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If you think of the new uniforms and uniforms which familiar. It must be the Bayern shirt of 1974, and there are four narrow strips on the front of the shirt, giving people a sense of classical college wind. With the advertisement of "T-mobile" on the chest, it seems that everything is just right. In the same way, it goes back to the shirt design of Manchester United and Chevrolet.The official website of NFL | Raiders boss: I hope the team moved to Las Vegas | football at the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee meeting, Oakland Raiders owner Mark - Davies (Mark Davis) said he wants the team to move to Las Vegas and be willing to invest $500 million to build a $1 billion 400 million indoor stadium in Las vegas. , though Davies did not guarantee that he would finish the job, he did make the Raiders a step closer to Las Vegas by the decision to invest. Davies said he wanted to make Nevada, a state called silver mine, to become a state of silver black. He also recalled the Raiders' participation in the show in Las Vegas in 1964. I hope the Raiders don't wait 50 more years to join the game in Las Vegas. Davies said. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping football star Beckham David also attended the conference, and he publicized the new stadium developer Las Vegas Jinsha group. It's great to bring a great team like a raider to Las Vegas, but it's not limited to that. Beckham said he mentioned the potential of the US football league to increase new teams in South Nevada and to hold international football matches in the future. 's new stadium plan may take three years to complete. Davies said that during this period, the Raiders may have a pre-season match every year at the Sam Boyd stadium in Las Vegas, but they will still remain at their home games in the regular season. The Raiders and the present home lease still have two years to expire. Davies said he is committed to inheriting the achievements of his father and former Al Al Davis, and the first thing to ensure that the brand of the Raiders can always exist is to get a new stadium. NFL has always kept a distance from Las Vegas, they reject the casino's TV ads and tell the players not to appear in the casino. But Davies said he believed that other team owners would agree to move if they could build a new stadium. Roger Roger Goodell, President of NFL, has been soft on the alliance's opposition to Las Vegas in recent weeks. He said he would decide whether he could have a team in a city with legitimate sports lottery as a selling point.The official website of NFL, coach: Jones will take over the falcons in the next game to play football, wo Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) will definitely be ready to play in the game against the Green Bay Packers. Atlanta hawk chief Dan Quinn (Dan Quinn) said on Friday that Jones looked good after returning to training and would play full play in the game. Jones took part in some training on Friday. Jones didn't take part in the training earlier this week. He is now treating the toes injuries that plagued him from the end of the season, which forced him to play in the game less than 60% of attack group. There's never been a worry that Jones will miss the national championship. But how long will he have to watch. Quin announced that Jones would give full play to the good performance of the falcons offensive team this season, but quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) is not worried about the restrictions on her top player. He did well no matter how much he could do, Ryan said on Friday. in eighth weeks against the packers in the game, Jones just finished 3 ball made 29 yards, but Ryan has completed 28 of 35 passes 288 yards and 3 touchdowns, quarterback score reached 129.5. The hawk scoring ability ranked the first of the league's overall offensive team, not only by the health of Jones. But Jones, who is able to make full use of it, is a great benefit to the second line defence of the crumbling wrapper. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Hollinger Stats - Offensive EfficiencyRKTEAMPACEASTTOORRDRRREBREFF FG%TS%OFF EFFDEF EFF1Golden State101.821. Clippers101.116.713.223.576.150.152.756.4107.7107.7New Orleans102.719.213.320.076.749.454.157.3107.7105.6Oklahoma City99.215.912.427.777.451.751.454.6107.7104.711Philadelphia102.219.314.625.378.652.953.556.8107.4102.012Indiana98.217.012.322.776.249.652.555.7107.2105.613Charlotte100.516.311.422.280.851.050.854.9107.0107.014Washington98.918.713.323.577.150.352.556.0106.9106.215Utah97.817.313.721.579.851.052.756.4106.2101.616Portland98.815.112.323.379.151.451.154.9106.1104.217San Antonio97.217.512.223.778.651.050.754.3105.5102.418Boston98. Lakers102.617.213.823.677.750.951.754.8104.2105.623Dallas97.517.611.518.078.947.451.354.4104.1107.4New York99.217.413.324.176.750.551.054.4104.1108.425Orlando100.317.613.320.075.647.651.254.5102.8107.726Atlanta100.617.714.

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