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seems to be the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) retirement plan has not drafted this table. in the United States on Wednesday, when Brady attended the media conference expressed his interest in playing in the League to continue. "I want to play again for a long time, maybe more than 10 years," he said. then Brady stated: "this is not entirely to me, this is my goal. It's my own expectation. It's obvious that the team needs me and I like it. I love to communicate with the teammates and wish me a long game. " 38 year old Brady this season has completed 1699 yards passing, 14 touchdowns has just 1 interceptions. news: Charles - Van derson: I can still play 10 yearsaccording to the New York Daily News reported on Wednesday local time, the New York jets have left the bowl to the three session of the Jiefeng Ferguson Debulikaxiao occupation (D'Brickashaw Ferguson) issued a request for a pay cut, I hope he can help the team to a substantial pay cut cap space to renew quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Fitzpatrick). The jet had been in contact with Ferguson last week, and it was said that Ferguson himself did not exclude the pay cut. To occupy as much as $14 million 100 thousand in salary next season so Ferguson, although he is the cornerstone of the past ten years jet offensive line, or have the possibility of being laid off, of course, this is also the worst for the jets, after all the jets were not able to replace Ferguson in person. Todd Bowles, a jet coach, suggested that Ferguson's status was worse than before. It also said that Todd has "done well, but also has made some difference". Ferguson signed a big contract with a jet for 8 years, worth 73 million 600 thousand dollars in 2010. What's worth mentioning is that he never missed a career attack because of his injuries.Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) knows that he won't earn 14 million dollars in Minnesota next season, so does the 31 year old runner think he is still the most valuable runner in the league? , according to the news of the press, Peterson received many invitations from the Vikings, but most of the teams gave up because of Peterson's offer. , another heavyweight runner in the other free market, Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), the Kansas chieftain, did not have much price requirements during the draft. For the 30 year old runner, the road to the professional race is not easy, and Peterson is no exception. Maybe he still thinks he's the top runner in the league, but most teams believe he can find a better substitute in the draft and the free market. Even the Peterson once expressed interest in the team are currently need to wait elsewhere. if Peterson still believes that he will be the top player in the position, maybe he will be disappointed at the rest of the season.Water polo | zhouke cup first "Golden Dolphin" Zhejiang national fitness standard swimming finals series of activities held in Hangzhou in order to fully implement the "national fitness regulations" plan, promote the implementation of the "national swimming exercise rating standards", and constantly promote the masses of our province swimming activities, sponsored by the Zhejiang provincial Swimming Association zhouke cup first gold dolphin Zhejiang national fitness swimming standard series Finals held in Zhejiang sports activities in Career Technical College gymnasium today. to participate in the finals. The unit is the first batch of 26 "national swimming exercise rating standard" promotion units, more than 200 gold dolphin athletes adult group, middle school, primary school group group, in four strokes, 10 standard; the 50 meter medley relay, line throwing game. in 2013, the golden dolphins spread all over Zhejiang, and all the swimming clubs in Zhejiang province were well received. In 2014, the swimming sports management center of the State Sports Administration launched four great people's projects, the Golden Dolphin "national swimming training grade standard" on the list. Compared with the professional athletes rank standard that focuses on competitive proficiency test, the standard basically covers all the people who exercise, and is closer to the actual physical exercise. Even the highest level dolphin, the difficulty is not too big. In this regard, Jiang Binbo, director of the office of the National Swimming Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center said: we want to create a "as long as everyone can swim, can pass through the atmosphere, to stimulate public interest in customs clearance by swimming exercise, prompting them to actively participate in the challenge, harvest swimming health and happiness. After 2 years of implementation and promotion, has been involved in the number of dolphins in the country more than 500 thousand. Jiang Binbo said that the future will strive to create a "standard" Chinese mass swimming exercise "the guardian system, spread nationwide. The Golden Dolphin national competition will be held at the end of next year. The gold dolphins from all over the country will be selected by the region and will eventually gather in Beijing for the summit. [Zhejiang Swimming Association]

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