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last week a reporter broke the news, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) Hugh season successful weight loss. recently his agent, Ryan Tollner, told ESPN reporter that Rothlisberger weighed 15 pounds with a high degree of oxygen. Rothlisberger had a weight of 240 pounds before he lost 4 games in the last season. Tolnay said: "because of injuries, he can't continue to play. He said he knew what he should do in the season, that is to lose weight and ease his pain." the last time we saw Rothlisberger appear in people's field of vision or his injuries to complete the playoffs when things for him to lose weight he gradually become the old body will bring more benefits.The official website of NFL | packers revenge, the Seahawks swallow bitter season two game losing streak | football as early as September 21, 2015, the Seattle Seahawks at the Blue Salih Stadium against the Green Bay packers. The packers would force the newspaper home court season National League final defeat to the Seahawks. A cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lthough the third quarter was the Seahawks counter ultra score, but two turnovers in the fourth quarter with the defense manufacturing, help the packers revenge. Seahawks can only swallow the bitter season two game losing streak. The final score is the packers to a 27:17 win over the seahawks. first quarter of a game, the packers gave the Seahawks a run, Rodgers with a 29 yard touchdown pass to the packers before the next city, followed by a 54 yard shot at the beginning of the race of less than half a day to get the 10 points ahead. Although the Seahawks flew back to a 54 shot, but in the first quarter at the end of the match was still behind a touchdown. At 3:10 the Seahawks packers. ??????????????????????????????????????1????????????????????????????????|?????y?????????????????????????????????????????? The packers didn't make much progress in the first 14 minutes, but they made a sudden effort in the last minute. They almost got a touchdown before the end of the half court, but unfortunately, they could only finish off the first half by a 18 yard shot. The first half of the game the packers 13:3 leading the seahawks. , 10 Werwilson Seahawks quarterback got 62 yards in 6, running back Lynch received special care, 12 red ball won only 29 yards. The packers quarterback Rodgers 20, 14 gain 151 yards and a touchdown pass, and took 5 catches with Cobb 76 yards. in the second half, the Seahawks significantly increased the number of passing attack, this change played a good effect, the first round of attack Werwilson 6 pass 5 to get 60 yards, including a 5 yard touchdown pass. At 10:13 the Seahawks still slightly behind the packaging industry. But only 3 minutes later, Wilson will single handedly score counter ultra, in this round of attack and his 4 3 win 37 yards, and his 17 yards from Baldwin scored a touchdown catch. At 17:13 the Seahawks will lead the score. In the face of the sudden force of the Seahawks, the packers can only rely on a 44 yard shot slightly bleeding. The third quarter to 17:16 the Seahawks success will lead the score. In the fourth quarter of , Rodgers was not reconciled to the defeat of the third packers. The first round of attack was 78 yards in the 9 pass 8, which not only scored a pass, but also successfully completed the 2 point conversion. In this way, the packers have gained a leading edge. At 17:24 the Seahawks again behind the packers. At this critical moment, Wilson made a fatal mistake and his pass was cut by Illinois. Packers 〉cowboys and packers were not surprised by a thrilling afternoon match. The ratings were 15, compared to the afternoon match (CBS, 13.1) of the tigers against cowboys in the same period last year. This is also NFL's relatively high ratings this season. The cowboy Mustang has the highest ratings in second weeks, up to 16.1. The Dallas cowboy has become the most attractive team in NFL. overall, NFL's ratings have rebounded from 2016, but they are still less than the 2015 level.San Francisco 49 team tackle Joe Staley (Joe Staley) on the law enforcement referee yesterday 49 people and San Diego lightning team expressed serious dissatisfaction. happened late in the third quarter, the 49 team is still in 28:14 with lead, tight end Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) completed a stunning 63 yard touchdown, but the referee was a running back Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) illegally blocked, not only touchdown was canceled, and the team also sent the code number. A few files after a team of 49 people with 3 stalls 20 yards forced in their own 22 yard line, the quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) had captured and killed, the ball rolled into the end zone, and the other team members together for Staley, but the final penalty team hold the ball lightning, direct array, 49 the team originally can get 35:14 advantage, because the referee two penalty, direct lightning team will narrow the difference to 7 points. then the referee expressed Staley anger, he thinks he is in completely hold the ball after the lightning players hit the ball to go away. The judge threw Disasters pile up on one another., Huangqi, Staley identified a flagrant.

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