, Bundesliga2.2M (-6.6%)54.7M (158)146 (102)Valencia, La Liga2.2M (-12.7%)54.2M (160)147 (130)New Orleans Saints, NFL2.2M (-1.9%)112.1M (43)148 (133)Tennessee Titans, NFL2.2M (-0.1%)114.1M (40)149 (96)Lazio, Serie A2.1M (-15.4%)62.1M (138)150 (148)San Diego Chargers, NFL2.1M (7.5%)113.2M (42)151 (119)Anaheim Ducks, NHL2.1M (-8.2%)63.2M (133)152 (129)Columbus BlueJackets, NHL2.1M (-4.2%)61M (143)153 (158)Washington Redskins, NFL2.1M (13.6%)108.8M (49)154 (173)Carolina Panthers, NFL2.1M (23.8%)106.7M (55)155 (151)Fiorentina, Serie A2.1M (7.5%)60.5M (144)156 (149)New England Patriots, NFL2.1M (6.8%)110.2M (45)157 (139)New York Giants, NFL2.1M (-0.9%)109.8M (47)158 (152)Baltimore Ravens, NFL2M (6%)108.6M (50)159 (154)Atlanta Falcons, NFL2M (5.8%)108.2M (51)160 (142)Houston Texans, NFL2M (-0.9%)108M (52)161 (140)San Francisco 49ers, NFL2M (-2.3%)107.9M (53)162 (144)Calgary Flames, NHL2M (0.1%)59M (149)163 (182)Oakland Raiders, NFL2M (69.9%)106.1M (56)164 (141)Norwich, EPL2M (-3.6%)49.7M (161)165 (new)Lille, Ligue 12M (n/a)49.2M (162)166 (175)Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL2M (24.8%)104.3M (58)167 (187)Arizona Cardinals, NFL2M (74%)103.6M (59)168 (143)Indianapolis Colts, NFL1.9M (-6.2%)101.6M (61)169 (108)Werder Bremen,Bundesliga1.9M (-21.4%)47.9M (163)170 (146)St. Louis Rams, NFL1.9M (-6.3%)100.8M (63)171 (168)Borussia Monchengladbach,Bundesliga1.9M (8.4%)47.2M (164)172 (132)Kansas City Chiefs, NFL1.9M (-13.4%)99.7M (68)173 (169)Hannover 96, Bundesliga1.8M (4.7%)45.1M (165)174 (new)Hull City, EPL1.8M (n/a)45.1M (166)175 (156)Dallas Cowboys, NFL1.8M (-4.4%)91.4M (73)176 (159)New York Jets, NFL1.7M (-4.2%)91.9M (71)177 (new)Crystal Palace, EPL1.7M (n/a)42.8M (167)178 (171)Hoffenheim, Bundesliga1.7M (-1.1%)42.4M (168)179 (161)Eintracht Frankfurt,Bundesliga1.6M (-8.2%)41M (170)180 (164)Athletic Bilbao, La Liga1.6M (-7.5%)40.7M (171)181 (167)Celtic, SPL1.5M (-11.4%)40.2M (172)182 (180)Mainz, Bundesliga1.3M (5.3%)32.8M (176)183 (181)Nuremberg, Bundesliga1.3M (6.1%)32.8M (177)184 (179)Genoa, Serie A1.3M (-3.0%)35.1M (175)185 (new)Hertha Berlin, Bundesliga1.3M (n/a)31.5M (178)186 (172)Malaga, La Liga1.2M (-26.8%)31.2M (179)187 (new)Bordeaux, Ligue 11.2M (n/a)30.8M (181)188 (184)Getafe, La Liga1.2M (1%)29.2M (183)189 (195)Torino, Serie A1.1M (20%)27.4M (189)190 (205)Shandong Luneng, CSL1.1M (44%)39.9M (173)191 (new)Saint-Etienne, Ligue 11.1M (n/a)27.7M (187)192 (new)Villarreal, La Liga1.1M (n/a)27.6M (188)193 (183)Yomiuri Giants, NPB1.1M (-6.2%)29.8M (182)194 (185)Real Sociedad, La Liga1.1M (-8.4%)26.5M (190)195 (178)Guangzhou Evergrande,CSL1.1M (-26.2%)35.9M (174)196 (194)Parma, Serie A1M (4.5%)28.8M (184)197 (188)Bologna, Serie A980K (-12.2%)28.5M (185)198 (177)Sampdoria, Serie A980K (-31.8%)28.4M (186)199 (192)Espanyol, La Liga980K (-7.7%)24.4M (192)200 (206)Real Betis, La Liga950K (26.3%)23.8M (194)201 (208)Fukuoka SoftBankHawks, NPB950K (29.4%)25.6M (191)202 (197)Augsburg, Bundesliga930K (5.3%)23.3M (195)203 (190)Atalanta, Serie A893K (-18.8%)24.1M (193)204 (214)Toronto FC, MLS891K (48.7%)20.5M (204)205 (196)Freiburg, Bundesliga881K (-5.8%)22M (197)206 (new)Verona, Serie A826K (n/a)23.1M (196)207 (new)Eintracht Braunschweig,Bundesliga821K (n/a)20.5M (202)208 (new)Nice, Ligue 1821K (n/a)20.5M (203)209 (202)Catania, Serie A814K (0.9%)22M (198)210 (191)Udinese, Serie A784K (-26%)21.2M (199)211 (new)Rennes, Ligue 1780K (n/a)19.5M (205)212 (224)Hanshin Tigers, NPB767K (57.1%)20.7M (201)213 (new)Sassuolo, Serie A752K (n/a)21M (200)214 (198)Osasuna, La Liga739K (-15.6%)18.5M (207)215 (193)Granada, La Liga728K (-27.7%)18.2M (208)216 (new)Montpellier, Ligue 1698K (n/a)17.4M (212)217 (221)Tohoku Rakuten GoldenEagles, NPB662K (29.6%)17.9M (210)218 (200)Chunichi Dragons, NPB624K (-23.9%)16.9M (215)219 (204)Cagliari, Serie A623K (-21.6%)17.4M (213)220 (new)Toulouse, Ligue 1616K (n/a)15.4M (218)221 (207)Chievo, Serie A611K (-17.2%)17.7M (211)222 (217)Levante, La Liga609K (10%)15.2M (222)223 (new)Nantes, Ligue 1605K (n/a)15.1M (223)224 (220)Chiba Lotte Marines, NPB591K (15.5%)16M (216)225 (new)Sochaux, Ligue 1585K (n/a)14.6M (225)226 (new)Valenciennes, Ligue 1579K (n/a)14.5M (226)227 (new)Reims, Ligue 1575K (n/a)14.4M (227)228 (212)Hokkaido NipponHam Fighters, NPB572K (-8.5%)15.4M (217)229 (231)Los Angeles Galaxy, MLS569K (67%)15.4M (219)230 (223)Orix Buffaloes, NPB569K (16.2%)15.3M (220)231 (219)Tokyo Yakult Swallows,NPB566K (3%)15.3M (221)232 (258)Shanghai Shenhua, CSL553K (230.1%)18.8M (206)233 (213)Celta Vigo, La Liga553K (-8.4%)13.8M (231)234 (new)New York City FC, MLS536K (n/a)15M (224)235 (new)Bastia, Ligue 1534K (n/a)13.3M (235)236 (222)Saitama Seibu Lions,NPB532K (4.5%)14.4M (228)237 (new)Elche, La Liga528K (n/a)13.2M (236)238 (new)Livorno, Serie A521K (n/a)14.1M (230)239 (new)Almeria, La Liga510K (n/a)12.8M (238)240 (254)Beijing Guoan, CSL504K (163.6%)18.1M (209)241 (new)Orlando City, MLS500K (n/a)13.5M (233)242 (225)Guangzhou R&F, CSL500K (4.9%)17M (214)243 (new)Ajaccio, Ligue 1499K (n/a)12.5M (240)244 (210)Valladolid, La Liga494K (-28.9%)12.3M (241)245 (226)Hiroshima ToyoCarp, NPB489K (8.5%)13.2M (237)246 (228)New York Red Bulls, MLS481K (24.8%)13.5M (234)247 (230)Seattle Sounders, MLS481K (27.7%)12.5M (239)248 (new)Lorient, Ligue 1472K (n/a)11.8M (243)249 (new)Evian, Ligue 1460K (n/a)11.5M (244)250 (227)Yokohama DeNABay Stars, NPB457K (15.8%)12.3M (242)251 (218)Rayo Vallecano, La Liga454K (-17.9%)11.4M (245)252 (new)Guingamp, Ligue 1451K (n/a)11.3M (246)253 (new)Urawa Red Diamonds,J.League422K (n/a)10.6M (249)254 (283)Jiangsu Shuntian, CSL404K (292.2%)13.7M (232)255 (259)Changchun Yatai, CSL395K (140.7%)14.2M (229)256 (281)New EnglandRevolution, MLS316K (191.2%)7.3M (283)257 (new)Cerezo