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pirates coach Dirk keyite (Dirk Koetter) Zhou Yiceng said he was "extremely concerned" cornerback Vernon Hargreaves (Vernon Hargreaves) performance, defensive coordinator Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) believes that Hargreaves covered defensive performance problems in a poor people, rather than the system. Hargreaves said he could not deny the coach's accusation. , "he should be (disappointed with me)," Hargreaves said. "I have not finished the key ball, and the output is not good. This is a crucial output alliance." Hargreaves has released 404 yards and 3 hits this season, and the quarterback passes the ball to Hargreaves 37 times, but he only destroys the pass once. , "I need to be more aggressive." Hargreaves said, "we need to finish more key balls. That's just that. It's not rocket making. It's not that complicated." is very simple. If Hargreaves doesn't perform well, Robert Mcclain or Robert Ryan will take his job, Ryan.10 month 30 days, the temperature of Beijing in this Sunday dropped to almost zero, but there is a group of people who did not choose to stay home, early in the morning, they came to the Fengtai sports center from all sides, despite their different gender age, some wearing uniform clothing colleges, with a helmet and armor, but the purpose of their visit is the same in American football popular. On the day of , the eighth NFL University Bowl Final was launched in Fengtai Sports Center on schedule. Finally, the defending champion Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine defeated the opponent overwhelmingly. In the four years, the University bowl was selected for the third time. Not only that, around the Univ cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ersity bowl, AFLC was also organized against the rugby match on the same day, and a series of exciting competitions, such as the women's flag football, the juvenile flag football, the open group, the flag football and so on. On the sidelines, multi - experience games allow viewers who want to know football to participate in the sport. On the field, field, players and fans enthusiasm for the sport of rugby, beat Beijing autumn cold temperatures. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine successfully defending, the level of rugby in the waist flag is increasing in order to better promote American football, NFL China brought the sport of flag football to China, which has been popular in more than 30 countries. In 2009, it founded the NFL University's flag football league. As China's first NFL officially sponsored NFL Football League, it represents the highest level of Chinese waist flag football. From the initial entry only in Beijing, Shanghai two 24 university team, added in 2010 to 2015 the addition of Shandong and Guangzhou division, Wuhan division, to set up in 2016, from primary school to university and the open group of different categories of competition, with the League continues to expand the scale, the number of participants is rising, and the system adjustment, also in the League last year was renamed "NFL flag football match". The "University bowl", the national finals of the university group, "NFL waist flag rugby game", is based on the competition system. The teams from Shanghai and Guangzhou university group and Beijing university group and the runner up teams participate in the national finals, competing for the trophy that represents the highest honor of flag football. in the morning, after the semi-final competition, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology were eliminated two host team of Beijing Sport University and the Beijing Institute of Technology team finals teams. afternoon finals against both sides started to quickly enter the state in the competition, each with a touchdown. But as the game went on, the defensive team of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine showed strong strength, and several successful defensive and intercepting control led them to fully control the situation on the field. After gaining the right of ball, the attack team of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine team tacit understanding, and repeatedly used the true and false cross between the quarterback and the running forward to deceive the defending team, and achieved the advance and extension of the large number of yards. In contrast, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology team, was failed to maintain a good attitude after the success of the other steals, passes frequently frustrated, defeated. 〉Italy magazine "Sports Weekly" inventory of Serie A this season's top 20 Jersey chest advertising and sponsorship on the single jersey sponsorship, Serie A is far behind the Premier League and Bundesliga, only reached 80 million euros; if coupled with chest advertising, reached 159 million euros, in the position is still far ahead of North three, ranked first in Milan for 33 million 800 thousand euros. according to the statistics of the media, the total sponsorship of the 2013-14 season's Serie A shirt has reached 80 million euros, which is just over half of that of the Premier League (150 million euros) compared with 83 million euros last season, which is far from the 120 million of the Bundesliga. From the distribution of Jersey businesses, Nike 3 (Inter, Juventus and Verona), located in the Kreis Peirano Italy brand Macron 3 (Naples, Lazio and Bologna), located in Turin, Italy also has 3 brand CAPA (Turin, Cagliari, Parma and Sampdoria) is located in Italy brand Errea two, in Oscar Fathi Italy brand Givova two, Adidas (Milan), Sportika (located in Italy ovada, Sassolo), HS (UK Kang Kerr Leighton, Udine J), Legea (Pompeii in Italy, Livorno), Joma (in the Toledo, Florence) and Lotto (located in Italy, Treviso, Genoa) 1. from the sponsorship amount, the amount of the north 3 shirt sponsor still get way ahead, and more than 15 million euros to 20 million euros, Milan horse lead, inter and Juventus (18 million 200 thousand) (16 million 500 thousand) followed, in the second group is Naples (7 million 500 thousand), the other 16 teams were not more than 3 million euros, of which Atlanta Cagliari, Verona, Livorno did not reach 1 million euros, currently in the championship victory ahead of Rome had no shirt sponsorship. from the advertising point of view, there are tens of millions of years sponsorship level 4 teams, Milan every year to get 13 million 800 thousand from the United Arab Emirates Emirates, still ranked in the top position; inter (Pirelli, 13 million 200 thousand per year) and Juventus (jeep, 11 million 500 thousand per year) in second and third, occupy the fourth position in the accident is promoted Felipe Thoreau, headquartered in Milan building materials company to pay 11 million euros per year Mapei Black Green Corps, Naples from L〉|2016 bowling world red sunset League (May 25th) 2016 world red sunset League (May 25th) first name number second third fourth points total points 1 ranking bureau Xie Cisheng 155212191266824110 Lin trotanoy 19718922617024806293 in Changchun 19719221717018794384 Zhang Jianguo 170186222201779475 He Jingyang 181213200182776566 Kangle 19119817119610766657 Wu Anjing 19919418118110765758 17119420315538761859 180168193195247609510 Ximin Jimei where Jane 1751891911841475310511 Wang Jinlin 170150201225475011512 Liang Binglin Bairong pool 1901581781833674512513 Zhao Yongguang 161138211233274513514 Qu Yueming 201181178179474314515 Feng Lihua 1631791831892473815516 1791741801713073416417 Baiyuan Liu Chen Han Chung 15720917216918725 single high 2518 17815018816638720 lucky prize 419 right uncle Jiang 169170189182871819420 had Lingzhuo 1911792121342718 single high 1521 Sun Yanping 1651751831712 471821422 Tan Guisheng 1561621781923071822423 blue spring in 14519020814518706 single high 3524 Liu Zhigang 1661791901561470524425 Liu Ronghui 1791751701621470025426 1441751611903070026427 17216916918469427428 Cai Junjie Zhang Zhiming Shao laugh 16116516716830691 lucky prize 429 Cai Junfeng 1791671901391669129430 Liao Zhong Ding Hui 159156198168668731432 Wu Guangde 15818017017368132433 Li Xin 14417819317669130431 15719216715867433434 147151189181267034435 1471751671522866935436 Guan Yong Han Guoliang Mai Mikoto 160175147183466936437 Deng Jianming 16718714017366737438 Quan Guiying 1451661621503〉

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