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The right foot injury of Oakland Raiders Marcel Reece is not so terrible as it was originally supposed to be. He will play well in the regular season next month. Rees took part in all the training programs on Wednesday. In the next two days, he will take the MRI to confirm the injury situation against Detroit lions last week. And the injuries on the team's report were changed to the leg. Rees has been out of 4 games since he was a regular whole - guard in 2010, and he said he didn't want to play. I was relieved when I knew that my injury was not as serious as I had imagined. This is really a decompression. I feel that the injury is getting better and better. If I need to rest, I can't imagine how I spend every minute. Rees hurt his foot in last Friday's game. He insisted on continuing the race. After that, he was put off because of intolerable pain. X light after the match had no ideal result, but he was forced to leave the training ground. He went back to the stadium for training after being checked by MRI. He was allowed to do all training until Wednesday, but we could still see him running on one foot and running shoes at the side of the court.The official website of NFL | before the Steelers star linebacker Harrison re cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tired from football | before the Steelers star linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) on Saturday announced his retirement. Harrison's first 9 occupation career is spent in the Pittsburgh Steelers, last season he competed in the Cincinnati tigers, and completed the sixty-sixth quarterback occupation career kill escapement. he wrote on his Facebook: today, I made the difficult decision to retire, I love my family now when they leave the game to my dream, I missed too much time with my family to the stadium just because I paid too much time. Now, my enthusiasm for the competition is not so strong that I want to miss my family's birthday party or the first day of school. I choose to retire. Just like most people, I hope to get your best wishes. Harrison was known as the forty-third Super Bowl should be in the game and steals back a 100 yard touchdown run, and ultimately help to 27 to 23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, won the super bowl. He completed a total of 36.5 escapement in the 2008-2010 season. Harrison played 15 games in Cincinnati last season and completed two escapement.original title: collect the shirt, and collect your own youth by the way 5 month 6, Guangzhou Hengda 5:1 swept Osaka cherry blossoms. When Evergrande fans were exulting, some of them got into a debate because of a photo. They found that Hengda wore a totally different champion badge in the group photo before the match. in the shirt collection circle set off a lot of waves. Compared with the fans' interest in the score, the young group who is keen on collecting Jersey is sighing: Hengda is the best in Asia, but their Jersey is still at the second level. for jerseys collectors, the match suit is not only a dress, but also a battle shirt and symbols, entrusted with their football dream and their youth memories. Their wardrobe covered with brightly coloured jerseys, each one is familiar with in the heart, there are also special stories and memories. collection roadmap makes the desired shirt, like playing the ball as well as technical as far away from Europe and South America, it is very important to find the right collection channel for Chinese enthusiasts who want to collect authentic jerseys. Feng Shengquan has a lot of experience in this area. He introduced several ways: "the first is to go to the store, such as Nike and Adidas to the brand stores, because they are the shirt sponsor of many clubs; the second is the club stores, the stores in the Mainland generally only the north of Guangzhou, you can find a local friend shopping, or go to Hongkong, Macao store; third is authorized by the Jersey shop; the fourth is purchased by Taobao, eBay and other authorized online store, or go to the club's official website, online store; fifth is through close to the club, such as club staff, such as brokers - this is very difficult, you have to have the resources it". [focus · how to identify the true version of the shirt] judge a shirt is genuine, Feng Shengquan's experience is to look at the number and price, "through the query item and whether genuine matching, plus the price is reasonable, basically can determine a shirt is genuine. Now many people received a shirt, after reading said, not what thread badge neatly, in fact now is the shirt line crop, too normal, can not be used as main basis to judge whether genuine." The identification of the dressing room and the falling field is very complex. "If the player's signature is recognized, it's not a big problem, otherwise it will have to see if there are any unique stains, stains and so on, and it should be compared with the match video," Feng Shengquan said. "The water inside is very deep, sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish. For example, you from a Licensing companies to buy authentic Jersey, but the Jersey on the armband, the merchants for the printing factory, and is different from the original, but the business is authorized, then your shirt is not genuine?" Zhou Jia Hua believes that the best way to avoid buying pirated shirts is to find regular businesses: "I only have clubs or 〉The official website of NFL and | packers kicker Crosby | Rugby contract in four years Mason - Crosby (Mason Crosby) proved himself to be a reliable kicker, and the Green Bay Packer rewarded him on Tuesday. NFL's official website reporter Ian - Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday that Crosby signed a 4 - year contract with the wrapper. The contract includes a $5 million signature bonus. His agent confirmed the news on twitter. Crosby, 31, has been playing for the team for 9 years after the sixth round of the 2007 draft. last season, Crosby was again stable. He finished 22 of the 26 free kick shots of last season, of which the farthest shot reached 56 yards. He finished 36 touchdowns additional points in every shot, which makes him the 5 season only as one of the kicker shot in a full array of additional points in the regular season and the playoffs.

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