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In the "Pateá El Tablero" slogan, Messi (Lionel Messi), Di Maria (Á ngel; Di Marí a), Ravec (Ezequiel Lavezzi), angel Correa (· Á ngel Correa) and Lucas · (Lucas Biglia); biglia appears in New Jersey advertising.gets a potential trump quarterback that will make any team's fans happy. but don't be in a hurry for the 49 fans in San Francisco. When met with reporters and discussed the team's trading and got quarterback Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo), coach Kell Kell Kyle first took precautionary measures. "I can't assure you that he's going to play this season," Shanahan said. "I know we've got a player that we're excited about, and I know he has the ability to help us in the future. That's what I said, 'we don't do this deal in order to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping save this season'. We do the deal because we think it will improve the squad and the team. The cautious attitude of is encouraging, but it won't help 49 people win this season. For them 0 - 8, it is no longer important to win or not. In fact, they should do is to let the team slowly into the Gallo Baltic, including let him study the new tactical system. from the overall point of view, this is the best situation faced by the Baltic gallo. He does not face pressure immediately. He has time to learn, and he can also avoid the risk of injury by playing after an attack attack that is harassed by injury. In doing so, can at least partially protect the investment of 49 people. They gave a second round draft picks to get Gallo Polo, but they still have to spend big price in the offseason and he signed about -- you can't use a second round pick a fight on the trading privileges label players. Unless they let him play this season, the renewal negotiation will only rely on training performance as a proof of his ability. we still know little about Gallo Polo's ability to be a quarterback. A large part of the reason is the environment he is in. At least now, 49 people will not be anxious to let him go to war and make him setback.Jim Irsay, the owner of Indianapolis's pony, has collected a lot of instruments. irsay has purchased once by the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia (Jerry Garcia) with the guitar, John and the Beatles Lennon (John Lennon) and Ringo Starr (Ringo Starr) and singer Bob - Dylan (Bob Dylan) had used the instrument. yel Sai expanded his collection on Saturday. He bought the "Huang Yun" electric guitar used by the late singer Prince (Prince) at a concert at the auction. He spent 137500 dollars on the guitar. Prince used the guitar from the end of 1980s to the middle of 90s. It is said that this is his favorite guitar.The official website of NFL | impatient Mustang cut kicker Macmanus | football Denver Mustang has lost patience with kicker Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus). The team announced the abandonment of Macmanus on Tuesday and then signed the veteran kicker Connor Barth. The team originally the kicker Matt Platt (Matt Prater) violated the provisions of the alliance of drug abuse was suspended for 4 games and get the chance to eventually replace Macmanus in whose position after sight shot bad. He played 1 33 yards in the team's match against Miami dolphins and had just 9 shots of 13 free kicks in the 11 game of the season. (success rate 69.2%) Barth has been in his career for fifth years, and he has played for the Tampa Bay pirates in the 4 seasons. He missed the whole 2013 season before last season because he laced his Achilles tendon during the charity basketball game. In a recent season (2012 season), bass shot 33 times 28 times, and the success rate was 84.8%, from 40 to 49 yards, the distance was 13 times, but only 1 times failed to score. He tried 6 times in 9 shots over 50 yards. bass Macmanus did not have strong legs, but the horse kick back inside that needs to be solved. Platt, now looking to give up one of the best kicker of the league in the last season, is not the best decision.

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