Osaka, J.League306K (n/a)8M (278)258 (256)Tianjin Taida, CSL306K (79.2%)11M (247)259 (new)Yokohama F ?? Marinos,J.League297K (n/a)8.6M (275)260 (new)Vissel Kobe, J.League288K (n/a)8.1M (277)261 (new)Gamba Osaka, J.League277K (n/a)7.5M (280)262 (233)Sydney Swans, AFL271K (8.2%)10.8M (248)263 (new)Henan Jianye, CSL269K (n/a)9.7M (254)264 (new)Nagoya Grampus,J.League263K (n/a)7.9M (279)265 (new)FC Tokyo, J.League257K (n/a)6.9M (284)266 (243)Geelong, AFL256K (12.1%)10.2M (250)267 (236)Greater WesternSydney, AFL249K (4.2%)10M (251)268 (247)Fremantle, AFL247K (9%)9.9M (252)269 (240)Hawthorn, AFL241K (5.4%)9.7M (255)270 (235)Aberdeen, SPL241K (0.7%)6.5M (286)271 (251)North Melbourne, AFL241K (14.6%)9.6M (256)272 (238)West Coast Eagles, AFL239K (4%)9.6M (259)273 (242)Essendon, AFL237K (4.1%)9.5M (260)274 (239)Carlton, AFL236K (2.8%)9.4M (261)275 (244)Richmond, AFL235K (3.2%)9.4M (263)276 (246)Melbourne, AFL233K (2.2%)9.3M (266)277 (234)Collingwood, AFL232K (-3.5%)9.3M (267)278 (245)Adelaide Crows, AFL231K (1.6%)9.3M (268)279 (250)Port Adelaide, AFL230K (8%)9.2M (269)280 (237)Gold Coast, AFL228K (-0.9%)9.1M (270)281 (260)Portland Timbers, MLS228K (39.7%)5.9M (290)282 (248)Brisbane Lions, AFL228K (1.6%)9.1M (271)283 (new)Sanfrecce Hiroshima,J.League227K (n/a)6.6M (285)284 (249)Western Bulldogs, AFL227K (5.5%)9.1M (272)285 (new)Kawasaki Frontale,J.League226K (n/a)6.3M (289)286 (new)Omiya Ardija, J.League222K (n/a)6.4M (288)287 (241)St Kilda, AFL215K (-5.9%)8.6M (276)288 (229)Dalian Aerbin, CSL215K (-43.8%)7.3M (281)289 (262)Chicago Fire, MLS211K (34.2%)5.3M (295)290 (new)Kashiwa Reysol,J.League207K (n/a)5.6M (292)291 (new)Kashima Antlers,J.League203K (n/a)5.7M (291)292 (290)Hangzhou Greentown,CSL202K (142.5%)7.3M (282)293 (268)Houston Dynamo, MLS195K (52%)4.5M (306)294 (270)FC Dallas, MLS194K (57.3%)4.8M (299)295 (255)Vancouver Whitecaps,MLS192K (5.4%)5.4M (294)296 (215)Guizhou Renhe, CSL190K (-68.3%)6.5M (287)297 (277)Sporting Kansas City,MLS183K (59.1%)4.4M (310)298 (265)San Jose Earthquakes,MLS179K (27.2%)4.6M (302)299 (252)Hibernian, SPL175K (-13.5%)4.4M (311)300 (new)Shimizu S-Pulse,J.League174K (n/a)5.4M (293)301 (289)Columbus Crew, MLS170K (81.7%)4.2M (315)302 (266)Philadelphia Union, MLS168K (25.1%)4.5M (305)303 (269)DC United, MLS166K (31%)4.2M (316)304 (253)Montreal Impact, MLS164K (-17.9%)4.6M (304)305 (267)Real Salt Lake, MLS163K (22.4%)4.4M (309)306 (new)Vegalta Sendai, J.League161K (n/a)4.4M (312)307 (257)Dundee United, SPL157K (-6.5%)4.1M (318)308 (261)Shanghai Shenxin, CSL149K (-6.6%)5.1M (296)309 (276)Colorado Rapids, MLS140K (21%)3.6M (319)310 (new)Albirex Niigata, J.League138K (n/a)3.6M (320)311 (274)St Mirren, SPL134K (12%)3.4M (322)312 (263)Kilmarnock, SPL129K (-14.3%)3.2M (324)313 (294)Shanghai Dongya, CSL119K (181.9%)4.3M (313)314 (272)St Johnstone, SPL117K (-3.7%)2.9M (325)315 (273)Motherwell, SPL116K (-3.6%)2.9M (326)316 (280)Calgary Stampeders, CFL115K (5.9%)5.1M (297)317 (278)Hamilton Tiger-Cats, CFL113K (0%)5M (298)318 (275)SaskatchewanRoughriders, CFL110K (-7.8%)4.8M (300)319 (232)Heart of Midlothian, SPL110K (-56.7%)2.7M (329)320 (285)BC Lions, CFL108K (7.3%)4.8M (301)321 (287)Winnipeg Blue Bombers,CFL104K (5.1%)4.6M (303)322 (new)Sagan Tosu, J.League103K (n/a)2.9M (327)323 (new)Ventforet Kofu, J.League101K (n/a)2.8M (328)324 (284)Toronto Argonauts, CFL101K (-2.2%)4.4M (307)325 (279)Montreal Alouettes, CFL100K (-9.3%)4.4M (308)326 (271)Liaoning Hongyun, CSL100K (-18.6%)3.4M (321)327 (286)Edmonton Eskimos, CFL97K (-3.7%)4.3M (314)328 (new)Harbin Yiteng, CSL95K (n/a)3.2M (323)329 (new)Ottawa Redblacks, CFL94K (n/a)4.1M (317)330 (291)Inverness CaledonianThistle, SPL92K (13.8%)2.2M (331)331 (new)Tokushima Vortis,J.League91K (n/a)2.7M (330)332 (new)Partick Thistle, SPL78K (n/a)2M (332)333 (293)Ross County, SPL62K (4.4%)1.5M (333)MethodologyTo find out which teams shell out the most dough on their players, 333 teams in 17 major pro leagues, covering seven sports, spanning 13 countries, comprising 9,731 athletes making a combined $17.94 billion in salary were surveyed. Nick Harris, editor of Sportingintelligence.com, compiled the final numbers. "Average Annual Pay" is calculated from base player salaries from current or most recently completed seasons from each sport.All totals exclude endorsements, performance bonuses, appearance fees and any other source of extra compensation. All figures converted to U.S. dollars. The lists include money paid in salaries to players who form the 'first-team squad' (active roster) across a season. Salaries for the survey are taken from the following years:MLB, MLS: 2015NBA, NHL: 2014-15NFL, CSL (Chinese Super League, soccer), J. League (Japanese League, soccer) NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), AFL (Australian Football League) and CFL (Canadian Football League): 2014EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and SPL: 2013-14IPL (Indian Premier League, cricket): Annual pay extrapolated from 2014 tournamentEditor's note: A different methodology was used for the nine IPL clubs on the list. Those clubs -- Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Super Kings, Pune Warriors, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kings XI Punjab, Rajasthan Royals -- play a six-week season. Because the season is so short, Harris derives their placement by determining the amount a team pays out on a weekly basis and then multiples that figure by 52 weeks. Therefore, the average annual pay for these nine IPL clubs is not an amount of money that the club actually pays, but a reflection of what they would pay out to their players if the IPL had more of a year-round season.

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